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Datacamp vs Dataquest – Everything You Need to Know


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Do you want to start a career in data science? I am sure many of you are searching for myriad ways to dive headlong into data science. And why not? After all, it’s a profitable field, with innumerable job opportunities and plenty of room to grow and succeed. But deciding which suits your profile the best might become overwhelming amid so many courses, training, and boot camps available in the market.

Interestingly, online platforms are the best way to kickstart your journey. Datacamp and Dataquest are two leading online learning platforms for acquiring data skills that offer numerous courses. These self-paced classes focus on multiple career tracks, including Python and R prWithects. There are so many similarities; 98% of the time, students come to us asking which one’s the best: Datacamp or Dataquest.

So, this blog will answer everything about Datacamp and Dataquest. We will break down each of them in detail and help you infer which one suits you the best. Let’s dive in.

What is Datacamp

DataCamp is like a school on the internet where you can learn everything you need to be a great data scientist. Experts who work in the industry teach the classes. You can choose from courses that cover programming, making websites, building software, and cleaning up data. These courses are a good option because they give you a lot of knowledge and don’t cost as much as attending a regular college for four years.

How Do You Use DataCamp?

To use DataCamp, create an account, choose a course, and start learning through interactive videos and coding exercises. Progress at your own pace, practicing coding skills in their hands-on environment. Engage with the community for support, and upon completion, receive certificates. The mobile app allows on-the-go learning, and you can manage your subscription for a personalized experience.

What is Dataquest

Dataquest is a website where you can learn by doing projects. They have more than 70 courses and options like skills and career paths.

If you pick a career path, like data science with Python, you’ll work on real projects. It usually takes between five to nine months, spending about 10 hours a week to finish a career path, depending on what you choose.

Here’s a comparison table between DataCamp and Dataquest:

Here’s a comparison table between DataCamp and Dataquest:




Course Variety Offers a wide range of data science, programming, and analytics courses. Provides courses, skill paths, and data science and analytics career paths.
Learning Approach Focuses on interactive video lessons and coding challenges. Emphasizes project-based learning with hands-on exercises.
Programming Languages Primarily uses Python and R for data science courses. Offers Python, R, and SQL courses focusing on practical applications.
Skill Paths and Career Tracks Provides skill tracks and career tracks for specialization. Offers skill paths and career paths for in-depth learning and career progression.
Project-Based Learning Incorporates projects within courses to apply learned concepts. Emphasizes hands-on projects to reinforce skills and build a portfolio.
Learning by Doing Encourages coding exercises and challenges throughout the courses. Focuses on learning through practical applications and real-world projects.
Duration and Time Commitment Self-paced learning with flexible timing for completion. Takes 5-9 months to complete a career path, depending on the chosen track.
Pricing Model A subscription-based model with monthly or yearly plans. A subscription-based model with monthly or yearly plans. Also offers a one-time purchase option for individual courses.
Corporate Training Provides corporate training solutions. Offers corporate plans for team learning and upskilling.
Community Support Active community forums for discussions and support. Community support through forums and dedicated help channels.
Mobile App Mobile app available for learning on the go. No dedicated mobile app, but the platform is accessible on mobile browsers.
Certifications Offers certificates upon course completion. Provides certificates for completing skill paths and career paths.

Dataquest vs Datacamp: What are the skills you will learn?

Datacamp is the best way to start your data science career journey. Especially if you wish to dive deep into data analytics and learn to program against the backdrop of data science. Once you complete Datacamp courses, you will be able to: 

  • Use the command line effectively.
  • Manage Python packages and environments.
  • Leverage Git and GitHub outside of your IDE.
  • Set up and sort out your local Python IDE.
  • Implement code in various production environments.

Contrastingly, Dataquest will make you an expert in telling stories through data visualization and automating complex data workflows. The projects in Dataquest teach you how to wrap up, clean, reshape, and unify large datasets. Apart from this, you learn: 

  • How to program with Python and build a complex data architecture.
  • How to manage data pipelines and processes to bridge gaps in data architecture.
  • How to use data wrangling
  • How to leverage Microsoft Power BI to frame insightful stories
  • How to use SQL to retrieve or manipulate data

The learning outcomes pretty much make the differences crystal clear. The skills Dataquest validates are all fundamentals and basic concepts of data science. In other words, these are the stepping stones that will make it hard to get to the core of data science.

Conversely, Datacamp skill paths highlight more detailed and intermediate-level outcomes. Having basic data science knowledge makes the Datacamp course more graspable. Therefore, the decision in this context depends on which level of expertise you are banking on. 

Datacamp vs Dataquest: Final Word

Datacamp vs Dataquest: Which one’s better? The answer depends on what you want to prioritize. Are you a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer looking for affordable certifications to upgrade or validate your skills in data science? 

Or, are you a student just considering a profession as a data scientist and want to dive deeper into avenues by working on interesting hands-on projects? That will determine whether you should go for Dataquest or Datacamp. 

Again, what would you prefer: focus on interactive and engaging learning or get instantly hands-on with real-world scenarios? In this case, for learning purposes solely, Dataquest is always the answer, and Datacamp, if you want to take your expertise one level up.

Frequently Asked Question

While we conclude, here are some FAQs for Datacamps and Dataquest to make your decision process a breeze.

1. Which one is more affordable: Dataquest or Datacamp? 

Datacamp is more affordable than Dataquest. You get over 300 courses, half a century of skill tracks, and many career paths. You get them all at a minimum cost of $12.42/month. Even the free trial, despite limited access, gives you a basket full of resources and features to get started with data science. 

2. I am a student and want to venture into data science. Which one shall I go for? 

For students, I would say Dataquest would be a better choice. Unlike Datacamp, Dataquest has simplistic, fundamentals-based courses that teach concepts from scratch. Moreover, the project-oriented approach gives you hands-on exposure to face real-world challenges. 

3. I am professional, and my company wants me to upskill further as a data analyst. Which one is better for me? 

Datacamp is your solution here. Many prestigious Fortune 1000 companies prefer it. Also, they trust Datacamp’s courses and skill training programs. Video and exercise-oriented approaches will pave the way for easy learning, and the platform helps you highlight your portfolios and achievements. 

4. Which one has better career support?

At which level are you asking this question? Are you a student who wants career guidance and seeks to collaborate on projects? Then, Dataquest should be the solution since it offers a vast community space on its platform. The support team and community members will help you streamline your career path to find a suitable job. 

Again, if you are at an advanced level and want to highlight and validate the special skills you have earned through certification, then Datacamp might be your platform. The global slack community, along with the support team, helps enhance your portfolios and share them among relevant prospects.

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