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Being a developer, you would have come across ruby on rails, and it is the most common framework that a web developer uses to build applications and web development. Ruby is a completely object-oriented programming language and uses tools that use concepts from other languages. Thus making ruby multi-paradigm. The practical approach of Ruby is to give easy solutions to business issues and free developers from controlling technological problems. 

Everything in Ruby is an object. Ruby can create simple system scripts, web applications, GUI applications, games, etc. Ruby is also called ruby on rails. It is the most time-saving method for writing codes. One of the applications has these libraries with principles that give ready solutions for long and monotonous tasks. 



We can conclude that ROR is a framework that can be used by the web developer rather than write codes for each line from scratch. The programming language is specific to different kinds of web frameworks. 



What is Ruby on Rails architecture?


Ruby on Rails uses an MVC architectural pattern. It also uses convention over configuration rules in its framework. MVC architecture helps in improving application performances. To understand Ruby on Rails architecture, you need to understand the MVC architecture. MVC architecture acts as a base for the web framework. There are six essential components of Ruby on Rails:

Model: it is the major component of the business. It contains all the programming codes in the ruby language. This helps with methods in moving the in-memory state in the database of the model case. Models give access to do many things using the MVC architecture.

Rails server: Ruby acts as an executable web server for the web developer. While developing web programs, the local network starts receiving requests from port 3000. This helps to get a web address. Rail servers act as a medium to accept bids from the browser to own different components of web development. These servers are also helpful in writing logs in the log folders. 

Routes: Route contains different ways through which URL approaches your application. It is a part of code that handles request-related things. 

Controllers and Action: controllers act as a medium to handle requests by one of its actions. These actions to every controller are a ruby class by public methods. Actions create data in HTML form and send them back as HTTP requests that are back to the browser. They respond to the program in the model to meet data from the databases or conduct calculations and operations related to the domain. These are also helpful to immediate objects. HTML is used to handle browser requests.

Views: these provide information about HTML, which will be sent back to the browser. Yet, this depends on data prepared by the accessor. Besides data, views also need layout, which is a part of HTML, where the views are present. Hence different perspectives will be using the same format. 

Assets: these views’ contents are implanted into the layout. These are further sent to the browser with the request page. Apart from contents, assets are also sent to the browser. Assets comprise CCS code, java codes, and other media components. 


What Is Ruby On Rails Used For (Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails)


  • Cost-effective: 

Ruby on rails is free for individuals and corporations. It runs on Linux and is an open-source network that works well with many servers and databases. The excess of libraries available helps save the developer’s time and efforts. It is one of the enormous benefits we get from ruby on rails. It is also helpful to create and maintain a website without spending money. 

  • Built-in MVC architecture: 

The ruby on rails(ROR) contains three interconnected layers. Model houses that work on application data. The data to the user include HTML, PDF, RSS, and other formats. The controller works with models and views and receives requests from the browser. It also instructs the perspective on how to display the results from the user. 

  • Easy to manage:

ROR is famous for its stability and predictability. It’s elementary to change codes and add new features to the website. The web development framework is ideal for long-term projects. ROR conventions are helpful for freelancers and new employees. It is helpful in easy setting or picking up everything. 

  • Secure:

Security measures built in the framework are enabled by default. Using ROR assures you of using a particular web development cycle. ROR works to spot menaces. Hence the framework can ideally be used officially and unofficially. 

  • Quality product: 

With the help of ROR, the web developer can build websites with good development performances. These use abridged language from third-party libraries, which helps develop new features. This is why it is one of the most productive programming languages around. These libraries are delivered in the form of a gem, packed library, or application. This can get installed with the help of a tool known as ruby gems.


Key Characteristics of Ruby on Rails


Listed below are some features that make ROR stand of the crowd are: 

It helps in creating advanced components by sensing simple and conventional elements automatically. It runs on the test of codes you write, which helps save the developer’s time and effort.

Localization in the ROR framework help in generating pre-designed codes for big projects

ROR has huge libraries that provide necessary tools to the developer that helps in giving high-quality products. 

Scaffolding in the ROR helps in defining how the database of the application should function. Later On, the framework generates the code required accordingly. It’s a technique that creates interfaces automatically. 


Why is Ruby on Rails widely used for web application development?


ROR is perfect for web application development, social networks, online stores, transaction performances, and many web applications. Here are reasons to prefer ROR widely for web application development:

Simplicity: ROR offers the most simple in the development process. It uses a clean programming language that enables the user to do more in fewer codes. It helps in removing comments or texts that can be easily read. It allows beginners to understand the code from any line. 

Speed: it is used for faster development and a time-efficient way for generating linear and straightforward codes.  It also provides many code plugins to add functionality to the regulations without writing extra codes.



Convection: ROR is wholly based on convention over configuration philosophy. It concludes what you want and how thus reducing the setup time. It helps provide the best possible files by customizing the framework, and you do not have to worry about configurations. 

Adaptable: RORs are entirely flexible. This allows us to develop the web, and then it also allows further innovations in your website as per your innovations. The versatility of the framework helps in solving problems in different ways. Apart from this hiring, a ROR development provides you lots of opportunity and freedom to innovate your business. 



Why Use Ruby On Rails Programming Language for Your Project


There are times when clients take an interest in knowing the technologies we are using to build their web development projects.  When we chose ROR, we spent time explaining why we prefer this over other programming languages. ROR is majorly a dynamic, general, and interpreted language for object-oriented programming. ROR codes are friendly even to beginners to understand principles. The practical approach of ROR is to create high-performance web projects. Each programming language is packed to solve problems. Hence depending on your purpose, you can or cannot use ROR. 



Is Ruby On Rails Bootcamp Online Worth It?


In the present time, we can say that ROR is in decline, as it never had much share in the programming market. In general, Bootcamps do not teach languages, and they teach programming concepts. ROR uses simple languages while teaching. But the images and syntax remain the same across all the programming languages. 

The answer to the question is yes! Online Bootcamp for ROR is still worth it because:

There are a high number of employment available 

There are things taught in boot camps that are applicable and transferred to other web development languages and platforms.



Final Thought

We have given answers to questions relating to Ruby on Rails. By reading the above article, you will think about using ROR for your web development. It’s worth looking for ROR programming languages, and it will be a good choice for future growth.


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Everything You Need to Know About Wyncode Academy Miami (Wyncode Reviews) Fri, 20 Aug 2021 12:50:51 +0000 Wyncode Miami offers intensive, boot camp-style tech courses in either virtual or on-campus learning environments. All courses are designed with employability potential in mind, and Wyncode’s core values are around…

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Wyncode Miami offers intensive, boot camp-style tech courses in either virtual or on-campus learning environments.

All courses are designed with employability potential in mind, and Wyncode’s core values are around community building, empowerment, innovation, and embracing diversity. Full-time students can enjoy lifetime career support, as well as access to valuable networking events and opportunities.



Wyncode’s mission is to build a professional family made up of staff, students, hiring partners, and alumni in order to create a network of support and innovative opportunity.



How to Get Accepted into Wyncode

In order to apply for a course at Wyncode Academy, head to their website and have a look at the details of all the available programs. Next, fill out the online application form. A member of the admissions team will then get in touch with you in order to arrange an interview. Finally, there will be an admission challenge to complete along with a number of student documents.

Students will need their own laptops – please note that Chromebooks are not recommended – however, no other materials are required.



What Courses Does Wyncode Miami Offer?

Wyncode Academy offers the following programs:

Full Stack Web Development – this course lasts for 12 weeks, and can be undertaken either on campus or remotely. At the end of the training, students will be skilled Full Stack Web Developers ready for employment. This immersive course covers front-end and back-end design and development components, and participants will rack up 350 hours of instructed learning during the sessions – and have written 5000 lines of code!

Topics covered include an introduction to JavaScript and React Static Front End and Advanced Web Development in Node.

A typical day in this boot camp starts with morning announcements, followed by a lecture incorporating interactive problems. Later in the day students will pair up to work on a challenge for about 30-60 minutes. A guest speaker may visit in the afternoon, and there could be a networking event to attend to round off the session.



UX/UI Immersive – Learners will have acquired all the skills necessary to be Product Designers by the end of this 12-week course that can be undertaken on campus or remotely. UX is about the functionality and flow of a program, while UI is concerned with the program’s look and feel, and both are covered in depth in these immersive training sessions. 

During this program, students will learn how to conduct user research, apply best practices, communicate designs, create wireframes and prototypes, and improve processes. As part of the course, learners will complete projects for their portfolios.

A typical day attending this immersive boot camp might involve starting with morning announcements before moving on to an interactive lecture on UX Best Practices. This could be followed by a User Journey Workshop. An industry guest speaker may visit after lunch, with a development class following the talk, and the day finished off with group collaboration on a task.


Front End Web Development – This is a 12-week course that can be studied remotely or on campus; classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 6.30-9.30pm. Over the course of the 12 weeks, students will complete over 100 hours of supported learning, will have got to grips with four different coding languages, and, at the culmination of the program, be ready for work as a Front End Web Developer.

The course curriculum includes working on a development team, Advanced JavaScript,  DOM manipulation, and component validation. By the end of the course, learners will have completed a number of projects to demonstrate their new coding and website development skills.


Digital Marketing – A ten-week course that can be undertaken remotely or in person, sessions run Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 7- 9 pm. The program focuses on how to optimize digital marketing strategies, learn the basics of the industry, and improve your general digital marketing know-how and skills.

This course covers metrics and analytics, social media marketing, remarketing and retargeting, Facebook Ads Manager, plus Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads, and, by the end of the sessions, students will have produced a digital marketing product and have developed the skills vital for a role in the digital marketing industry.

A day in the life of a Wyncode Digital Marketing student typically starts with a core concept review and an introduction to the day’s focus topic, followed by a lecture; next is a challenge, completed either individually or in small groups, and finally there is a review of work completed to end the day.



How Much Does Wyncode Cost?

The cost of a full-time course at Wyncode Academy is $15,000. Part time courses vary in price, and prospective students should contact the Wyncode admissions team for further details. The cost of tuition includes unlimited career support services and the freedom to work out of Wyncode Academy space.

Wyncode Academy currently offers two types of scholarship: the Women of Wyncode Scholarship and a US Military Veteran Scholarship. Again, contact the admissions team for more information.

Alternatively, students may wish to pay for their course using a financing option to spread the cost of their tuition fees, and Wyncode works with a number of partner organizations to facilitate this option.



Does Wyncode Offer a Job Guarantee?

Although Wyncode Academy can’t offer graduating students a job guarantee, every full-time student will receive comprehensive job support as part of their program. This includes assistance with resume building and interview preparation, as well as access to networking events designed to match students with potential employers.

The lifetime career support offered incorporates soft skills training, such as professional development sessions and specialized mock interviews.



For those students interested in getting their own start-up up and running, Wyncode offers tailored support including feedback, networking connections, and resources. A monthly ‘Founders’ Dinner’ is also a great place to meet potential new business partners, mentors, or investors. 

Wyncode Academy students have gone on to work for major companies including Amazon, Microsoft, CareCloud, Kipu, and, with employers being consistently impressed with the quality of their new recruits, and their drive and ambition.

In 2019, the average starting salary for a graduate was $53,721.



Reviews Related to Wyncode Miami

The learning outcome statistics for Wyncode Academy are impressive: 90% of students successfully graduate from their course and 86% of graduates found relevant employment within 180 days. On course review site SwitchUp, Wyncode has received an average rating of 4.97 stars out of 5, with the curriculum content and job support being cited as especially positive aspects of the training experience.

Graduates consistently credit the training and skills they gained at Wyncode as being life-changing in the difference they made to their career path, and the quality of staff and overall support is highlighted as a key feature of the success of the programs. Most attendees who reviewed their training described the program as well structured, and with a rounded curriculum that gave them all the skills, they were hoping to attain.



Is Wyncode Right For You?

If you are looking for a way to get technical, employment-ready skills to start or further a career in tech, then Wyncode Academy could be a great choice. Offering a range of courses with rich, comprehensive curriculums, each program is designed to equip students with everything they need to start a job in their chosen field.

When considering whether Wyncode is right for you, it may be a good idea to think first about the cost element. Tuition fees are a significant outlay, so it is important to be confident that you can afford to pay the fees, either in a lump sum or as a set monthly repayment. A scholarship may be available to help you access training, and the admissions team at Wyncode can give you full details on what’s available, your eligibility, and how to apply.

Next, make sure you choose the right course by carefully studying the programs that Wyncode offers and the curriculum. Check for any prerequisites to ensure you have any necessary skills or experience needed for the program. Full curriculum details for each course can be found on the Wyncode website, and learning advisors are also on hand to help you out if you have any further questions.

Decide on what course structure would suit you best. Would a part-time or a full-time option fit in with your work and home commitments? Are you confident that you can make the necessary time commitments to complete the program successfully? Lastly, consider whether remote or in-person learning is preferable for you – are you likely to make better progress in an environment where there is plenty of face-to-face interaction with fellow students and instructors, or does an online learning experience fit in best around your life?

 Testimonials and reviews from Wyncode graduates may help you make your decision – have a look on the website to read the learning journeys of past students, and where their training ultimately took them, career-wise.


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Everything You Need to Know About the 4Geeks Academy, Miami (4Geeks Academy Reviews) Fri, 20 Aug 2021 11:23:39 +0000 The 4Geeks Academy in Miami offers a number of programs to help participants either start a career in the tech industry or help them to develop their existing skills and…

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The 4Geeks Academy in Miami offers a number of programs to help participants either start a career in the tech industry or help them to develop their existing skills and climb the ladder if they are already in a tech role.

Courses are short and intensive, teaching students the skills they need, fast, to supercharge their professional careers. Courses are either online or campus-based.



The 4Geeks Academy began offering courses in 2015, and its mission remains to make tech training accessible to everyone while building a dynamic global network of software developers. The Academy currently has 7 campuses, and over 1500 alumni to date.

The 4Geeks Academy is licensed in Florida by the Commission for Independent Education.



How to Get Accepted at 4Geeks Academy

In order to apply for a place at 4Geeks Coding School Miami, first of all, visit the website to have a look at the details of courses available. Next, complete the quick online expression of interest form.

A Student Advisor will contact you in order to give you details regarding the admission process and next steps. An interview will be held either on-campus or online, and you will be offered a tour of the campus to meet staff and become acquainted with the Academy. As part of this introductory interview, you will be asked about your reasons for wanting a career in software development.

Students will need to have their own laptops. In terms of payment, students who may find it difficult to pay for tuition in one lump sum can choose to spread the cost of their course through an Extended Payment Plan. Other financing options are available – for more information, contact the 4Geeks Academy office using the contact details on their website.



Which Courses Does Coding School Miami Offer?

4Geeks Academy offers three different courses, aimed at different levels of ability, which are detailed below.

Students on a part-time course can expect to commit to three sessions of three hours a week and will need to spend about 20-24 hours a week studying at home. Full-time students have eight-hour classes every weekday and will be required to spend approximately 48 hours a week on the additional study.

Broadly, coursework related to theory is delivered through videos, animations, infographics, and images. Inside the classroom (or virtual classroom), sessions are spent undertaking debates, creating and building projects, and being supported in work by mentors.

Level 1 is the Full Stack Developer Course, which can be undertaken on either a full or part-time basis. The part-time version of the course runs for 16 weeks, with three classes to attend weekly. No previous coding knowledge or advanced math is required, although the ability to solve problems using logic is a big plus.

This program is designed to give participants in-demand skills to help them into a career in tech; students will learn the fundamentals of programming languages, including Python and JavaScript. Algorithm scripting is also covered, as well as the use of API and front-end libraries. The course culminates in each student presenting their completed final project.

There is a pre-work element to this course, and prospective learners should be aware that this element will comprise approximately 60 hours of work in order to ensure that all students are at roughly the same level at the start of the course properly. This pre-work will cover HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript, and the basics of coding.

The Software Engineer Course is Level 2. This course is offered part-time, and runs for 16 weeks, with three online classes a week for students to attend. In order to apply for this course, applicants will need to have at least one year’s experience as a Software Developer.

Projects form a key element of this program: as an example, a project for the Quality module could be a challenge to build Continued Integration into your coding to guarantee consistency of software quality.

Students will become proficient in advanced front-end techniques, advanced algorithms, information storage and retrieval, and the use of distributed applications. The final project of the course will see students publishing their newly created application to a cloud platform, and pitch and demonstrate it to an audience.



The AI/Machine Learning Course is an online training program that runs for 15 weeks – classes are held three times a week. Course applicants will need to have a background in math, data, statistics or programming in order to be eligible to attend.

This program starts with an introduction to Python, moves on to data science with AI, covers practical machine learning, how to build data architectures, and deploying AI models and techniques into production.

An example of a module project in this program is taking a real-world set of data, and applying effective data cleaning, data analysis, and a prediction model to it, to interrogate the information.

Topics covered during the training include Machine Learning basics and Deep Learning technologies. The use of AI also forms part of the training, as does the lifecycle development of a product or app, incorporating factors like privacy, security, and ethics.



Which Companies Hire 4Geeks Academy Graduates?

4Geeks Academy has a high success rate when it comes to student outcomes, with 86% of students finding new employment within the tech industry within 100 days.

4Geeks Academy has a growing number of partner hiring organizations, and graduates have been placed in roles with companies including Microsoft, eBay, Uber, KPMG, and Facebook. The increasing network of recruitment partners means that students can find work both locally and internationally.

Organizations of all sizes are becoming more aware of the benefits of hiring a boot camp graduate. As well as gaining an employee with relevant, up-to-date skills, companies also have the benefit of acquiring a new staff member who has a proven track record of drive, determination, and self-motivation, as evidenced by their successful completion of such an intensive course.



Reviews Related to 4Geeks Academy Miami

The 4Geeks Academy was rated as the 2021 Best Bootcamp Winner by the review site Switchup, having received an average rating of 4.91 stars out of 5 on the same site. Course curriculum and job support was focused on as being key positives of the training program, as was the professionalism and supportive, motivational nature of the course instructors.

Graduates praised the content of the training, which proved vital in their success at finding a relevant job role at the end of the sessions. The ability to network with like-minded individuals, and the opportunities this presented in terms of in-course collaboration and professional possibilities afterward, was also widely remarked upon.

Class numbers are kept very low at 4Geeks, in order to give learners a high quality, personalized learning experience, and unlimited one-on-one mentoring is available for all course participants. Students can also expect ongoing in-job support and career support in general after graduation. All of these factors feed into the positive reviews that 4Geeks Academy regularly receives.



Is 4Geeks Academy Right For You?

When considering whether a 4Geeks course is the right choice for you, take care to read the full curriculum details for each program on the website, and check for any prerequisites that may apply. The course details give information on the types of projects students will be expected to complete, as well as the final assignment for each program.



Think about whether a part-time or full-time option is best for you, by weighing up your current work and home life commitments in order to be confident that you will have the capacity to complete both the classroom and home working element of the program you’re interested in. Attending for the full duration of the training is vital. Where there is a choice to attend a class either virtually or online, you may want to think about the learning style that is likely to benefit you most – do you prefer an in-person setting, where you can interact with fellow students and instructors face-to-face, or do you thrive in a self-motivated, virtual setting? Also be sure to check for any pre-work requirements for the course, and the amount of time that would need to be spent undertaking this element of the training.

Learning Counselors are on hand for advice either in person or over the phone, so you may wish to contact the 4Geeks Academy to schedule an advising appointment or for further details on any aspect of a course or its curriculum.

Lastly, think about financial considerations – the cost of tuition is a significant outlay, and so you may wish to look carefully at financing or loan options to cover the course of your chosen program and allow you to pay back the training costs over an extended period.

If you’re looking for training that will give you job-ready skills quickly, with an organization that has a proven track record of placing graduates in world-class businesses, then 4Geeks Academy could be the perfect choice for you.


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Everything You Need to Know About University of Miami Coding Bootcamp (UM Coding Bootcamp Review) Fri, 20 Aug 2021 08:27:28 +0000 The University of Miami Coding Bootcamp is an intensive, immersive 24-week program that gives learners the knowledge and skills they need for a career in the tech industry. The course…

The post Everything You Need to Know About University of Miami Coding Bootcamp (UM Coding Bootcamp Review) appeared first on Top 10 Coding Bootcamps | Reviews of the Best Coding Bootcamps.

The University of Miami Coding Bootcamp is an intensive, immersive 24-week program that gives learners the knowledge and skills they need for a career in the tech industry. The course is run online, on a part-time basis, and graduating students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Miami at the end of the course.

Career support forms an intrinsic part of the curriculum, and there is a strong focus throughout on getting students not just employment-ready, but employment competitive, in order to give graduates the best chance of success once the course is over.




How to Apply for UM Coding Bootcamp

In order to apply for a UM Coding Bootcamp, first visit the University of Miami website, where you will find full and in-depth details of the course, its curriculum, and expected learning outcomes. Next, complete the online form in order to register your interest in your chosen program. Once this has been received by UM staff, you will receive comprehensive course details,and subsequently be contacted by an advisor who will be able to give you more information on the boot camp, and answer any questions you may have about the training.

The only eligibility criteria for the program is that the applicant must be 18 years or older and hold a High School Diploma or GED. Drive to work towards a career in tech, and the ability to self-motivate is vital, too.

Following a discussion with an advisor, you will be asked to complete an application form. The next stage of the process is assessment: all prospective learners are asked to undertake a multiple-choice test to assess critical thinking and problem-solving skills and their suitability for the intensive Bootcamp learning style.

Once all of these stages of your application have been passed satisfactorily, you will be asked to sign your enrolment agreement and will then be able to reserve a space on your chosen UM Coding Bootcamp. At this point, a payment option can also be decided upon, and a deposit for program fees paid.



What is the Cost of a UM Coding Bootcamp?

A UM Coding Bootcamp costs $10,995 to attend. There are currently no scholarships available for this program, however, students can access a discount for early registration, and finance plans are also available to help learners spread the cost of their course fee.

Students do not need to purchase any additional materials or coursebooks – all that is required is the use of a laptop.



Which Courses Does UM Bootcamp Offer?

The University of Miami offers bootcamps in Coding, Fintech, Data, and Tech Project Management. All courses are virtual and part-time, and full details follow below.

All UM Bootcamps are taught in an online classroom environment and combine lectures with collaborative group work on projects and assignments. Portfolio projects form an important part of the curriculum, as do homework assignments and plenty of hands-on practice.

Class numbers are kept small on all bootcamps, to ensure that all students receive quality instruction, and TAs are on-hand in the classroom, as well as instructors, to offer extra support where needed. As well as portfolio projects, the virtual classroom experience also incorporates instructor-led group discussions and timed lab work.


Coding – this 24-week program will give learners a full insight into, and employment-ready skills in full-stack development. Front end and back end technologies are covered, as well as web development; the curriculum includes computer science and JavaScript, browser-based technologies, databases, server-side development, and API interaction.

The program culminates in a final project in which students will design and realize a working concept, using all the skills and technologies they have mastered throughout the course.



Data – an immersive, challenging 24-week experience that teaches learners about the tools and methods needed to analyze and manage large amounts of data. The curriculum is highly market-driven and includes the study of Excel, fundamental statistics, Python programming, front-end web visualization, and business intelligence software.

This program is designed for those either already in a data role who want to expand their skills, or for those wanting to change careers. Graduates will be able to apply for jobs including Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst or Software Engineer upon completion of this training course.


Fintech – through a project-based 24-week curriculum, students are given the skills needed for a career in the financial technology sector. The program covers financial basics, blockchain and cryptocurrency, machine learning applications, and programming and financial libraries.

This program is centered on providing students with real-world experience via a multidisciplinary approach. Although no programming or previous finance experience is necessary to attend his course, applicants should ideally hold a Bachelor’s Degree or have at least two year’s worth of experience in a business or finance-related field.

Virtual classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 pm-9.30 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm.


Tech Project Management – this Bootcamp experience runs for 18 weeks and includes a comprehensive range of career services. Students will be taught about software development as a business, the fundamentals of traditional project management, project managing operations, hybrid project management, and Agile Methodologies and Scrum Framework.

This boot camp is designed with the aim of imparting in-demand job skills to students; by the end of the course, all students should understand and be able to plan out a project lifecycle, and have an in-depth knowledge of the documentation required at different stages of the process. 

All of the programs offered are designed to be as engaging as possible, and flexible schedules are available, with weekend and evenings classes an option to help fit training around students’ existing work and other commitments.



Which Companies Hire UM Coding Graduates?

A UM Coding Bootcamp features an integral career services element, in order to support students into new employment in the tech industry. As part of this service, all learners will have access to a careers advisor who will help to make them stand out from the crowd in order to get their dream job.

Interview preparation coaching forms part of the career support service, as well as resume optimization sessions, and the opportunity for students to attend relevant careers events and listen to industry professional speakers.

Companies that hire coding graduates include Apple, Google, IBM, Bank of America, and Penguin Random House. Organizations are increasingly recognizing both the skill sets that Bootcamp graduates can bring to the table, and the self-motivation, ambition and drive that saw them through such an intensive and challenging program.

A UM Coding Bootcamp aims to get all participants, not just career ready, but career competitive. This means ensuring candidates are armed with all the skills they need, and the ability to confidently sell these skills and attributes to prospective employers. Networking is a focus, as is building visibility, creating a standout portfolio, and demonstrating a dynamic, positive approach to ongoing learning.



Reviews Related to UM Coding Bootcamp

UM, Coding Bootcamp reviews are generally extremely positive, with former attendees awarding the program an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Course Report website.

The expertise of the instructors and the quality of the teaching is frequently cited, as are the real-world skills that the boot camp imparts, allowing graduates to consistently get into a career in the tech industry upon completing their course.

Also praised is the quality of the general support offered to students – there is a genuine drive to help all learners reach their goals and have a positive Bootcamp experience.

Have a look online for reviews and testimonials from former Coding Bootcamp students – many graduates point to the life and career-changing nature of the program, and the ease with which they successfully applied for new employment in the tech industry upon completion of their training.




Is the UM Bootcamp Worth It?

Although there is a significant cost element involved in signing up for a UM Coding Bootcamp, the learning outcomes are extremely positive, with many former students landing their dream job in tech as a result of their training. The Coding Bootcamp’s focus on providing learners with both the skills and real-world experience that they need means that this program is generally seen as an enriching, positive if challenging undertaking.

Student support is fundamental to the UM boot camp experience – to this end learners are offered portfolio review sessions, soft skills training, virtual tech panels, demo days, and access to class recordings.

When considering a UM Coding Bootcamp, think carefully about the time commitment needed to be sure that you have the best chance of success; check the course syllabus online for details of the average hours a student is expected to complete a home study, as well as the frequency and duration of the virtual class sessions.

If you are considering attending a UM Bootcamp but aren’t sure if this type of learning program is suitable for you, or are unsure which Bootcamp to choose, go to the University of Miami website in order to get in contact with a Learning Advisor who will be able to discuss all aspects of the courses available.

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Everything You Need to Know About Launchcode Miami (Launchcode Miami) Fri, 20 Aug 2021 07:47:34 +0000 Launchcode Miami offers students free tuition to get job-ready coding skills. Launchcode is committed to matching its students with employers in order to complete career-changing apprenticeships which, in the majority…

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Launchcode Miami offers students free tuition to get job-ready coding skills. Launchcode is committed to matching its students with employers in order to complete career-changing apprenticeships which, in the majority of cases, lead to permanent employment.

Founded in 2013, Launchcode’s mission has been to help those from underrepresented backgrounds start a career in tech, and, in turn, to assist tech businesses in finding skilled employees from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of unique talents.



LaunchCode’s ethos is to ensure that everyone, regardless of background, has access to learning the skills to start a career in the tech industry and to support them in their professional aspirations.



How to Get Accepted at Launchcode

To apply for a place on a Launchcode course, first, go to their website and complete the 10 Second Assessments to get started. This will supply you with an initial list of options that suit your circumstances.

The first part of the application process for a place on a course takes about 1-2 hours and is made up of a questionnaire regarding your demographic details (such as an address, date of birth, etc) and any previous computing experience you may have, followed by problem-solving tasks designed to assess your suitability for the course and the intensive nature of some of the programs.

Next is the interview stage. This lasts about an hour, and can be held either online or in-person; the purpose of the interview is to discover more about you, your motivations, and career goals, in order to determine both suitability for a Launchpad course and to determine the best program for each individual student.

Finally, there is a pre-work element to complete. Prospective students will be asked to undertake pre-work totaling about 10-12 hours in order to assess a prospective attendee’s ability to self-learn and their aptitude for the general course content.

If all stages are passed satisfactorily, then the applicant will receive an invitation to take up a place on a course.

As part of some courses, students will be matched with an employee in order to apply for an apprenticeship. A three-stage assessment process forms part of this application process. The first is the completion of an online application form. Next, candidates are asked to tackle an online coding puzzle, and following this is an interview. 



How Much is a Launchcode Apprentice Salary?

A Launchcode apprentice salary will vary depending on the role.  As an example, Launchcode recently ran a Mainframe Training apprenticeship course, which paid participants $20 an hour for a 20-week program.

Many candidates ask whether they are qualified for an apprenticeship placement. The answer to this is variable, as it largely depends on the nature of the apprenticeship being applied for. 

For those looking for an apprenticeship in programming, basic coding or language skills are required, as is an understanding of basic control functions. For apprenticeships in business intelligence, working knowledge of a query or database language is a prerequisite, as is a familiarity with at least one scripting language – proficiency in maths and statistics is also required.

The locations of apprenticeship roles are Saint Louis, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas.

Apprenticeships usually last in the region of three months, although it is not unusual for apprentices to be converted to permanent contracts within a few weeks of an employee starting work at a company. In the event that the company does not offer the apprentice a permanent role, Launchcode will help this apprentice secure alternative employment.



Which Courses Do Launchcode Offer?

Launchcode Miami offers a number of different training opportunities, all free of charge, as detailed below:

LC101 – no experience is required for this course, which enables students to become proficient in full-stack skills, setting learners on the right track for a career in the tech industry. This intensive coding program includes programming components, front-end programming, and web application development. The focus is on providing students with highly employable skills – graduates should leave with all the knowledge required to begin their new careers.



Classes meet twice a week, for three hourly sessions, and students can expect to spend 10-15 hours a week on the study at home, including the completion of assignments, reading, and watching set videos.

No prior programming knowledge or experience is required for this course, although an aptitude for maths and problem solving may be advantageous. The program is made up of multiple units; each unit must be completed satisfactorily in order for the student to move on to the next unit of study.


CoderGirl – this program is designed to encourage and support women into a career in the tech industry, a sector in which females are currently underrepresented – the course welcomes all self-identifying women and non-binary people. The aim of the program is to help women into employment in tech roles, and mentoring forms an important part of the course curriculum. Classes are held once a week and last for three hours. Outside of the classroom, students will need to spend about 15 hours a week undertaking home study.

Access to a laptop is required for this course. In order to successfully apply for a place on this program, prospective learners must demonstrate problem-solving and logical reasoning skills, as well as an interest in the technical elements of the curriculum. Candidates must also be seeking a career in the tech industry, and have a genuine interest in the inclusive, dynamic environment of the CoverGirl classroom.


CodeCamp – this immersive program teaches participants the skills that employers are looking for, fast. The focus is on hands-on learning, and by the end of the course, students will be ready to begin Launchcode’s apprenticeship program. CodeCamp is a 14 week, challenging full-time course.

Students are required to fully commit to this course, and to attend all sessions. In terms of assessing candidate suitability, Launchpad staff will consider the application questions and essay submitted, as well as each learner’s, stated aims and motivations for wanting to attend the program, as well as any financial or other need that may be present. 

Regular assessments form a key part of CodeCamp, and each is graded – a pass is required to move forward through the program.


Apprenticeship Program – graduates from Launchcode’s Codecamp are automatically eligible to enroll in the apprenticeship program. Non-graduates who have the necessary skills and are employment-ready are also welcome to apply for this program without needing to complete a prior course with Launchcode. Full career support, advice, and guidance will be given to each participant, in order to match them with the most suitable employer. 

In order to access the Apprenticeship Program, graduates will be required to spend approximately 150 extra hours of work on a self-directed coding project – this may take an additional 8 weeks following graduation from a Launchcode course. Once this has been completed, if a student is deemed to be employment-ready, then they will be matched with an employer in order to start an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are full-time (40 hours a week), paid roles, in which Launchcode graduates are paired with a mentor to support them in their new role.



Which Companies Hire Launchcode Graduates?

Launchcode graduates regularly work as apprentices in roles including Software Developer, Data Scientist, IT Project Manager, and Mobile Developer.

Companies hiring Launchcode graduates include Balto, Mastercard, Express Scripts, Boeing, and Spectrum. Launchpad has links with many hiring partners, in order to best match graduates in terms of their skill sets and chosen career paths.



Reviews Related to Launchcode Miami

Launchcode reviews are generally very positive regarding the career support and apprenticeship elements of the programs, with numerous testaments to the fact that Launchpad is highly effective at supporting graduates into employment in the tech industry.

The classroom environment is frequently described as welcoming and inclusive, and the course content reviewed as being challenging but exhaustive, and an excellent means to equip students with the skills needed in real-world job placement.



Some reviews suggest that Launchcode’s syllabus could be somewhat updated and that the level of in-class support from tutors could be improved.



Is LaunchCode Worth It?

Launchcode offers free training for students in order to support them to get into jobs within the tech industry. More than 80% of Launchcode apprentices stay with the company they were apprenticed with as permanent employees, and the average Launchcode graduate’s salary is twice as much as before they completed their program. 

Added to these statistics, Launchcode has over 500 hiring partners, meaning that a graduate has an excellent opportunity of being placed with an employer that perfectly matches their skill-set, career aims, and personality.

Launchpad offers prospective learners and applicants the opportunity to study without incurring tuition fees and to match them with employers at the end of their program. For those interested in a career in tech, but who may not have the financial capacity to fund a course of study, then Launchcode could be an extremely valuable springboard into employment in this industry.

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Everything You Need to Know About Ironhack Miami (Ironhack Reviews) Wed, 18 Aug 2021 06:57:14 +0000 Ironhack Miami offers a range of tech bootcamps, including courses in coding and web development. Programs can be undertaken remotely or on campus, and part-time and full-time options are available.…

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Ironhack Miami offers a range of tech bootcamps, including courses in coding and web development. Programs can be undertaken remotely or on campus, and part-time and full-time options are available. Ironhack Miami does not require prospective students to have any previous knowledge of, or experience in, coding or web development, but requires all potential learners to be highly self-motivated and driven to begin a career in the tech industry.



How to Apply for a Miami Ironhack Bootcamp Course

For full information on all the courses available at Ironhack Miami, first head over to their website, where you will be able to access full curriculum details for each bootcamp. Once you have decided on the program that’s best for you, simply complete the online application form to start the admissions process.



There are no prerequisites to attend any of the Ironhack bootcamps beyond a passion for the subject matter being taught. Webinars are available for those who are unsure whether a bootcamp is suitable for them, and can be useful in making an informed choice.

Once the admissions team receives your application, you will be contacted in order to schedule an interview, so that staff can get a better idea of any prior knowledge you have, and your aims and career goals. This is also an ideal opportunity to ask any questions you might have on, for example, the curriculum of your chosen program, or the teaching methods employed. The interview usually lasts for about 30 minutes and is conducted either via video call or in-person and its fundamental aim is to ensure that an Ironhack bootcamp is the right choice for you.

Finally, there will be a technical test, to ensure that the intensive nature of the bootcamp is suited to you. This timed test is completed online, and takes about an hour; it’s designed to test potential students’ logic and analytical capabilities, and a score is awarded upon completion. No preparation or pre-work is required for this test.

If a prospective learner’s score is acceptable, and they have passed the interview stage of the process also, then they will be sent an acceptance letter and a student agreement form to sign, and they will be able at this point to reserve a place on their chosen boot camp, and pay the necessary deposit.

If you are successful in your application, there is a mandatory course of pre-work that needs to be completed before the commencement of the selected Bootcamp. This pre-work is made up of about 100 hours of study and should be completed the week before the main program begins; it’s designed to ensure that all learners come to the course with a similar level of base knowledge. Details of the pre-work package that applies to each course can be found on the Ironhack website.

New learners are encouraged to apply for a boot camp at least a month before the start of the program in order to have time to complete the admission process and any mandatory paperwork.

All students will need access to their own computer that ideally has at least 8GB of RAM and is no older than 5 years.



What Are the Benefits of an Ironhack Scholarship?

Although general scholarships aren’t available, Ironhack Miami offers a 10% discount for women applying for the Web Development and Data Analytic bootcamps as part of their commitment to promoting diversity and engaging with the issue of the underrepresentation of females working in the tech sector. A 10% discount is also offered to any veteran applying for a place on any of the programs available.

Other scholarships and discounts are sometimes arranged with partner organizations to help fund a students’ learning journey. Visit the Ironhack Miami website and complete the registration of interest form in order to be kept updated about future financial assistance as it becomes available.

Ironhack Miami offers students an Income Share Agreement financing option. There are eligibility requirements for this financing, which can be discussed with staff during the application and admission process for those interested in accessing it. The Income Share Agreement allows Ironhack students to defer paying their tuition fees until after graduation, at which point a set percentage of their monthly salary is used to repay the debt. 



What Types of Programs Are Available at Ironhack Part-Time?

Ironhack Miami offers its bootcamps on either a full-time or part-time basis. Choosing part-time study could be a great idea if you have work or family commitments to consider. The curriculum, content, and learning outcomes of a course are exactly the same on the part-time version of a full-time course. Remote options are also available for the bootcamps offered by Ironhack.



The part-time Bootcamp runs on two weekdays plus every Saturday of the week. Homework tasks make up around 10-15 hours of additional time a week and should be accounted for when working out the best study program for your personal circumstances. The part-time schedule is normally Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm and Saturdays from 10 am – 5 pm – this is subject to change, however, and all schedules will be discussed with you during the admission process.  

Part-time bootcamps include:

Data Analytics Bootcamp – students learn to use Python, SQL, and Tableau in connection with statistics and probability, and to hone their skills in the analysis of large quantities of data. Learners build a data set as their final program project, which can form a vital part of a portfolio for their new career in the tech industry.

Web Development Bootcamp – the key focus of this program is coding: students will learn HTML, Javascript, and CSS and use them to develop websites and applications. By the end of the course, learners will have the skills to build both front-end and back-end applications, and will also have proficiency in database work and server hosting.

UX/UI Design Bootcamp – learners will gain skills in designing online user experiences, from initial research through to the creation of a prototype digital model. Students will investigate Agile methodologies and the concepts behind site re-designs and will create a digital project as the culmination of the program.

All of the programs include additional career support and are each divided into three modules, culminating in a final project to be completed by each student.

No prior coding knowledge is required for any of the bootcamps, which are all designed for those wanting to start a new career in the tech industry.


Reviews Related to Ironhack Miami

Ironhack reviews tend to be positive, and they have been ranked in the top 20 of CourseReport’s reviewed bootcamps for the last three years. Overall, graduates have been impressed with the hands-on nature of the course and just how much they learned in a very short time frame. Course instructors are also regularly praised, and the careers guidance element of the bootcamps is also cited as being an important positive factor in the Ironhack Miami experience.

There have been some mixed feelings regarding curriculum, with a number of previous students reporting it as being somewhat disorganized in structure.

The graduate placement rate of Ironhack is impressive, with 80% of boot camp attendees gaining employment in a relevant industry within three months of completing their program. Ironhack graduates have gone on to work for large tech companies, start-ups, consultant companies, and agencies.

A private certificate is awarded to all students graduating from an Ironhack Miami program – for those learners preferring officially recognized certification, this may be something to consider when thinking about which boot camp is best for you.


Which Course Should I Choose?

With a number of different bootcamps available, it’s important to be confident that you’re making the right choice, as each program requires a significant time commitment.

First of all, you may want to consider whether a part-time or full-time course is best suited to your lifestyle and current commitments. Make sure that, whichever option you choose, you will be able to fit in the required work and home study needed to successfully complete the course.

Next, think about whether on-campus or remote learning suits you best – if you find it easier to stay motivated in an in-person model, then make a choice with this firmly in mind. Similarly, if your practical circumstances would make it challenging to attend on-site daily, then be realistic about this, too, in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

Next, carefully review the course curriculums and learning goals on the Ironhack website, while keeping in mind your overarching career aims. You may find it useful to speak to staff if you’re not sure which is right for you, who can give you detailed information on what you can expect from each program and how it can help you get where you want to go, career-wise.

Look online for the reviews and experiences of past graduates, or attend an Ironack webinar in order to be as clear as possible on all the options available to you.


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Everything You Need to Know About Brainstation Miami (Brainstation Reviews) Wed, 18 Aug 2021 06:30:36 +0000 Brainstation Miami offers boot camps and courses in Web Development and UX Design. Students can choose to attend programs either online or in-person, and part-time and full-time options are available.…

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Brainstation Miami offers boot camps and courses in Web Development and UX Design. Students can choose to attend programs either online or in-person, and part-time and full-time options are available.

Brainstation is a leader in providing digital education and has trained over 100,000 professionals to date who have gone on to work for worldwide, industry-leading organizations. Programs are focused on hands-on learning to give students highly employable, career-changing skills.


How to Register for Brainstation Bootcamp Miami

In order to register for a Brainstation Miami Bootcamp, start by having a look at the courses available on their website to determine the most suitable program for you. You’ll find in-depth guides on course curriculums and what to expect from each program. Next, fill out the online form with your details, and a Brainstation Learning Advisor will get in touch at a convenient time to discuss course options and to offer any program or career advice that you may need.


The cost of tuition for a Brainstation Miami Bootcamp ranges from $7,000 -$21,000, depending on the course being applied for.

Prospective students should apply for a Brainstorm bootcamp or course 1 – 3 months before the relevant course’s start date. Each course will have different entry requirements, but a High School Diploma is usually needed in order to be eligible to apply. 

Most applicants for a coding boot camp will be asked to write a short essay detailing their reasons for wanting to attend and their desired career pathway. Some bootcamps require potential attendees to complete a coding task or short programming assignment as part of the admissions process in order to gauge suitability. Applications for a Web Development bootcamp may also include an interview stage. During the interview, candidates can expect to be asked to discuss the coding challenge they have undertaken and might be asked to complete some whiteboarding as part of the session.



What Are the Perks of Brainstation Scholarships?

Brainstation Miami works with a number of partner organizations to offer students a range of scholarships in order to increase opportunity and encourage those from underrepresented backgrounds to access learning:


Women in Technology Scholarship – to promote and support women wishing to start a career in tech, a sector where women are currently underrepresented.

University and College Scholarship – to provide tech training for students and recent graduates.

Veterans Scholarship – to assist veterans in starting a new career in the tech industry.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship – to support those from underrepresented backgrounds to engage in tech training in order to gain relevant employment-ready skills.

Not-For-Profit Scholarship – to assist those working for non-profit companies to utilize available technologies in order to optimize the running of their organization.

Entrepreneurship Scholarship – to promote tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by giving them the digital skills they need to develop their concepts and take them forward.

Brainstation also offers flexible payment plans to help students fund their learning. Other financing options include deferred tuition payments, or an income-share agreement in which learners only begin making repayments once they have graduated and are earning over a minimum threshold amount. Some learners have also successfully approached their current employer in a bid to fund their program.

Contact Brainstation Miami for more details on the scholarships available, and for information on how to apply.



Does Brainstation Have a Part-Time Program?

All of Brainstation’s boot camps can be completed either full or part-time, and all of Brainstation’s standard courses can be accessed on a part-time basis. 

Bootcamps available include Data Science, UX Design, Web Development, and Digital Marketing – more details on each program follow below. A part-time bootcamp requires a time commitment from students of about 25 hours per week.

Bootcamps are short, intensive programs of learning designed to give students job-ready skills fast. Coding bootcamps focus on imparting knowledge relating to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, which is vital for many roles in the tech industry. Graduates could consider seeking employment in the fields of software development, cybersecurity, or full-stack web development, for example.

Data Science – this bootcamp is challenging and will give all attendees the real-world skills they need for a career as a Data Scientist. Students will learn how to interrogate and analyze data using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. By the end of the program, each student will have created an impressive portfolio of their completed projects.

UX Design – an immersive, hands-on learning experience, students will engage with cutting-edge processes, skills, and design tools. As part of a portfolio of work, learners will develop and create a working mobile app by the end of the bootcamp.

Web Development – learn all the skills necessary for a career as a Web Developer in this constantly updated, innovative bootcamp. Attendees will design and develop a multi-page web application as the centerpiece of their portfolios.

Digital Marketing – this program covers marketing strategies and key elements of digital advertising, including search engine optimization, content development, and social media marketing. This bootcamp features a number of modules, with projects related to each.

Brainstation Miami bootcamps feature networking events, preparation for interview sessions, and panel question and answer sessions with representatives from the tech industry as part of their programs.

Part-time courses include Cybersecurity, Design Thinking, Web Development, and Social Media Marketing.

Brainstation’s programs take between 10-15 weeks of intensive learning to complete.



Which Companies Hire Brainstation Graduates?

Brainstation graduates have gone on to work for major companies around the world, as well as starting freelance careers or incorporating new start-ups.  Past course attendees have found employment at, Shopify and Wave HQ, and Brainstation have employment links with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Paypal, and many others.

Coding boot camp graduates can expect an average starting salary in the region of $65-70,000. Those graduates who were already in a tech career typically see a doubling of their annual salary after completing the program.

Many companies see the attendance of boot camps as a significant plus point in candidates applying for a role. When polled, 99.8% of companies that had previously hired a bootcamp grad said that they were so satisfied with the outcome that they would look to hire a bootcamp grad again in the future.



Reviews Related to Brainstation Miami

Brainstation reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with the practical, hands-on nature of the learning being particularly singled out for praise. Program instructors are also regularly cited as being of high quality and expert in their field, and many reviewers noted that the course(s) attended made a real difference to their career path.

Brainstation Miami receives very positive reviews in its ability to match its students with potential employers or employment networks and the way in which it assists program attendees to apply for internships. The portfolio of work and projects that each learner builds throughout their course has also been highlighted as a key feature of its success.



Graduates have pointed to the increased confidence that attending a Brainstation course has given them, and the opportunities it provided for networking and connecting with like-minded professionals. This course isn’t just about doing, is the message. It is about getting a broad base of knowledge that can give you options on where to go in a tech career. 

Brainstation reviews point to the overall quality of course resources and the motivational nature of tuition.


Which Course Should I Take?

Spend some time browsing the courses on the Brainstation website, where a full curriculum breakdown can be found for each. You may want to consider carefully whether a part or full-time option is right for you, taking into account your lifestyle and current work commitments. Think, too, about your preferred learning style, in terms of opting for a boot camp program or a short course – this could be something that could be usefully discussed with a Brainstation Learning Advisor.

Think about the skills and programming language that you want to learn – it could be a good idea to look at some job ads for roles that you are interested in pursuing, to discover exactly the skills and expertise you need on your resume to be successful. Interrogate, too, your career goals: what’s your planned destination? You may want to have a look at some of the graduates’ stories on the Brainstation website, to see the course they undertook, and where it has taken them, career-wise.

Your financial circumstances can play a significant role in choosing the option that’s right for you. The possibility of a scholarship can be discussed with a Learning Advisor, who can also fill you in on the flexible payment plans available to assist you in accessing study.

Lastly, consider any relevant experience you have, and check course prerequisites closely with this in mind.

Brainstation offers the option to study either remotely or on campus. In deciding which is right for you, be sure to factor in practicalities such as transport considerations. It may also be worth thinking about your preferred learning environment – if you are someone who thrives in situations where there is the chance for one-to-one and collaborative interaction, then an in-person program may help you get the most out of your chosen course.

Brainstation Miami offers a wide range of courses and a number of delivery options – speak to staff to find the best fit for your personal circumstances.

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Which Pittsburgh Coding Bootcamp is Right for You? (Coding Bootcamp Pittsburgh) Tue, 17 Aug 2021 07:38:39 +0000 If you’re looking for a way to learn to code and get employment-ready fast, then a coding Bootcamp may be a great option for you. Bootcamps are intensive courses that…

The post Which Pittsburgh Coding Bootcamp is Right for You? (Coding Bootcamp Pittsburgh) appeared first on Top 10 Coding Bootcamps | Reviews of the Best Coding Bootcamps.

If you’re looking for a way to learn to code and get employment-ready fast, then a coding Bootcamp may be a great option for you. Bootcamps are intensive courses that often run over a number of weeks, and are focused on giving learners the skills they need to get a job in tech upon completion. These condensed courses are often a more affordable option than traditional study, and increasing numbers of learners are choosing them over other options.

When choosing a boot camp, you may want to bear in mind your current lifestyle and commitments as well as your budget. Thinking about what learning style suits you best, and whether you prefer to work in a small group or alone can help ensure you select the right course. Also consider practicalities: is a full-time course tenable, or would weekend sessions be a better fit for you. What style of learning is most likely to keep you motivated? There are so many options available, that it’s possible to find a course to perfectly match your needs and budget.


The Top 6 Pittsburgh Coding Bootcamps 2021

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in boot camp style training, we’ve rounded up six of the best below as our Coding Bootcamp Pittsburgh pick of the bunch.  



Tech Elevator Pittsburgh

First on our list is Tech Elevator Pittsburgh. In terms of job placement rates, this boot camp is one of the most successful in the country. Offering a 14-week program of full-time learning, Tech Elevator Pittsburgh’s goal is for all students to leave job-ready, with all the skills they need for a career in software development.

Career coaching is on hand as part of the training, and the course is especially geared towards those transitioning from their current career into employment in the tech industry by offering tuition in the practical skills needed, as well as the general support required to begin a successful career.


Academy Pittsburgh

For a diploma-based boot camp in, Pittsburgh area, then Academy Pittsburgh could be a good option for you. This intensive training prepares learners for a range of entry-level jobs including application developer, data scientist, and UX designer.

The Academy is dedicated to helping those from under-represented backgrounds to find employment in the tech sector, and reserves half of the seats on their bootcamps for those from these backgrounds.


Per Scholas Pittsburgh

One of the advantages of Per Scholas, Pittsburgh, is that learners are connected with employers once they graduate from their training course. Per Scholas staff are dedicated to helping learners progress in their careers and can assist students both in securing entry-level roles as well as further climbing the professional ladder.

Per Scholas courses are full-time and are 100% free to the learner, and all materials, as well as the course itself, are covered. Professional and industry-recognized certification is awarded to students on successful completion of the course.


Nuchamp Pittsburgh

This coding boot camp is one of the highest-ranked in the country, and its focus is on affordable, quality learning.

Bootcamp style learning can be participated in either in-person or online, with a range of scheduling options – the course designers are keen that the training should fit in around students’ lifestyles and other commitments. Full-time, part-time and weekend options are also available, so prospective learners have plenty of choices to help make training as accessible as possible.


All-Star Code Pittsburgh

All-Star Code is a non-profit organization that supports young men of color access training and become better represented in the tech industry, and its aim is to help close the wealth and opportunity gap in society.

The boot camps run by All-Star Code run for six weeks through the summer, and no computer science background or knowledge is required for entry.


iD Tech Camp Pittsburgh

iD Tech Camps are designed to give children great online learning opportunities in a range of subjects, including coding. There are options for small group virtual camps, or private, flexible tuition. 

iD camps have over twenty years of experience in delivering training and have a host of tutors who are passionate about the subjects they teach.

For in-school opportunities, Stem Coding Lab is a non-profit organization that brings computing education into under-resourced schools in the area, and more information about this organization can be found online.


How Does Coding Bootcamp Pittsburgh Guarantee the Job?

Pittsburgh coding boot camps can provide a route into many different careers in the tech industry, or help learners to climb the career ladder in this sector. 

You may want to consider choosing training from a provider that is able to guarantee employment at the end of the training through its links with tech companies.

Bootcamps that can’t guarantee employment at the end of the training can still significantly increase learners’ chances of gaining employment in the tech industry as they give students a complete set of job-ready skills and all the technical knowledge needed for work. Many boot camps also offer employment coaching, to further boost students’ chances of landing the job they want.



How Much Do Pittsburgh Coding Bootcamps Cost?

The cost of bootcamps varies, and will largely depend on the length of the training, and whether it will be undertaken in-person or online. A learner can expect to pay in the region of $15,000 for a full-time and in-person fourteen-week coding course. Online or virtual courses will be considerably more affordable.

However, Per Scholas Pittsburgh offers full-time training that is completely free to the learner – tuition, materials, and certification costs are all covered for eligible students.


How to Get Started with Per Scholas Pittsburgh?

If you decide to train with Per Scholas Pittsburgh, then get started by visiting their website to view the courses on offer and the campuses from which they run. Next, complete the online form with your details to begin the admission process.

There is a host of information on the Per Scholas site, providing prospective learners with details on courses, campuses, and a frequently asked questions section.


What’s Next?

Once you’ve completed your initial interest form online, you will begin the Per Scholas admission process. This can vary slightly from campus to campus, but, generally, you will be sent an overview of the admission process and then sent the link to start the assessment part of the process.  Once the assessment is completed, your eligibility for a place on a Per Scholas training course will be determined, and you will be advised if Per Scholas can offer you a place.



Per Scholas offers free training opportunities to enable you to begin a career in coding. The courses give learners real-world work experience and 85% of students graduate in only 12-19 weeks. Training courses can be accessed in-person or online, and the vast majority of boot camp graduates are placed in relevant jobs at the end of the course.

Interest in Per Scholas coding bootcamps can be registered on their website.

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What You Need to Know About Per Scholas Pittsburgh (Per Scholas Pittsburgh) Tue, 17 Aug 2021 06:37:35 +0000 Per Scholas Pittsburgh offers intensive, virtual bootcamps that give learners a range of employment-ready skills to begin or further their web development careers. Courses are certificated and fully funded, so…

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Per Scholas Pittsburgh offers intensive, virtual bootcamps that give learners a range of employment-ready skills to begin or further their web development careers. Courses are certificated and fully funded, so there are no tuition or exam fees payable. Most training lasts from 10-15 weeks.

Per Scholas is committed to helping learners and graduates find employment in the tech industry, and to this end offers career support and guidance as an in-built part of their training courses. Per Schols’ links to businesses in the field mean that they are able to career match students and provide direct access to potential employers.



How to Apply for Per Scholas Pittsburgh

If you are considering applying for a place on a Per Scholas Pittsburgh course, visit their website in order to complete an online form to register your interest. Once this has been received Per Scholas staff will be in touch with information on which courses you may be eligible to apply for and the next steps in the application process.

As part of the application and assessment process, you may be required to complete a technical assessment or undergo a background check – this varies from campus to campus, and staff will give you more details about the necessary requirements once they have received your initial interest form.

For the End, User Desktop Support Bootcamp an academic or tech assessment (or both) will need to be completed by applying students. Those who achieve the necessary scores will go forward to the interview stage. If this is completed successfully, then, after a background check has proved satisfactory, an offer will be made for a place on the course.

Regarding the Full Stack Java Development training, the above application process will be followed, but prospective students are also required to have existing relevant technical knowledge, preferably in Java. 


What Type of Courses and Placements do Per Scholas Offer?

Per Scholas offer a range of certificated IT courses and training that are in-person, remote, or hybrid. Currently, specific to the Pittsburgh location, two courses are available, both of which are studied remotely and run in partnership with TEKsystems.

End-User Desktop Support is a 12-week boot camp designed to give learners employable skills including those around Networking, Active Directory, and ITIL. This course prepares students for real-world work, giving learners the experience of challenges they are likely to face in their new roles in tech. Course attendees are provided with their own ‘tech kits’ to use throughout the training to enhance their Bootcamp experience and provide additional opportunities for ‘hands-on’ learning. The End User Desktop Support program also includes career support, with students learning how to create a tech-friendly resume to help them land their dream jobs.

This boot camp is suitable for all levels, and successful completion will earn students a certificate in Comp TIA A+. This course runs Monday to Friday, from 9 am-4 pm.



The Full Stack Java Developer course trains students for roles in entry and mid-level Java development. It includes coding skills, data structures, web services, and algorithms. This boot camp runs for 14 weeks. By the end of the training, learners will be proficient in Agile-Scrum Project methodologies and programming and will have a sound understanding of program flow. Students will also learn how to create high-quality web-based applications.

Previous relevant technical knowledge is required in order to be eligible to attend this boot camp. This course runs Monday to Friday, from 9 am-4 pm.


What Are the Requirements for a Per Scholas Course?

To be eligible to apply for a Per Scholas course, prospective learners must be aged 18 or over, have a High School Diploma (or equivalent) or higher and have US Work Authorization. Students must also have the drive and motivation to pursue a career in the tech industry and be able to commit to full-time training for the duration of their chosen course.

Some courses have additional specific requirements, and those considering applying for Per Scholas training should check the course details online for more information regarding these.


Per Scholas Pittsburgh Reviews

Per Scholas reviews highlight the high levels of support offered, and the way in which the bootcamps provide learners with vital skills for employment. The immersive nature of the training, and the passion of the instructors, are also praised by graduates, as is the career guidance, which forms a fundamental part of the training.

The lack of tuition and certification fees is a major plus point for learners choosing a Per Scholas Bootcamp, as is the certificated nature of the courses.



More than 80% of graduates find work in the tech industry within a year of completing their Per Scholas course, with graduates earning an average of $42,000 a year in their new roles. Per Scholas graduates have gone on to work for major firms including Barclays, Alkami, CapitalOne, Google, Ricoh, and Spotify.


How to Choose the Right Course for You

Gaining a place on a Per Scholas course represents a significant time commitment, and so it is really important to choose the right training for you and to be confident that you will be able to attend for the entirety of the Bootcamp.

Look carefully at the specific courses on offer to assess the best option. Consider the nature of any IT skills you already have, and your desired career path. Some training is suitable for beginners, while other courses are geared to intermediate or advanced learners. You may also want to think carefully about the style of learning that is most suited to you: are you more likely to maintain motivation in an in-person setting, or does a remote or hybrid course best fit around your lifestyle and commitments?

Once you have completed the initial interest form on the Per Scholas website, staff will reach out to you, and will be able to fully discuss your options and help you choose the perfect training for your circumstances and requirements, and guide you through the application process should you decide to move forward.

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What Do You Understand by ID Tech? (ID Tech Camp Pittsburgh) Tue, 17 Aug 2021 05:26:44 +0000 iD Tech offers a range of courses, both online and campus-based, in a variety of locations, for those aged 7-19. Courses include coding and game development, and iD Tech Camp…

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iD Tech offers a range of courses, both online and campus-based, in a variety of locations, for those aged 7-19. Courses include coding and game development, and iD Tech Camp is considered to be one of the world leaders in delivering STEM education.

Courses are taught either in small groups or in private sessions.

How to Apply for iD Tech Summer Camp Pittsburgh?

To apply for an iD Tech Summer Camp visit the iD Tech website for full details of all Summer campus courses and virtual courses available, or use the online order form to request a brochure outlining the options. Contact details for iD Camp academic advisors are also available on the website, who will be able to help you decide on the best course for you or your child.


Once you’ve selected a course, register for a place online. To sign up, select your course and dates, and following this you will be sent an email with all the information you need to start the program.


What Type of Programs are Offered at iD Tech Campus?

iD Tech Summer Camps offer a wide range of courses in an on-campus setting that runs in universities in over 150 locations. Classes are small, and instructors are passionate about what they teach and are experts in their field. Students receive an official transcript upon completion of their program.

Virtual summer camps and private lessons are also available, and options include:

Coding courses – these sessions teach students about data science, AI, cybersecurity, and how to code. Examples of available coding courses include Minecraft Modding with Java Coding and Roblox Game Development.

Game Dev courses – learn about modification, design, and how a game is created and produced. Game Dev courses include 3D Game Development and Level Design, and Coding Apps with Java.

Robotics courses – students are taught to use code, sensors, and microcontrollers to build a working robot. Robotics Algorithms and AI with Sphero RVR, and Coding: Scratch and VEX Virtual Robotics are an example of course choices.

Creative courses – these sessions teach learners to produce and stream videos, work with photos, digital music, and 3D modeling techniques. Creative courses include Trick Shot Video Editing with Dude Perfect and Make a Youtube Channel: Animation and Storytelling.

Private tutoring is also available through iD Tech and is useful for students who may be struggling to keep up with the curriculum or need a little extra support. Lessons are fully customized and can be scheduled to fit around other commitments over the summer. Private sessions are designed around students’ unique interests and ability levels, and utilize apps and platforms such as Minecraft, Youtube, Python, and Roblox, to promote engagement and ensure that the lessons are as fun as they are informative.


Review of iD Tech Camp Pittsburgh

iD Tech Camp Reviews frequently highlight the engaging nature of the programs and the personalized content of the learning. Other positive aspects of the courses often commented upon are the way they make learning fun and enjoyable, and the enthusiasm of the instructors, and their ability to motivate their students.

Parents have praised course outcomes, often citing improved general confidence in their child as a result of the program. The iD Tech Camp has also received reviews indicating its positive effect on children who have struggled in the wake of the pandemic, and how the Camp lends itself to making new friends and networking.

iD Tech Camps currently have over 500,000 alumni, working for companies including Microsoft, EA Games, Google, and Warner Bros.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity are crucial to the ethos of iD Tech and are championed wherever possible. iD Tech’s Social Impact mission concerns helping those from underrepresented backgrounds get the support they need to build a career in the tech industry and includes funding scholarships and hardware for schools. 

Gender parity is equally crucial to iD Tech, and encouraging more girls to access STEM subjects is core to the beliefs of the organization. iD Tech currently funds over 1000 scholarship opportunities for girls and is actively taking steps to ensure women are equally represented in management roles in their own staffing structure.


How Will I Learn at an iD Tech Virtual Camp?

iD Tech Virtual Camps are run in small cohorts: just five students to an instructor, which allows for a personalized learning experience. Week-long sessions run (in different timezones) to a schedule that includes two hours of tutor instruction and two hours of self-paced learning and project work each day.

Students learn about and how to use applications and tools including Java, Python, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity, Adobe, and 3D modeling. Having fun is an important part of the iD Tech Virtual Camp experience, and the program includes lots of games and challenges!


Gamified learning is a key element of iD Tech Camp – students are awarded points for every course they complete, unlocking badges along the way; the iD Tech Pathway starts at L1 and culminates at L10, upon attainment of which a student receives a letter marking their achievement from the iD Tech CEO, plus a certificate for their portfolio.

Two-week-long Teen Academies are also available at iD Tech: these intensive programs are designed for those aged 13-18, and courses include Advanced Python Coding, and Team-Based App and Game Development.

iD Tech works in partnership with a college advisor, and this is an integral part of the iD Camp experience. An initial consultation is included free as part of you or your child’s course, as well as a series of webinars for parents of participants.


How to Choose the Right Course for You

It’s important to make sure you choose the right course for yourself or your child. Have a look at the iD Tech Camp website for in-depth information on all of the programs available, or order a brochure online. 

Read course information carefully before sign-up, to check if any prior knowledge of a particular subject is required.

For help in deciding on the most suitable course, academic advisors are also on hand to discuss all the options with you.

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