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Coding Bootcamp Scholarships


Explore 10 coding bootcamp scholarships offering financial support to aspiring coders. Unlock opportunities for your coding journey!

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Enrol full-time in Coding Dojo Bootcamp to be eligible for up to $1,500 if income is below $40,000. Deadline varies.

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Coding Dojo Fresh Start Fund Scholarship


Veterans enrolling in Code Platoon can receive scholarships ranging from $13,000 to $16,000, with eligibility requirements and deadlines varying.

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Code Platoon Scholarships


Accepted underrepresented students at Turing School are eligible for a $4,000 scholarship. Deadline varies by program, typically 5 weeks before classes start.

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Turing School BIPOC & Inclusion Scholarships


Underrepresented applicants in the tech industry can receive $13,175 (85% of tuition) for Tech Elevator. Apply 7 weeks before the program starts.

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Tech Elevator Represent Tech Scholarship


Galvanize programs offer full tuition scholarships to accepted U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Deadlines vary.

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Galvanize Scholarship


Galvanize bootcamps provide full tuition scholarships to Black or African-American students. Deadlines vary by program.

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We Stand Together Scholarship


Code Fellows courses welcome individuals from underserved backgrounds. Scholarship amounts vary based on financial need. Contact admissions for deadline and application info.

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Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship


Students enrolling in Zipcode Wilmington coding program with low household income can receive $6,000. Apply by the intended program's application deadline.

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Zipcode Wilmington Need-Based Scholarship


Brainstation offers scholarships for women, underrepresented populations, recent college grads, veterans, and entrepreneurs. Amounts vary. Apply before enrolling.

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Brainstation Scholarships


Metis program offers scholarships ($2,000 or $3,000) for women, underrepresented populations, LGBTQ+, or veterans. Check the program's deadline.

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Metis Scholarship


Scholarships increase accessibility to coding bootcamps. Research, apply, and seize available opportunities to begin your coding journey with financial support.

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