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Do Coding Bootcamps Guarantee a Job? – All Guide


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Coding is undoubtedly one of the hottest job trends of this century. Coding is your career milestone if you want a future-proof career that won’t become a fad in a few years. With organizations increasingly automating processes and developing new technologies, coding will create massive spikes in opportunities and scopes. 

However, to secure a profitable job, you would need a proper and updated training program that helps you get practical exposure and the skills required to land a coding job. That’s where coding bootcamps come into play. Coding bootcamps are a complete package that helps streamline your career. They give you 

  • a comprehensive view of various aspects of coding
  • Hands-on and guided projects for work experience in the environment 
  • Guarantees 100% placement and jobs

Over 70% of people who complete a coding bootcamp find a job within six months of finishing the intensive course. This blog elaborates on why coding bootcamps are the right stepping stone for your profession, how they can land you your favorite jobs, and other benefits. So, let’s dive in.

Understanding Coding Bootcamps

To comprehend the current state of coding bootcamps, tracing their roots is essential. A historical overview will shed light on how these programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of the tech industry and the challenges they have faced.

The core elements of coding boot camps, including their immersive nature, project-based learning, and focus on practical skills, will provide a comprehensive understanding of what makes these programs unique.

Addressing misconceptions is crucial in any discussion about coding bootcamps. This section will debunk common myths, such as the belief that these programs are a shortcut to success or lack the depth of traditional degrees.

How do coding bootcamps guarantee a job?

Framing a career by doing what you like and then sticking to it isn’t a cakewalk. But speaking of coding, it can be easy if you enroll in a coding bootcamp. If you wish to kickstart your tech journey and want instant validation of your skills, coding bootcamp is a sure-shot way to achieve this feat. You invest just a few months in acquiring the best of the skills, developing a holistic approach to the ever-evolving coding industry, and getting the best ROI. 

Additionally, if you are looking for a career switch, coding bootcamps are the best solution. Innumerable coding bootcamps offer scholarships, helping you gain a foothold in a high-paying profession. You will learn everything about the modern coding requirements in the industry and feel confident about new career choices. 

Further, there are a few main ways coding bootcamps ensure placements after graduation: 

  • Deferred tuition payment plans
  • Income sharing agreements
  • Job placement
  • Career coaching.
  • Money-back guarantees

What are the conditions for the coding bootcamp job guarantee?

There are prerequisites for coding bootcamp job guarantees. You are not eligible for coding bootcamp job guarantees if you aim to launch your startup or build your own applications. To qualify, you must prove that you earn a salary at an established company. That is just one. There are often other conditions and requirements to qualify for a coding bootcamp job guarantee.

For example, you have to actively participate in whatever career services program the bootcamp offers until you find a qualifying job. It might involve completing certain career prep checkpoints and submitting job search logs to a career support team.

Similarly, your eligibility also depends on whether or not you live near the coding bootcamp institute. The “approved cities” often include Austin, New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago. Or, you may have to display a certain level of proficiency in specific, marketable coding skills upon completion of the coding bootcamp and more. 

Advantages of coding bootcamps with a job guarantee

The best part of attending coding bootcamps is the super quick placements and getting a job. It is the sole thing that sets coding bootcamps apart from other regular colleges, training programs, and institutes. With coding bootcamps, you highlight your domain expertise and attract employers’ attention. Here are some interesting facts to consider while you judge coding bootcamp jobs: 

  • Coding bootcamp grads got a 51% hike in their salaries.
  • With a coding bootcamp badge, grads can earn as high as $80,000 p.a. in their second job. 
  • 70% of coding bootcamp graduates have full-time employment at reputed firms. It takes only one to six months to land their first dream job. 

Interesting, right?

In addition to this, you get numerous advantages. 

Industry relevant skills

You get industry-relevant skills and experience with the ins and outs of the complex and ever-evolving tech industry. Coding bootcamp certifications indicate that you are up to date with the industry scenarios. And that you are more confident about your abilities. 

Career service support and lifetime access

Once you join a coding bootcamp, you get lifetime access to their certifications, courses, library, guided projects, competitions, events, and more. The career support service of coding bootcamps will help you explore relevant job profiles, prepare and fulfill job prerequisites, and enjoy personal career coaching. They also offer various interview prep materials and resources, conduct mock interviews, and help you with employment background checks. 

Other incentives and support

Along with bootcamp job guarantees, coding bootcamps also run various offers, scholarships, and other schemes to help you earn a good income. As discussed in the above section, coding bootcamps have deferred tuition payment plans, income-sharing agreements, and money-back guarantees. The prime motivation behind these initiatives is that coding bootcamps are confident about their students getting placed. You get partial or complete discounts on tuition fees and can repay them when you start earning. 


When shopping around for different coding bootcamps, check to make sure their curriculum includes instruction on the most important coding languages and tools, such as:

Online Coding Bootcamp With Job Guarantees

If you are already employed somewhere and looking for a short-term or crash course to enhance your credentials or widen your horizons in the tech space, online coding bootcamps will be more beneficial. You will find many coding bootcamps offering self-paced courses along with placement guarantees. In addition to this, they also provide refund tuition and income agreement shares. Here are some of the renowned coding bootcamps that provide job guarantees:

1. Codesmith

Codesmith offers a 12-week extensive coding bootcamp specializing in full-stack software engineering, machine learning, JavaScript, and computer science. 

  • Placement record around 92%
  • Average salary received by grads: $118250. 

2. Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator offers live online sessions, and full stack and pathway programs to help you with software development jobs. These courses are usually 14 weeks long. 

  • Placement record: 85%
  • Average salary received by students: $60,000

3. DevMountain

DevMountain offers a huge array of courses, including the basics of coding, Java engineering, web development, data analytics, iOS development, etc. The bootcamp provides career support and networking events. 

  • Placement record: 87%
  • Average salary receive by grads: $64000

4. Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor provides excellent bootcamp job guarantees through premium and free preparations. The Hack Reactor offers a large community of learners and professionals who will guide you to crack relevant jobs. It has three immersive programs that are 12-week, 36-week, and 19-week.

  • Placement record: 95%
  • Average salary received by grads: $80,000

5. Galvanize

Galvanize collaborates with various renowned companies to create a pipeline and move them to these successful companies after graduating from bootcamps. It offers many bootcamps and immersive online courses, along with financing options. 

  • Placement record: 75%
  • Average salary received by grads: $80,000

6. Full Stack Academy

Full Stack Academy proudly flaunts its job guarantee success with its students hired globally at some of the most reputed companies like Wayfair, Bloomberg, Spotify, and more. They offer immersive programs to upskill students in data analysis, cybersecurity, and coding. 

  • Placement record: 79%
  • Average salary received by grads: $85,200

7. Digital Crafts

Digital Crafts offers full-time and part-time web development programs focusing on UX design, Java Script, web development, Python, React, etc. It also offers tuition payment incentives and financing options. 

  • Placement record: 73%
  • Average salary received by grads: $67,000

8. App Academy

App Academy offers various preparation strategies, including bootcamp preparation live online. It’s a four-week self-paced online program that will help you crack the code for your dream job. The deferred tuition plans of App Academy make this bootcamp popular. 

  • Placement record: 68%
  • The average salary earned by a grad is $95,000

In-Person Coding Bootcamp With Job Guarantees

There’s nothing better than attending classroom training programs and leveraging the courses from every angle possible. You get to network with industry experts and professionals and will find various networking opportunities that are much more nuanced than online ones. So if you are interested in visiting an in-person bootcamp that offers great placement, here’s a list: 

1. CodeUp

CodeUp conducts 22-week long, in-person, full-stack development bootcamps on domains, including Linux, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, etc. Their alumni who got placed include data scientists, system engineers, web developers, and cyber and cloud professionals. 

  • Campuses in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas
  • Placement record: 89%
  • Median salary: $44,000
  • Offers tuition refund of 50% if one fails to get employed within six months of graduation

2. Flatiron School

Flatiron School offers many extensive immersive programs for cybersecurity, data science, product designing, and more. The programs are 20-60 weeks long. The college is known to provide excellent placement services and has gotten its alumni placed in companies like Amazon, Google, Shopify, Citi, Dow Jones, and more. 

  • Campuses in Austin, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, New York, Washington, and Colorado Springs.
  • Placement record: 67%
  • Median salary: $74,000

3. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo offers online, in-campuses, part-time and full-stack bootcamps for domains like data science and emerging tech. Alumni from this school got placed in reputed organizations like Apple, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and more. Along with job guarantees, Coding Dojo provides countless scholarships and offers GI bills. 

  • Campuses in Bellevue, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley.
  • Placement record: 90%
  • Median Salary: $69,000

Coding Bootcamps That Offer Money Back Guarantee

There’s always a slim chance that students couldn’t crack a job during their placement. I am not talking about abilities. Life is uncertain. Many things can happen that can restrain some events in your life. Isn’t it? To help you prevent crises from creating havoc on your career, many coding bootcamps offer placements along with money-back guarantees. It means they also refund you the whole or part of your tuition fees if you don’t get placed within a certain period. Here’s a list of coding bootcamps that offer money-back guarantees: 

1. Awesome Inc

Awesome Inc offers full-time job-guaranteed training courses focusing on full-stack development, technical skills development, and hands-on global projects. 

  • Offers discounts on upfront tuition payments and income share agreements. 
  • Job placement: 86%
  • Median salary: $45,000

2. Coding Temple

Coding Temple provides a 10-week program focusing on data science and web development courses. Along with job placement, it offers a full tuition refund if you don’t land a job on campus. 

  • Provides complete tuition refund if not got placed within 270 days of graduation
  • Lifetime access to career services
  • Job placement: 97%
  • Median salary: $77,000

3. DesignLab

DesignLab offers 8-week, full-time, and part-time bootcamp courses on UX, UI, and product design. The companies for placement include some big names like PWC, AirBnB, Netflix, Walmart, etc. The Money Back Guarantee initiatives include lifetime access to career support. 

  • Students must live close to the DesignLab institute to avail money a back guarantee.
  • Offers a six-month tuition refund DesignLab graduates 
  • Placement record: 86%

4. The Grace Hopper Program

The Grace Hopper collaborates with the Full Stack Academy and offers numerous online and hybrid bootcamp courses on web development. Placement services include renowned companies like Google and Facebook.

  • Moneyback guarantees include various financial programs for women and non-binary students.
  • You will also find employer pay, government assistance, and personal loan programs. 
  • Placement record: 95%
  • Median salary: $84,000

What Types of Job Placement Do Coding Bootcamp Offer? 

So, while you sort out which coding bootcamp to go for, one question might still be haunting you: what type of job will you get by enrolling yourself in coding bootcamps. Well, as you can see, you get many technical backgrounds to choose from. These coding bootcamps will allow you to discover various domains through hands-on projects, challenges, events, and workshops, helping you decide and develop your career track. 

Moreover, there are innumerable job profiles you can pursue to give your tech journey a head start. If you are a fresher with no prior experience, coding bootcamps can help you land entry-level jobs with titles like web developer, software developer, and software engineer. Speaking of specialized job roles, you will find positions like app developer, game designer, frontend and backend web developer, data analyst, data scientist, UX and UI designer, and more.

Additionally, you might specialize in a specific coding language (or languages), such as Ruby or Python, and get a job in which you program using mainly your specialty. To further help you clear your career confusion, here’s a quick example of the job roles offered by coding bootcamps with job guarantees: 

  • Junior developer for apps, the web, and software. Starting salary: $53,000-$54,000 p.a.
  • Frontend developers specializing in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Backend developers specializing in APIs
  • Full-stack web developer with a starting salary of $67,000-$77,000 p.a.
  • Software engineers with a starting salary of $71,000-86,000 p.a.

Here are real-time statistics of jobs grabbed and available after boot camps!

As per Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey findings, an intriguing revelation emerged regarding bootcamp attendees. While boot camps are commonly associated with newcomers entering the software development field, the survey unveiled that a substantial portion of coding boot camp participants was already established as developers. 

In fact, nearly half of the respondents who had attended a coding bootcamp reported that they were already working as developers. This intriguing statistic suggests that these seasoned developers were likely using bootcamps as a means to update their skills and venture into new realms within the ever-evolving tech industry.

Delving further into the outcomes, the survey highlighted various timelines for bootcamp graduates’ job placements. Approximately 16.3 percent of bootcamp graduates secured employment “immediately” after completing their programs. 

An additional 7.5 percent found job opportunities within a month or less, while a notable ten percent landed gainful employment within the first three months post-graduation. However, beyond this initial period, the rate of job placement declines: 5.2 percent secured positions within 4-6 months, with 3.6 percent experiencing a more extended job search of up to a year. 

Around 3.2 percent encountered a job hunt lasting over a year, while 8.7 percent indicated that they had not yet secured developer roles at the time of the survey.

These diverse timelines of job placements after bootcamp graduation illustrate the varied paths individuals embark upon in their software development careers. 

It underscores the importance of bootcamps as a launchpad for newcomers and a resource for experienced developers seeking to adapt to the dynamic tech landscape.

What’s the best way to get a job after coding bootcamp?

To make the most of the coding bootcamp job guarantees, here’s a pro tip for you to follow and get the maximum ROI.

  • Participate in coding volunteer work to get hands-on with real-world infrastructural challenges. 
  • Before applying for placements, look for coding internships and apprenticeships. Often, internship-giving companies offer full-time placements. 
  • Create your websites using GitHub or Behance, enrich your portfolio, and highlight your mastery of development and design. 
  • Attend the networking events organized by the career support team of coding bootcamps. 
  • Contribute to open-source projects on GitHub by fixing or adding code. You can post your achievements on LinkedIn and attract employers’ attention. 

What Kind of Coding Bootcamp Job Guarantee You Should Go For

The answer depends on quite a lot of factors. It involves which course you want to go for, how much time you are willing to give, what your finances look like, and at what stage of your career you are. 

That said, deferred tuition plans and shared income agreements are great if your prime concern is not paying until you find a job. Money-back guarantees are a good sign that the coding bootcamp is confident you’ll be working within a few months. Coding bootcamp job placement programs offer even more of a guarantee that you will be working upon graduation.


The success of a coding bootcamp job depends on your list of requirements. Do you want an online or in-person course? Or do you want full-stack or short-term immersive training programs? And if you want a complete guarantee in case you don’t land a job, then whether to go for deferred tuition or money-back guarantees. The list is super long. 

But whatever your need is, coding bootcamp drills down to a nuanced solution to your every placement problem. Just make an analysis and see which school best fits your needs. Not all coding bootcamps offer these perks or job guarantees. Ensure proper research before enrolling and diving headlong into the bootcamp journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Coding bootcamps: Are they still worthwhile in 2022?

Yes! Coding bootcamps are worthwhile and will remain significant for tech students in the coming years. With all the deferred tuition, ISA, and money-back guarantee initiatives, they will be a favorite source of employment for tech professionals. 

2. Do companies prefer coding bootcamps? 

Yes, they do! Coding bootcamps validate your skills and prove that you are industry-relevant and up-to-date with technology advancements. 

3. Do FAFSA funds provide for coding bootcamps?

No! The FAFSA does not cover coding bootcamps. Boot camps like Flatiron and The Grace Hopper offer various scholarships for women, gender and ethnic groups, veterans, etc. 

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