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Become a full-stack developer at Nexul Academy in just 12 weeks. You’ll learn all the lively coding languages, team skills, and frameworks to build your career.  The classes are held on the online platform which is taught by the famous and experienced couches.  You’ll also receive assistance and guidance from mentors each week. 

A slower-paced 25-week part-time track is also available if you have a busy schedule, such as a job or family to take care of. For this track, you’ll need to free up two evenings each week to tackle the course.

Both part-time and full-time-stack developer programs cost at $11,650 with various payments methods.

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Nexul Courses

Currently, Nexul offers only one bootcamp – Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp

Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp

Course Description:

The goal of Nexul Academy’s full-stack course is to turn you into a ready-to-go software engineer adept the creating web apps with the full functions from front to the back-end, plus the knowledge to guide it on a private server or cloud environment. 

  • You’ll master HTML and CSS to create structured websites which look great and have essential functionality
  • Familiarize yourself with Asp.Net Core fundamentals to create MVC apps with data entry forms, controllers, Razor Views, and shared view components 
  • Build basic Angular applications then move onto advanced topics like state management and API integration 
  • Learn how to design and structure a database using SQL, run queries, and more

The course content is made up of modules, with multiple lessons, assignments, and resources available. It’s not a single experience for their day-to-day, check-ins with your mistress and fellow compeers who will be part of your learning community. You’ll also have to ingress to your mentor many times per week to ask questions and help guide your learning. You can also ask or post the queries in the group chat where anyone can rake or pitch in to help you out. 

For many employers, teamwork is an essential skill, and it can be hard to prove you have it without a portfolio of team-based projects. Part of your time will be spent working on missions together as a team to showcase your group skills and give you plenty to talk about in your interview. 

For the team portion of the course, you’ll be using the Agile development process, a popular technique used in many businesses as it allows teams to coordinate their efforts, talk about their workflow, keep each other accountable and help build strong associations.

You’ll be await to dedicate their work for 50 to 60 hours each day in 1250-60 hours in 12 weeks to get the most out of your time. It cut down to 35-40 hours for the course and 10-20 hours for the team project. If you’re unable or prefer to learn at a slower pace, the part-time course requires a more manageable 20 hours each week to complete. 


HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, Web Development, Angular


Full Stack Developer


St. Louis


Open for enrollment


This Academy will not advertise their job upshot, Nevertheless, they do offer a host of features to guide your first duty or job in the field of software development. 

  • Workshops to help you build an effective resume.
  • A network of companies to help land your first software development job.
  • Mock interviews and provide plenty of job search materials.
  • Hackathons with partners to level up your resume.
  • A large pool of employers looking for junior developers.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone can apply to Nexul Academy’s Bootcamp. There is nothing held inside this academy like an interview or placement test to pass either. The prep work before the course begins will require you to create a simple web page showing data from an API.  

Currently, Nexul offers only one bootcamp – Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp

The cost of Nexul Bootcamp is $11,650.

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