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Everything You Need to Know About University of Miami Coding Bootcamp (UM Coding Bootcamp Review)

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The University of Miami Coding Bootcamp is an intensive, immersive 24-week program that gives learners the knowledge and skills they need for a career in the tech industry. The course is run online, on a part-time basis, and graduating students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Miami at the end of the course.

Career support forms an intrinsic part of the curriculum, and there is a strong focus throughout on getting students not just employment-ready, but employment competitive, in order to give graduates the best chance of success once the course is over.




How to Apply for UM Coding Bootcamp

In order to apply for a UM Coding Bootcamp, first visit the University of Miami website, where you will find full and in-depth details of the course, its curriculum, and expected learning outcomes. Next, complete the online form in order to register your interest in your chosen program. Once this has been received by UM staff, you will receive comprehensive course details,and subsequently be contacted by an advisor who will be able to give you more information on the boot camp, and answer any questions you may have about the training.

The only eligibility criteria for the program is that the applicant must be 18 years or older and hold a High School Diploma or GED. Drive to work towards a career in tech, and the ability to self-motivate is vital, too.

Following a discussion with an advisor, you will be asked to complete an application form. The next stage of the process is assessment: all prospective learners are asked to undertake a multiple-choice test to assess critical thinking and problem-solving skills and their suitability for the intensive Bootcamp learning style.

Once all of these stages of your application have been passed satisfactorily, you will be asked to sign your enrolment agreement and will then be able to reserve a space on your chosen UM Coding Bootcamp. At this point, a payment option can also be decided upon, and a deposit for program fees paid.



What is the Cost of a UM Coding Bootcamp?

A UM Coding Bootcamp costs $10,995 to attend. There are currently no scholarships available for this program, however, students can access a discount for early registration, and finance plans are also available to help learners spread the cost of their course fee.

Students do not need to purchase any additional materials or coursebooks – all that is required is the use of a laptop.



Which Courses Does UM Bootcamp Offer?

The University of Miami offers bootcamps in Coding, Fintech, Data, and Tech Project Management. All courses are virtual and part-time, and full details follow below.

All UM Bootcamps are taught in an online classroom environment and combine lectures with collaborative group work on projects and assignments. Portfolio projects form an important part of the curriculum, as do homework assignments and plenty of hands-on practice.

Class numbers are kept small on all bootcamps, to ensure that all students receive quality instruction, and TAs are on-hand in the classroom, as well as instructors, to offer extra support where needed. As well as portfolio projects, the virtual classroom experience also incorporates instructor-led group discussions and timed lab work.


Coding – this 24-week program will give learners a full insight into, and employment-ready skills in full-stack development. Front end and back end technologies are covered, as well as web development; the curriculum includes computer science and JavaScript, browser-based technologies, databases, server-side development, and API interaction.

The program culminates in a final project in which students will design and realize a working concept, using all the skills and technologies they have mastered throughout the course.



Data – an immersive, challenging 24-week experience that teaches learners about the tools and methods needed to analyze and manage large amounts of data. The curriculum is highly market-driven and includes the study of Excel, fundamental statistics, Python programming, front-end web visualization, and business intelligence software.

This program is designed for those either already in a data role who want to expand their skills, or for those wanting to change careers. Graduates will be able to apply for jobs including Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst or Software Engineer upon completion of this training course.


Fintech – through a project-based 24-week curriculum, students are given the skills needed for a career in the financial technology sector. The program covers financial basics, blockchain and cryptocurrency, machine learning applications, and programming and financial libraries.

This program is centered on providing students with real-world experience via a multidisciplinary approach. Although no programming or previous finance experience is necessary to attend his course, applicants should ideally hold a Bachelor’s Degree or have at least two year’s worth of experience in a business or finance-related field.

Virtual classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 pm-9.30 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm.


Tech Project Management – this Bootcamp experience runs for 18 weeks and includes a comprehensive range of career services. Students will be taught about software development as a business, the fundamentals of traditional project management, project managing operations, hybrid project management, and Agile Methodologies and Scrum Framework.

This boot camp is designed with the aim of imparting in-demand job skills to students; by the end of the course, all students should understand and be able to plan out a project lifecycle, and have an in-depth knowledge of the documentation required at different stages of the process. 

All of the programs offered are designed to be as engaging as possible, and flexible schedules are available, with weekend and evenings classes an option to help fit training around students’ existing work and other commitments.



Which Companies Hire UM Coding Graduates?

A UM Coding Bootcamp features an integral career services element, in order to support students into new employment in the tech industry. As part of this service, all learners will have access to a careers advisor who will help to make them stand out from the crowd in order to get their dream job.

Interview preparation coaching forms part of the career support service, as well as resume optimization sessions, and the opportunity for students to attend relevant careers events and listen to industry professional speakers.

Companies that hire coding graduates include Apple, Google, IBM, Bank of America, and Penguin Random House. Organizations are increasingly recognizing both the skill sets that Bootcamp graduates can bring to the table, and the self-motivation, ambition and drive that saw them through such an intensive and challenging program.

A UM Coding Bootcamp aims to get all participants, not just career ready, but career competitive. This means ensuring candidates are armed with all the skills they need, and the ability to confidently sell these skills and attributes to prospective employers. Networking is a focus, as is building visibility, creating a standout portfolio, and demonstrating a dynamic, positive approach to ongoing learning.



Reviews Related to UM Coding Bootcamp

UM, Coding Bootcamp reviews are generally extremely positive, with former attendees awarding the program an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Course Report website.

The expertise of the instructors and the quality of the teaching is frequently cited, as are the real-world skills that the boot camp imparts, allowing graduates to consistently get into a career in the tech industry upon completing their course.

Also praised is the quality of the general support offered to students – there is a genuine drive to help all learners reach their goals and have a positive Bootcamp experience.

Have a look online for reviews and testimonials from former Coding Bootcamp students – many graduates point to the life and career-changing nature of the program, and the ease with which they successfully applied for new employment in the tech industry upon completion of their training.




Is the UM Bootcamp Worth It?

Although there is a significant cost element involved in signing up for a UM Coding Bootcamp, the learning outcomes are extremely positive, with many former students landing their dream job in tech as a result of their training. The Coding Bootcamp’s focus on providing learners with both the skills and real-world experience that they need means that this program is generally seen as an enriching, positive if challenging undertaking.

Student support is fundamental to the UM boot camp experience – to this end learners are offered portfolio review sessions, soft skills training, virtual tech panels, demo days, and access to class recordings.

When considering a UM Coding Bootcamp, think carefully about the time commitment needed to be sure that you have the best chance of success; check the course syllabus online for details of the average hours a student is expected to complete a home study, as well as the frequency and duration of the virtual class sessions.

If you are considering attending a UM Bootcamp but aren’t sure if this type of learning program is suitable for you, or are unsure which Bootcamp to choose, go to the University of Miami website in order to get in contact with a Learning Advisor who will be able to discuss all aspects of the courses available.

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