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​​Top 4 AI Programming Languages


Table of Contents

Artificial intelligence is the imitation of human intellect by devices that have been designed to think and act like people. However, planning, learning, and reasoning are the objectives of artificial intelligence. Additionally, bootcamps with high in-field employment rates include Flatiron and Springboard.


On the other hand, several programming languages are used to make an AI, and some of the best coding languages for AI are python, and R. Below is some quick information on the best coding languages for AI:



The programming language Python is frequently cited as one of the most rapidly expanding in the world. The pioneering technology in the software industry, including web development and machine learning applications, all employ the Python programming language. Further, Scikit-learn and PyTorch are two of the most recognized AI-centric frameworks.


Key Characteristics of Python

  • The Python standard library is enormous and contains a wide range of packages and modules, including itertools, operators, and several others.
  • Python is quite simple to learn. The learning curve for Python is relatively gentle, and its syntax is extremely straightforward.

Why Python is a Solid Choice for AI:

  • A wide range of libraries for data evaluation and modification, including Pandas, make dealing with the data easy.
  • Python has two trustworthy libraries for computation and science, Scikit-Learn and NumPy.
  • Python comes with several machine learning-specific libraries, such as TensorFlow and Keras.

  • R

There are 2 million active users of R, one of the most widely used programming languages, worldwide. R plays an important role in a kind of artificial intelligence wave in which statistical computations are crucial.


R’s Primary Characteristics 

  • R has an abundance of graphical libraries, such as Plotly and many others, which aid in making impeccable visualizations.
  • It is an open-source language, which implies that one does not need to pay a single penny to purchase it. Also, R does not need a license.
  • The main language for data science and web application development is R, which also has the powerful package RShiny.


Reasons Why R is Effective for AI

  • Unlike Python, which was intended to serve a variety of purposes, R was created exclusively with statisticians in mind.
  • It contains numerous aspects that are beneficial for the development of AI, including classification, nonlinear modeling, and many others.

  • Julia

It is an expert in technical computing and was launched in 2012. Additionally, MLJ.jl And Flux,jl  are only two of the many tools for probabilistic programming available in Julia.




Important Features of Julia

  • It has been developed for very effective numerical and scientific computation.
  • Both parallel and distributed computing can be done with it.


Reasons Why Julia is Effective for AI

  • It includes several sophisticated machine-learning libraries, including Flux and KNet.

  • Java


Java assists in making amazing and high-performance apps, and java virtual machines make it independent of platforms. Additionally, java is a sophisticated coding language that works great with AI applications but is slower than other coding languages.


Important Characteristics of Java

  • Java is incredibly straightforward to learn, and its syntax is clear, concise, and simple to comprehend.
  • Java’s greatest strength is security. We can create virus-free systems with Java.


Why Java is a smart choice for AI:

  • It is simple to construct sophisticated AI applications quickly and effectively since it is swift, dependable, and has excellent tool support.
  • Java may be used in both desktop and mobile applications.


Final Words

Programming languages are used to make our jobs easier. Moreover, each program is an expert in a certain domain; for instance, the use of R is for data analysis, while Python is generally used for various purposes, such as machine learning.

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