Coding Bootcamps in New York

If you want to pursue a career in the tech industry, New York City might be the right option for you. With the largest workforce in the tech industry (680,000 people) and more than 27,000 tech companies, NYC attracts the second biggest amount of venture capital, right behind California.

New York is home to many well-known companies such as Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, Yext, ZocDoc, Enova, and many others. And its start-up scene is constantly growing. Because of the history of finance and Wall Street, many startups focus on fintech. Other fields that are prevalent are Cybersecurity and Investments. Fintech startups like Fireblocks, Jeeves, Esusu, and Petal record are among the highest-growing companies in the city.

When it comes to coding bootcamps, New York City is just behind San Francisco discussing their quality and quantity. Bootcamps in NYC allow you to start your career in tech, and become a web developer, data scientist, product manager, software engineer, or digital marketer.

Some of the most prominent bootcamps as Thinkful, Flatiron, and Fullstack Academy originate from New York City. 

If you are a resident of New York, check NYC Web Development Fellowship. They provide an in-depth web development program for those who qualify.

Best Coding Bootcamps in New York City

When it comes to coding bootcamps, there are around 40 of them in New York City. Most of them provide several coding classes, such as software development, digital marketing, web design, project management, and many more. Below, you can find the top ten coding bootcamps in New York City.

Tech Salaries in New York

According to Built in NYC, the average tech salary in New York City is $120,000. Web developers and software engineers can earn as much as $151,000 per year, while the lowest salaries are in tech sales, where a person on average earns around $107,011. At the moment, there are more than 190,000 job openings in tech in New York City. Check the salaries below.

  • Back-end developer $129,769 
  • Front-end developer $116,515
  • Data Scientist $145,885
  • Data Analyst $79,603
  • Project Manager $94,560
  • Junior UX/UI Designer $70,869
  • IT Security Specialist $108,634


Cost of Coding Bootcamps in NYC


Roughly said, coding bootcamps in NYC cost between $5,000 and $20,000. Prices vary based on the coding class curriculum, location, and commitment. 

For example, App Academy’s full-time Software Engineering Bootcamp costs $17,000, while the part-time version of that course costs $22,000. 

On the other hand, at Flatiron, whether you choose the full-time or the part-time course the price stays the same. 

There are a lot of bootcamps that have their classes in New York City. Being the second biggest tech hub in the States, New York offers plenty of opportunities in tech. We reviewed top-rated coding bootcamps and gathered all information a future student would need to know. Check them below and find a suitable coding Bootcamp for yourself.

Check the best bootcamps in New York

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