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What Do you Understand by Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)


Table of Contents

Massive open online courses are free web-based programs that allow distance learning to a vast number of dispersed students. Several students are learning around 8000 of Mooc offered by renowned institutions in over 700 cities worldwide. MOOC is a free, online, and open course that grabs the attention of many people. MOOC can be on a tiny scale, or they can have a large platform. MOOCs are nonsimultaneous, web-based open courses that have intended to enroll as many students as possible. Moocs provides their table of contents in video lectures, online reading, and assessment. They also provide recorded videos, student-instructor relationships, and student-student relations. 

MOOCs conducted by colleges and universities are less coherent. They provide certification courses that amplify future opportunities for employment and studies. Due to the significant impact of the corona, many institutions and colleges have implemented the strategy of Mooc. 

MOOC is a program that gives access to student education from online streams. They provide traditional class materials that provide online access to class materials. These materials include:

  • Video lectures
  • Problem-solving sets
  • Puzzles and online examinations
  • Coordinative learning faculty
  • Interaction between the students

They are a course provider and platform. These platforms have technological infrastructures as per the course layout. They also provide users access to the resources. Some examples of platforms are canvas, Edx, etc. 


What Are MOOC-Based Degrees?


Online degrees are not a recent development, and it has been going on since 1990. But the sudden rise in online degrees has come out with a partnership of the elite universities and platforms.  The first Mooc degree was brought forth in Georgia Tech, in partnership with Udacity, in 2013. Lately, the Institute of Illinois and programs of computer science which is called iMBA. Ever since, there have been many other degrees that are provided through Mooc. Mooc based degrees are differentiated in the way it gets delivered. These courses are offered via platforms such as Coursera, FutureLearn, EDX, etc. 

These degrees are flexible and can be accessible at the student’s place, subject to timeline and schedule. A student can have many courses added to the degree. They also provide certification of completion to the students who leave the system mid-way. The process of applying for these courses is straightforward. It requires filling up a form and clearing the skill test such as IELTS or GRE.

Mooc degrees have the same fees as on-campus degrees. It might also include out-of-state fees for students abroad. Mooc degrees are completely open programs, which operate at a large scale. These degree courses accept students who have the potential to succeed. This is why they have an innovative admission process. There are many contents of Mooc, which are available via audible. Here, the students benefit from the provided content before taking the dive. 

They also offer high-quality access to non-degree courses. The students here can look forward to paying and earning a certification course. In the present times, there are around 40 Mooc degrees announced. 


Is A MOOC Qualification?


The massive open online courses are accessible via the internet and are free to access. These courses have been under dramatic hype and criticism over the previous years. There are many distance learning programs offered by various universities worldwide. Through these courses, thousands of students can get admitted under a particular system. Mooc provides an in-depth study of degree courses. It does not limit the students to traditional college training. These courses are open to everyone, apart from what they have studied prior. 

Moocs are available for a limited period of one year. These courses are not extended to clearing the exam. They often conduct puzzles, assess assignments, or mock tests. This enables you to get aware of how much you have learned through the course. These courses have access to lectures, seminars, and recorded videos uploaded on the platforms. Students can review it whenever required. 

Moocs are a revolution in the field of education. They offer free of all qualifications with a certificate of completion of the course. They have inherited complexions that offer large free-to-access degree courses from recognized universities. They have all bite-size qualifications at the same time, restricting access to invaluable resources. 

Can You Get Credit For MOOCs?

There are many transformations taking place in online education. Everything here is getting reevaluated, with the meaning of degrees, certificates, etc. There is lots of encouragement for Moocs in the present times. The increase in the open online courses has clear intentions for credit programs for partial degrees. At times, these courses are not determined by the people keen on the system and do not want fees or credits. College credits have students who have issues regulating the settlement for satisfaction. 

Tests check the eligibility of the students for simple notice completion. It also provides credit to undergraduate students. These exams are conducted via webcam. Students here need to visit the institute for personal identification and specific testing.

Moocs are free of cost or low-cost degree courses for the subject of curiosity. This is why colleges are conducting scholarship exams for those who feel learning is a reward for them. Coursera provides unique long-distance courses that use keystroke identification to validate students to participate in the exam. 


How Much Do Free Massive Online Open Courses Cost?


Universities conduct MOOCs degree courses. They rarely decide where to distribute these MOOCs. Universities rely on platforms such as FutureLearn, EDX, etc. Mooc courses can be started at any time. Fewer people prefer starting these courses at regular intervals. They usually range between 1-4weeks. Most of the platforms provide weekly time commitments from the learners. Once you complete the MOOC, you are provided a certificate of completion. Sometimes, you might be required to pay for the certificate. The paid certificates often need identity verifications. This might need your photograph and a government-issued ID. 

Till the year 2011, the courses under MOOC were completely free. But since 2017, there have been no free degree courses available. Mooc is now looking forward to focusing on business models. This is why they are currently seeking specific amounts to get access to these courses on many platforms. Moocs have now moved to “free to audit” services. 

They have also started assigning grades to put beyond the paywalls. 

The majority of the MOOCs are now seeking payments. In order to provide access to lectures and other subject content. The top three services of Mooc have earned a sum of $100 million in the current year. The cost of a certificate per course can range between $20-$300. The average price of a certificate lies between $50-$100. 

What Is The Difference Between Mooc vs. Bootcamp?


Mooc is an online course that allows you to choose to learn paces and directions. They are also available without any charge for doing the course. While the Best Coding Camps offer an intensive course that costs thousands of dollars. Mooc is usually free. They usually charge for exams and certificates for the completion of the course. The cost of exams and certifications might cost between $50-$100. Boot camp costs $15000-$17000 per course.  More than half of the students take the Mooc courses for fun. At the same time, boot camps offer a guarantee for future jobs. 

MOOCs have a very flexible nature that offers full-time, part-time, online courses. A coding boot camp requires commitment for at least 2-4 months till you complete the course. This usually requires committing a few hours in a week.  MOOCs provide opportunities to learn various programming languages. While a Bootcamp offers support to the new learners to understand the basics of coding.


The Bottom Line

As technology is growing, there is a demand for courses that have gained popularity. Moocs are now implemented as a new dimension for education at every level. These programs encourage everything from elementary level to undergraduate courses to certification courses. Moocs have now expanded their product lines to target students. They have certification courses ranging from $50-$100. It is a must to understand the correct pricing to benefit the most. 


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