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Top 10 C# Bootcamps in 2022

Top 10 C# Bootcamps in 2022

Introduction to C# Programming Language For the .NET platform, Microsoft built C# as a modern and versatile programming language. C# is a programming language that

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Datacamp vs Dataquest – Everything You Need to Know


Datacamp vs Dataquest

So, you want to start a new career in data science, and why wouldn’t you? It’s a profitable field, with job opportunities and plenty of room to grow and succeed. 

There are many data science bootcamps and online courses available, each promising that they’re better than the rest, with the best curriculum, the best teachers, and the best outcomes. 

Datacamp and Dataquest are two of the leading online learning options for data science. Let’s break down and compare the two.

Meet Datacamp and Dataquest

Both Datacamp and Dataquest are data science online coding bootcamps, and share many similarities: 

  • Both are self-paced, allowing you to study at your own time and set your own pace
  • Both bootcamps have a monthly subscription instead of a fixed-price tuition fee. Plus, both bootcamps have a free trial so you can ‘try before you buy’
  • Both use a coding platform that runs in your browser, so no download is required 
  • You’ll learn R, Python, and SQL in both courses 

This is where the similarities end. The main difference between Datacamp and Dataquest is their teaching style and career focus.

Teaching style:

One of the main differences between Datacamp and Dataquest is the way the student learns in each class. Datacamp shows you a teaching video. After the video, the student completes a hands-on ‘fill in the blanks’ coding challenge meant to assess your understanding. On the other hand, Dataquest uses a project-based approach from the very beginning.

Career focus:

Datacamp provides courses for data scientists, analysts, and engineers to ‘skill up’ and is used by Fortune 1000 companies like Google, Intel, Uber, PayPal, and Deloitte. 

On the other hand, Dataquest’s primary goal is to kickstart your career in data science by teaching you the skills you’ll need to land your first job

Bottom line:

If you want to increase your knowledge and learn new technologies, Datacamp has over 50 courses available.

If you’re looking to start from the beginning, learn data science and find your first job, then Dataquest should be your choice.

Cost comparison: Datacamp vs Dataquest

Both Datacamp and Dataquest offer monthly subscriptions and a free trial period for you to try out their online courses for free.

Datacamp pricing

Personal Plans

Free Trial Standard $25 / mo Premium $33.25/mo
•Access to the first chapter of all Datacamp courses
•7 Projects 
•3 Practice challenges 
•One skill assessment 
•Everything is FREE, plus:
•335+ Courses 
•14 Career tracks 
•50+ skill tracks 
•Unlimited skill assessments 
•Unlimited practice challenges 
•Access to live code-along
•All mobile app courses and practice
•Community chat 
•Everything in STANDARD, plus:
•80+ Projects 
•Power BI, Oracle, and Tableau content
•Priority support 

Business Plans

Professional $25 /mo Enterprise (contact for pricing)
•Everything in PREMIUM*, plus:
•Admin roles and permissions
•Admin dashboard
•Live chat for admins
* Excludes Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle content.
•Everything in PROFESSIONAL, plus:
•Data export
•A Customer Success Manager 
•Learning Solutions Architect 
•LMS integrations
•Advanced reporting
•Custom learning tracks
•Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle content
•Priority support
•Single sign-on (SSO)

Dataquest Pricing

Free Trial Premium $33.25/mo For Teams
•Test our complete course catalog
•Develop your skills with practice problems
•Member community access
•Complete course catalog
•Access to 30+ guided projects
•Unlock all practice problems
•Lifetime community membership
•Premium community features
•Résumé reviews and career coaching
•Volume discounts
•License rotation
•Premium support
•Team performance reports

Bottom Line

Datacamp is the cheaper option, but less expensive isn’t always better. It boils down to what your overall goal is. A significant advantage that Dataquest has over Datacamp is providing resume reviews and career coaching to help you land your first data science position.

Self-Paced Programs with a Different Approach to Learning

Unlike other bootcamps, which have a set schedule and curriculum plan in place, Dataquest and Datacamp allow you to learn anywhere, at any time, at your own pace. 

The estimated time needed for Datacamp and Dataquest  courses are as follows:

Datacamp Dataquest
•Data Analyst R – 77 hours 

•Data Scientist R – 76 hours 

•Data Analyst Python – 62 hours 

•Data Scientist Python – 88 hours 

•Python Programmer – 62 hours 

•R Programmer – 48 hours
•Data Engineering – 75 hours 

•Data Analyst R – 70 hours 

•Data Analyst Python – 300 hours 

•Data Scientist Python – 360 hours

Datacamp and Dataquest have different learning styles. While one is not necessarily better than the other, you may find that a particular type is more accessible for you. 

Datacamp aims to teach you via a short video lecture and then straight away let you apply what you learnt with quick, hands-on examples. The goal is to put into practice what you just discovered as quickly as possible. 

Whereas Dataquest is entirely project-based, created to let students learn by doing and placing importance on students learning how to use documentation effectively.

Bottom Line 

The essential factor is whether you prefer to learn by watching a video tutorial and completing exercises by filling in the blanks with some project work (Datacamp), or if you prefer solely working on a project basis (Dataquest). The Dataquest tracks are typically longer as they’re always adding more valuable content to the tracks, and more time is needed for the projects compared to learning via Datacamp’s video tutorials.

Datacamp vs Dataquest Outcomes

Dataquest provides plenty of facts and figures to highlight the success of their students. As part of your subscription, you’ll have entry to dedicated career services, including access to a job board, interview guides, and staff to review your resume and portfolio. At Dataquest:  

  • Students have studied over 176 million hours
  • Students completed over 2.4 million missions 
  • Dataquest issued over 270,000 certificates 
  • Students increase their median salary by $30k
  • 75% of students reported they were able to meet their goals by studying ten or fewer hours per week and 97% met their goals in a year or less 

Datacamp places more focus on helping you increase your knowledge and gain new skills. To date, they have helped over 7 million learners. 

Bottom line

With the added benefit of career advice, coaching, and access to a job board, Dataquest is the way to go if you want to start a new career in data science. If you’re already working as a data scientist or engineer and want to gain new skills, then Datacamp has many more courses available.

Datacamp vs Dataquest Conclusion

Datacamp is cheaper, has a larger list of courses available, and is much more interactive than Dataquest, emphasizing project work and being motivated to seek the answers and solutions required. 

As both bootcamps offer a free trial period, nothing is stopping you from exploring both options and checking, which is the better data science program for you.

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