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Everything You Need To Know About Java script (Java script programming language)


Table of Contents

Javascript is a dynamic programming language that helps in interconnectivity between websites. It has been the most popular programming language for the last eight years.  Java scripts are also used in behavioral responses when keys are pressed or any command is given. It is a multifaceted, compact, reliable, and flexible programming language.

It helps create games, 2D and 3D graphic animations, comprehensive driven databases, and many more.  Tools in javascript language are beneficial in unlocking various functionality with the least effort. 

There are three programming languages you can deliver in website development:

  • HTML: helps in designing the structure of the web page
  • CSS: helps in deciding the web page look
  • Javascript: helps in interactive behavior within the web page.

Javascript can also be used with other programming languages. It can also be used with frameworks such as Nodes.js and Deno.

javascript has helped the developers unlock effective performance. These comprise of:

  • Third-party API’s framework allows the developers to integrate dynamic functionality from provider sites.
  • Third-party HTML helps in speeding the process of building applications and websites.
  • Browsers APIs help provide functionality such as HTML creations, CSS style creations, collections. It also helps in the manipulation of videos with a webcam, generating graphic animations, etc.


What Is JavaScript Used For? (what does javascript do)

Apart from an interactive language within websites and web applications, javascript is also used for:


  • Adding attractive properties: There are unlimited things you can do with javascript. In the present time, there are continuous improvements in web designing. This is why javascript has gained popularity in building robust web applications, there are some free coding programs. Here are some examples of javascript in web applications:
  1. hiding and revealing information with a click of a button, 
  2. changing the colors of a button when the mouse hovers over, 
  3. zooming in and out of images,
  4. displaying the timer on a webpage, 
  5. Playing audio and video, etc. 
  • Web Applications and mobile apps: Developers use javascript for developing websites and mobile applications. Javascript has a library of prewritten code that can be used for regular programming. Prewritten java codes include react, react native, angular, and Vue. Some examples include PayPal, Linked In, uber, etc.
  • Games: it is widely used for creating 2D and 3D animation graphics. It’s an excellent means for the beginner to show their programming skills. It has various frameworks and libraries for creating games. You can use game engines such as PhysicsJs, WEBGL, etc., for creating fun and rendering animations in the web browser.
  • Presentations: javascript can also be used to make presentations on websites. Libraries and frameworks such as RevealJs and BespokeJs help create slide decks on the web. It is beneficial in creating fantastic web slides with the least effort in a short time.
  • Creating Web Servers: web servers are made with the help of Node.js. It’s an exclusive event-based framework and does not wait for responses to previous calls. They do not use buffering and transfer data chunks.


How to Use JavaScript in HTML?

Javascript is one of the client-side scripting languages. They are used in web development for creating attractive web pages.  We can also say that javascript is a scripting language that requires the support of other languages for execution. Javascript can be used in different web pages for generating pop messages, image building, form validation, DOM manipulation, and more. 

Here are the following ways to use javascript in HTML:

  • Embedding codes: to add HTML in javascript, you can use tags of HTML wrapped around js code inside an HTML program. You can also define the code in the body section inside the HTML program. It depends upon the structure of the webpage of the user.
  • Inline code: it is used to create the function in the HTML event attributes. There are several events where you can add HTML directly to the javascript code.
  • External file: you can create a separate file to create javascript code except HTML using the tag’s src attribute. It is beneficial if you want to use the same code multiple times while creating a program.


What Would Web Development Look like Without JavaScript? 

Hundreds of websites are built every day with the help of a javascript library. But we would suggest you can grab several projects even if you reduce the javascript code partially or wholly depending upon the type of website. You can have a static website with javascript or a dynamic website without javascript.  When talking about no javascript, we are referring to the client-side, not the servers side. 

Here are some observations on web development without javascript:

  • Your website runs very fast without javascript.
  • Your website gets free from newsletter popup advertisements, auto-playing videos, etc.
  • You can observe many websites that do not load images, and you cannot submit your forms, etc. In short, many websites do not work correctly.

Javascript increases the size of your website, which takes longer to load the website. Users can avoid your site if you have pay per bandwidth internet services. Users might also prevent your website if it takes too long to load. There are perceptions that you cannot allow filling up forms if you do not use javascript in your website. But you can still enable filling up complex forms without even using javascript. With javascript, you can do fancy things to your website by paying attention to the expectations and needs of the users. It allows you to make your complex tasks easy.

But reducing the use of javascript in your website can help improve the user experience in your site. It also helps in reducing the cost and time required to build a website. If your website does not have complex interactions, you can look forward to starting with the simple. And adding complex interactions further. 


Why Do Software Developers Use Java?

Java is very popular due to its independent platform. Many big organizations use javascript as a programming language to build their websites and apps. If you have decided to create a web solution, it’s essential to understand the benefits of javascript compared to other languages. Significant benefits of javascript are:

  • Accessible: javascript has been used for a very long time. There are many support tools and other community benefits to the developer of using it. The dynamic typing feature makes it easier to build a project as soon as possible.
  • Famous: it’s been prevalent for its easy-to-use functionality. Its vast tools and libraries help in boosting the speed of your project. Javascript also helps in improving the productivity of the developer.
  • Dynamic: javascript is very beneficial in creating quick prototypes for your website. But you would need the use of other tools and languages to keep your website safe. Adding static typing of javascript will help in creating large-scale projects. It ensures safety and transparency.


Why Use JavaScript Over Other Programming Languages?


Javascript is one of the most potent languages due to its performance and vast reach. It has grown up with the web, which is why it ranks top in the list worldwide. Java scripts hold the potential to tap powerful huge companies like machine learning and data analysis. Here are some reasons to use javascript over other programming languages:

  • It brings a faster user experience from the client-side script. The code runs in the browser, and the need for server calls gets removed. It can further lead to a reduction in the loading time.
  • It is helping developers with all kinds of apps with its interface interconnections. The presence of frameworks such as Vue.js is bringing massive transformation in the animation industry.
  • Javascript is the reason behind any excellent and responsive web design. This is why developers are using it to change plans after many methods and devices.
  • Javascript is easy to use and gets active development for newcomers. It simplifies the development of complexions in an application’s composition.

Final Thought

Javascript has a very bright future. It’s a programming language that completely works on web interface interactions. It is improving its frameworks, tools, and libraries. They have a significant impact on front-end Development in the tech world. Yet, we don’t have any clarity if they are a perfect fit for broad adoption. 

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