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Unlike other coding bootcamps, Upskill offers over 200 lessons free for its users. Only once you start the advanced courses, labelled as PRO, will you need to pay the monthly or yearly subscription.

This is a fraction of the cost compared to other coding courses and is affordable for the large majority of people. There are also coupon codes available to save 10%-50%.

While Upskill is much cheaper than some other coding bootcamps, we should mention that Upskill is a platform where you largely work on your own.

You will not get the same sense of support, community and mentorship that you would with other bootcamps, such as live instruction, working in groups on projects, receiving mentorships and lectures from industry leaders, and a career team that helps students with the resume and interview skills.

Make no mistake: Upskill is a bare-bones, no frills, DIY coding bootcamp option. For some people that may justify the price. Others might prefer to pay a bit more and receive a more structured, supported, communal experience.

Financing options

The only funding option available is to pay with a Credit or debit card. There are no scholarships or alternative funding methods available via Upskill, but you can choose to finance the payments with a personal loan or find alternative methods.

Table of Contents

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Upskill Courses

Upskills Web Development course will turn you into a fully capable full-stack web developer. The course is a potent blend of instructional videos and hands-on projects, such as building entire websites complete with login/log out system, email notifications, and e-commerce capabilities on your very own server. Here’s what you can expect to learn:


Course Description:

We often think of these two languages as the foundation of any coding bootcamp. They’ve been around since the starting days of the internet, and even though they’ve evolved throughout the years, they’re still relevant and vital for any web developer to have in their arsenal.

JavaScript and Node.js

Course Description:

In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to add functionality to your websites, build apps, and even create your own AI using objects, arrays, functions, control flow, loops, and more with JavaScript and Node.js.

Computer Science

Course Description:

Algorithms and data structure are vital skills all programmers should have. It lets you use functions like sort and search most efficiently, and many jobs prefer candidates who understand the theory and practical aspects of it.

Tools and Frameworks

Course Description:

Upskill takes the view that without understanding the underlying fundamentals and techniques to think like an engineer, you’ll never gain the ability to pick up new tools and frameworks in the future. Trends and technology are always changing; skills such as thinking like a problem solver will be a valuable asset no matter what tools and frameworks you need to pick up.


While Upskill doesn’t have a careers team, they do provide courses and a downloadable handbook with key information about developer jobs, recruitment advice and how to keep your skills sharp.

There are no specific job outcomes listed on the Upskill website, but they do claim that more than 70,000 students in over 150 countries have taken courses on Upskill and found jobs in great companies.


If you’re thinking about a coding bootcamp, Upskill is a solid option. The school is cheaper than what you would pay at other schools and you will still get excellent instructors that will turn you into a job-ready coder.

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Most frequent questions and answers

What is the application process at Upskill?

There is no application process of any kind with Upskill. It’s open to everyone, and there are over 200 videos entirely free for anyone to start their learning journey.

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