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Pros and Cons of Masterschool Bootcamp

Explore cost-effective Bootcamps with flexible payment options, job-relevant skills, and shorter program lengths than traditional degrees.

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Affordable alternative to degrees with deferred tuition and income sharing options for payment upon program completion and job placement.

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Affordable, Flexible Payment Options


Gain expertise in current coding technologies relevant to entry-level programming jobs with rapid skill acquisition in a short timeframe.

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Up-to-date Curriculum


Bootcamps: 3-6 month duration, some as short as 8-10 weeks, ensuring swift entry into the workforce compared to a degree.

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Relatively Short Duration


Perfect for career changers with a different background, enabling skill acquisition in a shorter duration without the necessity of a four-year college commitment.

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Suitable for Career Changers


Bootcamp grads qualify for entry-level coding roles, equipped with foundational knowledge and skills, paving the way for an efficient entry into the job market.

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Qualifies for Entry-Level Jobs


Bootcamps lack accreditation as educational institutions, resulting in the inapplicability of financial assistance programs.

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Limited Financial Aid Options


Computer science degrees provide a comprehensive understanding of computers, while bootcamps prioritise job skills for immediate employment.

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Narrower Focus


It's essential to review the fine print of tuition deferral or income-sharing agreements, which may involve accepting the initial job offer, potentially affecting job satisfaction and career advancement.

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Inconvenient Payment Options


Without a Computer Science Bachelor's degree, growth opportunities may be limited, while degrees can offer advantages in advancing up the corporate ladder.

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Challenges in Career Advancement


Consider pros and cons: Bootcamps offer affordability, job-relevant skills, shorter duration. Degrees provide broader knowledge, financial aid, and career advancement.

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