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What You Need to Know About Nucamp Pittsburgh (Nucamp Coding Bootcamp)

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Nucamp Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh is a flexible way to quickly learn to code and launch your web development career. The bootcamps are a mix of in-person and online learning and are offered at different levels, so there are courses for new beginners as well as those with previous software development experience.

Bootcamp students need to bring their own laptops to the weekly in-person workshops and will be required to pay the first month’s tuition fee upon registration. Learners will also need to complete weekly assignments, and the grades awarded will determine whether or not the student will graduate at the end of the training.



How to Apply for a Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

There are no admission criteria for Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, and prospective learners have up until the day before a training program begins to register for a place. Courses can become full, however, so it is advisable to enroll in good time or register your interest in a course in order to receive more information about the training. An ‘Early Bird’ discount is also applied to those enrolling more than 14 days before the start of each Bootcamp.

Nucamp Pittsburgh offers payment plans to help their students manage the tuition fees payable, and also offers several scholarships – have a look at their website for further details on these options.

The Fair Student Agreement allows students to make a minimum monthly payment (as low as $10) until graduation, with repayment terms lasting 12 or 18 months. Applications can be made on the Nucamp website.


What Courses are Offered at Nucamp?

Nucamp offers four different bootcamps to cater to different experience levels:

  1. Web Development Fundamentals – this 4-week course covers the basics of coding.
  2. Front End Web plus Mobile Development – an intermediate 17-week course to give students the skills needed to create modern web experiences.
  3. Full Stack Web plus Mobile Development – this 22-week advanced course is a challenging training program in which students will become proficient in full-stack web development.
  4. Back End, SQL, and DevOps with Python – another advanced course, students will learn the skills to be a Backend Python Developer in 16 weeks.

The Web Fundamentals course is a beginners’ boot camp that gives learners an introduction to web development. Taken alone, the skills that students can expect to attain by the end of the training are unlikely to be sufficient to get a job in this sector, but can act as a foundation; the course is also useful as a ‘taster’ experience for students who are unsure if a career in this field is suitable for them. 


What Types of Programs are Available at Nucamp?

Nucamp offers hybrid in-person and online boot camp programs. The training is flexible, and designed to fit around the everyday lives of learners; part-time and weekend sessions are available, and Nucamp Bootcamp reviews conclude that students appreciate the way that the structure of the course can be adjusted so that it’s tailored to their needs.



In-person workshops take place every Saturday morning, and students complete the rest of the course online during the week. The workload to be expected is around 2-5 hours of daily online study and a 4-hour immersive workshop on the weekend. Learners are recommended to think about how they will be able to build the required study time into their day before enrolling in a course.


Nucamp Coding Bootcamp Reviews

As well as praising its flexibility, Nucamp reviews are overwhelmingly positive about all aspects of the training courses available. Reviews commonly rate its affordability, the course content, the exhaustive nature of the course materials, and the quality of tutoring.

Perhaps the best reviews are found in its learner statistics: of the 75% of students who successfully graduate, 78% have gained employment in the tech industry within 90 days of completing the boot camp.


Which Companies Hire Nucamp Graduates?

In terms of Nucamp job placement, the statistics are high, with the vast majority of students getting a job in tech or beginning a freelance career within 3 months of graduating from the boot camp.

Tech companies who have hired from Nucamp to date include IBM, GoDaddy, PayPal, and Oshi Web Solutions.

Examples of jobs that students can expect to get after graduating from a boot camp include Junior Front End Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, or Backend Python Developer. The average annual wage for a Junior Developer is in the region of $70,000.

After graduating, former learners are offered a comprehensive Careers Services program to help them achieve their employment goals. This program includes access to a Career Coach to help with job searching, applications, and preparing for interviews. Applicants will also have access to a national, exclusive job board that details relevant industry jobs currently available, plus are given a month’s free access to LinkedIn Premium to help develop strong networks and potentially connect with employers.

Graduates can also enjoy lifelong access to the full content of the boot camp that they participated in.



Which Course is Right for Me?

There are many things to consider when it comes to picking the boot camp provider which is right for you, including the type of programs offered, tuition costs, and your preferred method of learning. Thinking about the statistics regarding graduate job placements may be helpful, too – Nucamp student outcomes are predominantly positive ones, and this is worth bearing in mind. After-graduation services, such as the career coaching offered at Nucamp, may also be a big plus point for you.

If you have chosen Nucamp Coding Bootcamp as the best option, then look carefully at the details of each of the four training programs available to ensure you pick the most appropriate one for you. 

If you’re not sure which level is right, visit the Nucamp website and take a 25 question test designed to assess your current capabilities. If your score is less than 85%, then the beginners’ course is the most suitable option for you to undertake.

For more information on Nucamp or details on specific bootcamps, contact details can be found on their website, where there is also the option to schedule a live appointment.

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