Masterschool Reviews

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Masterschool Review If you believe you have the right talent and skills to grow, Masterschool can help you build a successful and productive tech career with the top industry leaders. Our schools will help you on this path with our experts teaching you the exact skills which your industry demands. The best part is that […]

Educative Coding Bootcamp Review

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Educative Coding Bootcamp Review Educative is a platform that offers more than 230 software courses. They come in 15 learning paths which can help you achieve a specific learning goal.  Everyone can become a contributor and create a course at Educative. But, as publishers, Educative maintains a high standard on which courses get approved.  Every […]

Upskill Review

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Upskill Review Unlike other coding bootcamps, Upskill offers over 200 lessons free for its users. Only once you start the advanced courses, labelled as PRO, will you need to pay the monthly or yearly subscription. Monthly – $19 per month Annual – 189 per month This is a fraction of the cost compared to other […]

Thinkful Review

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Thinkful Review Thinkful’s coding bootcamp prepares students to enter the workforce with programs in software engineering, data science, data analytics, and design. Students acquire the skills they need from the course material and from 1-on-1 professional mentors that they are assigned to. The job placement assistance and career coach guarantee students to get a job […]

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp Review

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Nucamp Coding Bootcamp Review Nucamp Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh is a flexible way to quickly learn to code and launch your web development career. The bootcamps are a mix of in-person and online learning and are offered at different levels, so there are courses for new beginners as well as those with previous software development […]

Tech Elevator Review

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Tech Elevator Review Tech Elevator Bootcamp offers a full time (14 weeks) and a part-time (30 weeks) training course that gives learners all the skills they need for a career in software development. Students can choose to undertake the camp either in-person or online. Career readiness coaching forms an important part of the Bootcamp curriculum […]

Academy Pittsburgh Review

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Academy Pittsburgh Review Academy Bootcamp is an intensive coding course that learners complete over 12 weeks. Sessions are designed to give students the skills to learn how to code, with the emphasis on ensuring all attendees leave the boot camp with job-ready skills. Academy Pittsburgh is owned and run by industry professionals who are locally […]

Launchcode Review

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Launchcode Review Launchcode Miami offers students free tuition to get job-ready coding skills. Launchcode is committed to matching its students with employers in order to complete career-changing apprenticeships which, in the majority of cases, lead to permanent employment. Founded in 2013, Launchcode’s mission has been to help those from underrepresented backgrounds start a career in […]

Nexul Academy Review

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Nexul Academy Review Become a full-stack developer at Nexul Academy in just 12 weeks. You’ll learn all the lively coding languages, team skills, and frameworks to build your career.  The classes are held on the online platform which is taught by the famous and experienced couches.  You’ll also receive assistance and guidance from mentors each […]

Skill Distillery Review

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Skill Distillery Review If you’re looking to become a software developer, Skill Distillery is a great option. The bootcamp is intense, but if you are serious about becoming a software developer, you will be rewarded with an excellent curriculum taught by industry leaders. Not only that, but in 4 months you’ll be finished with the […]

Ironhack Review

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Ironhack Review There are currently four courses available at Ironhack, and all of them are available full-time (9-12 weeks) and part-time (24 weeks). During each program, you’ll experience many different learning environments as they designed the course curriculum to mimic working in the tech industry. This means you’ll do more than sit in lectures. You’ll […]