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Go Programming Language – Everything You Need To Know (2022)


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We can use several languages in the cloud but Go Programming Language stands out of the crowd. Go programming languages are open-source programming languages that are used for general purposes. Google developed the programming language for dependable and efficient working. These programming languages are like C, and these are also typed and explicit. The programming language is wholly focused on reliability, simplicity, and efficiency.

The existence of the Go programming language took place in 2007 by ken Tompson and Robert Griesmer. But the programming language was launched in 2009 as an open-source language. Programmers use the language for efficient management of dependencies. The programming language is also efficient in handling and adopting dynamic programming languages. The Go programming language has been known in the past few years, but still, it amazes the users. This is why it’s placed among the top 10 most loved programming languages.

The inventors of Go language programming aimed at easing programming. Thus they used an interpreted typed programming language. The language is beneficial in safely coming from a statistically typed language. The Go language supported networks and multi-core computing for speeding the computing processes. The other networks that help create the Golang are Limbo and New squeak with the concurrency aspect. The best feature of the Go programming language is the mix of various solutions in one programming language.

Go programming language is often called Golang because the domain language was not available at that time. Hence developers decided to create it as, a mixture of Go and Language. Go language, despite being old, still gains popularity due to several unique advantages served in a single package. Go language has become very popular because of the direct creation of the backend. Go language is minimal, and it has stayed the same with specific minor changes. The lack of changes in the go language has made the programming less complicated. This is why there is no necessity for learning new paradigms and syntaxes.

The programming language is very transparent and easy to learn and understand. The go creators can use these to reduce this to one statement, and this is very compatible. You can also use the older version of the Go programming language with compatibility without further changes. Thus they are straightforward to maintain. Go programming languages were intended to replace high-performance server-side programming languages. Go programming language can be used for applications such as:

  • Cloud or server-side application.
  • DevOps and site reliability automation.
  • Several Writing command lines on one go.
  • It is used in artificial intelligence and data science.
  • They are also used in microcontroller programming, games, and robotics.


What Does The Go Programming Language Do?


Go language is a general programming language with leverage capabilities for building various solutions. It hosts solutions that are beneficial in enhancing the development process. They help in the automation of documents and an embedded testing environment. Here are certain things you can do with go programming:

  • Building solutions

Although the developers have created the Go language as an inspiration to C. They have also added features from other programming languages to enhance their capabilities. The high-performance network and server building architecture make it an ideal platform for building solutions. They have a range of networks and development in machine learning.

  • Web applications

Go programming language offers concurrency and scalability for web development projects. These are far better in speed and performance than typed languages such as Python and PHP. The Golang community has also built several frameworks such as bingo, martini, and revel. These platforms have features that can deliver projects with increased efficiency and speed. The most significant benefit of using this language is that this app runs on the same database code.  There are some per scholas coding Bootcamp from where you can get the perfect knowledge of this. Hence helps in better scalability, performance, and integration.

  • Server-side development

It also manages the interaction between server-side and codes underlying server infrastructure. These are natural non-blocking models with similar principles as used on Nodes.js. Yet, the go callback mechanism can interact with the scheduler, making it faster and more scalable.

  • Distributed services

Different services are distributed outside the server. one among all the microservice architecture needs concurrency. These are well suited for building solutions aligned with distributed approaches. The go code enables communication among the objects. This allows the interchange of communication between the goroutines. These objects also provide synchronization for scalability events across the distributed network.

  • Machine development

Golang is a cross-platform that give leverage efficiency to the developers for machine learning. These are typed programming languages that provide speed for intensive computation languages. They allow integration for portability and maintenance of architectures for maintaining a single go code base.

  • Versatility

They are versatile for a general reason for leverage that helps in building a wide range of applications. Go language programming is built for speed and is born in the cloud. The developers can use these programming languages to leverage the development. It helps create everything from developing the web app and microservices for machine learning solutions.


What Are The Applications Of The Go Programming Language?


Go language programming is rapidly growing in popularity. Here is a closer look at the top applications for Go language apps:

  • Monzo – Golang mobile banking application

Several companies are using the Go programming language for microservice architecture. Monzo mobile applications are one among them. The mobile app was launched in 2015, with a focus on the single responsibility principle. The app is stable and is a classic example of building a Golang application from the very beginning. They consist of over 1600 microservices. Golang programming allows them to maintain such complex programming.

  • Allegro – e-commerce application

Allegro has been a vast eCommerce application since 1999. They took a short forward leap in 2016. The developers of allegro were looking for an efficient way to create a fast cache service. Thus they have tried to pick Golang for the task. Allegro services are written in java. The team has worked with an open-source go network for handling large volumes of traffic.

  • Soundcloud – music application

It’s a music platform that adopted the Go language. The application is highly based on Ruby on Rails, which identifies a polyglot company for adding up a large number of backend languages. The language makes it easy for the development team to understand and manage the software in an efficient manner.

  • Badoo – dating application

The application is currently used in 190 countries by over 400 million users. It is one of the trendiest mobile dating apps in the present time. They provide smooth search experiences due to bitmap indexes. The app is perfect for users who are looking for different filter options in their app search. The bitmap indexes are used in place with databases written on Go. The Go language here implements bitmaps for high-level implementations.

  • Uber – riding share application

The Golang is efficient in improving the rider-sharing experiences. The application company uses geolocation which defines areas with particular requirements. The first choice of the application was Nodes.js, but they preferred Golang for the services. The developers were looking for something fast to deal with hundreds of geolocations, looking for fences every second. Golam was a perfect pick here as it can manage several services at a time. Goland not only makes the application faster but more productive. Uber is one of the top Golang apps in popularity.

  • Timesheets

It’s a time taking solution which is used as an internal tool. The developers have shared the timesheet with the general public. These tools can be integrated with several tools, such as voice assistance.

Timesheets are ultra-light, fast, and have an efficient application, which makes multithreading easier. The application runs different processes at a time. Hence speeding up the development processes in significant ways.


Mentioned Some Advantages Of Go Programming Language


Go is a procedural programming language. It is used for stitching the procedural form of programming. The programming language is used for developing statements that use imperative commands. Here are certain advantages of Go Programming Language:

  • Performance:

Go language is efficient for the developers to create ins easily. Go languages are fast and efficient for computers for increasing speed and scalability. They allow multiple processors for exploiting various languages.

  • Concurrency:

Go languages are narratively used for taking advantage of multiple cores. It helps manage concurrency, and the result is baked on the Golang. They also provide clean syntax for writing script languages.

  • Fast compilation:

The compilation is one of the important reasons for developers to switch to Golang. The developers have created the language for rapid and impressive building. The dependency of Golang is efficient in operating all the modules simultaneously, hence increasing speed. The speed of Golang has become 15% faster in terms of compilation. The developers are also looking forward to lowering the compiling rate for future releases.

  • Garbage collection:

Go supports garbage collection for managing all your memory. Hence the creators can focus on garbage collection features. Thus memory management is no more a hassle for the developers.

  • several platforms:

Golang compiles on various platforms. It helps manage machines for running on different architectures. The app packages here will get converted into binary which can be further shipped to the user.

  • Backed by google:

Golang is backed up by google. This is one of the important reasons for developers to bend towards Golang. Google has designed Google for supporting scalability and effectiveness. Many open-shelf libraries are comprehensively easy to use. Thus are considered ideal for cloud development.


What Is The Difference Between Python vs. Go Programming Language?


  • Golang is a procedural programming language used by developers for the efficient management of dependencies. Python is a high-level programming language used for emphasis on code readability.
  • Golang supports adapting the environment pattern for a dynamic language. At the same time, Python allows you to integrate systems in a more efficient way.
  • Golang is based on concurrent language. At the same time, Python is based on object-oriented programming.
  • Golang does not support exceptions. They have errors instead, whereas Python supports exceptions.
  • Golang does not have classes and objects as they do not support object-oriented programming. At the same time, pythons have class and objects.
  • Golang supports geolocation and channels. At the same time, Python does not support geolocation and media.
  • Golang supports the interface. At the same time, Python does not support pythons.
  • Golang completely supports concurrency. But Python doesn’t have inbuilt concurrency.
  • Golang is suitable for system programming. But Python is good for data analysis and programming.


What Are The Specific Features Of The Go Programming Language?


The programming language is not an easy task, as you cannot see explicit infrastructure transactions in Golang. Mentioned below are specific features of Go Programming Language:

  • Binaries

It generates binaries for in-built dependencies. This helps in removing the runtime errors in your programming. It helps in the easy deployment of your apps by providing necessary updates through various installations.

  • Language Design

There are entire specifications on the number of pages where specific designs are made. Golang prefers inheritance conversions for type systems with elegant behavior.

  • Standard library

They have a powerful library that is distributed as packages. A single look at libraries is enough for indicating the powers available to them.

  • Packet management

It helps the developers to work with an open-source network that includes external manageable packets. They provide direct support to the tools that are available for publishing easy sets of commands.

  • Testing support

It brings unit testing to the test itself. They provide a simple and efficient way for writing the unit test parallel to the codes. They also offer support for understanding codes and writing example codes that help build the infrastructure codes. 


The Final Thought


Go language programming was developed to reduce the issues at google and provide an alternative to C. The Gaoling is a multi-core processor which supports the development of a language at a high level of productivity. Google launched Golang in 2007. It developed as a substitute to other designing apps such as C, Python, javascript, etc. The developers created these easy-to-use designs for creative designing. Though Go’s programming language is not as popular as Python, they have a minimal and straightforward syntax that uses geolocations for various tools. In our blog, we have mentioned top apps that use Golang for app development.

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