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Galvanize Coding Bootcamp Review

by Kenny Sandorffy
Galvanize Bootcamp Review

What financing options are available at Galvanize?

Galvanize’s coding bootcamp offers a wide range of funding options and claims they have the best ISA in the industry. They provide numerous opportunities for financial support, including lending partners, scholarships, sponsorships, and veteran education benefits. 

ISA – An Income Share Agreement (ISA) allows you to defer your payment until you’re employed in a suitable position. Galvanize ISA scheme requires a deposit of $2,000, and that’s it until you’re earning $60,000 or more per year. At this point, Galvanize will take 10% of your income for 48 months up to a 1.4x tuition cap. 

Scholarships – Two students per cohort can receive a full-tuition scholarship to either immersive programs 

Veteran Benefits – Galvanize provides G.I. Bill benefits, VET TECH and have partnered with Samsung and Vets in Tech to offer the Veterans Scholarship 

 Sponsorships – You can gain funding from external sources such as Google, IMB and more 

Lending Partners – Climb Credit and SkillsFund are two popular lending options accepted by Galvanize. 

Which courses does Galvanize Offer?

Galvanize offers two courses, both remote, in-person, full-time and part-time.

Software Engineering Immersive

This 12 week course is actually the Hack Reactor software engineering course. Galvanize acquired them in 2018. On this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Computer Science, Full-Stack Javascript, and Application Design and Development. The course focuses on teaching you core skills and working on realistic code bases to mimic real-life working environments. 

By the end of the course, you’ll be fully prepared to learn new coding languages, libraries, and frameworks. 

Data Science Immersive

In this 13 week course, you’ll be introduced to the best practices in machine learning, statistical analysis, how to process natural language, and how to visualize data. The curriculum uses real-world data sets and a full data science stack which includes data wrangling, modeling, expiration, validation, visualization, and communication.

Galvanize bootcamp’s job outcomes

Galvanize has some impressive outcomes and citations. They have over 8,000 student alumni, 3,000+ coworking members, 89% on-time graduation rate, 68% employment rate in-field, and an average starting salary in-field of $102,860. 

Student alumni have gone on to work for companies like Apple, Adobe, NASA, PayPal, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and more. 

What is the application process for Galvanize?

The application process isn’t very daunting at Galvanize. For both bootcamps, after submitting your application, you must pass a short coding challenge and Technical Admissions Assessment.

Kenny Sandorffy is the founder of top10codingbootcamps.com and vehemently believes that students should have access to as much information as possible before paying even one cent towards any online courses. Kenny is also passionate about technology, education and empowering people by learning key skills. In addition to top10codingbootcamps, Kenny is also the founder of ScholarshipOwl and the SchoarshipApp platforms which enable students and scholarship providers to connect and manage awards flawlessly. Kenny has been been quoted on various news outlets. He completed his Bachelors degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and his Master's degree at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is a big believer in making education more accessible and affordable.

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