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Coding Bootcamp Interview: Everything You Need to Know (2022)


Table of Contents

If you are reading this article, you are for sure looking forward to appearing in a Coding Boot Camp interview. Here is a big congratulations from our side, as this is a huge step towards your bright future. 

Preparing for a coding Bootcamp interview is not just about answering the questions correctly, it’s all about ensuring which Bootcamp is a perfect fit for you. 

Interviewing is a part of the admission process in a coding Bootcamp. Even if the coding boot camp isn’t hiring you, it’s a kind of interview that resembles a job interview. It’s always good to practice questions before appearing for a Bootcamp interview. Do not try to be stiff while responding to the questions. Having a general answer to the questions will make you feel more confident. 


Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions


Here is a list of questions, you can expect in a coding Bootcamp:

  • About yourself: this is a non-technical question asked in a coding Bootcamp interview. This allows you to introduce yourself regarding your personal story and future goals in learning to code. You can prefer quick highlights about yourself by keeping your points focused on how your prior experiences have shaped your personal and professional visions. Try not to speak long about yourself, else the interviewer might get bored or zoned out. 
  • Why are you looking forward to becoming a coder: the reason behind this question is to understand your passion for becoming a coder. The interviewer here is looking forward to understanding your stiffness to learn coding with a Bootcamp even in substantial situations. 
  • Your prior technical experience: you might feel scared if you do not have prior experience in the coding field. There are boot camps that are completely open for beginners, while some need a prior background in the field. If the boot camp expects prior technical experience for the students, then you might need to prepare accordingly. Some boot camps also provide short-term coding Bootcamp programs with free introductory materials. If you have appeared for any such program do not forget to mention that to your interviewer. 



  • A brief walkthrough of your career highlight: the question enables you to provide a brief about your technical skills and knowledge. You can also use this question as an opportunity to talk about your leadership roles, challenges in projects, and career-related moments. 
  • Career aspiration: the interviewer heer wants to know about your long-term and short-term goals. They would want to know about what you are looking for after completing the course. You can be looking forward to being an entrepreneur or a product manager at big companies. 
  • Prior experience: programming profession requires an overall team to work as a partner in the curriculum. Here you can demonstrate how you worked as a team leader. You can also relate your team efforts to elaborate on your accomplished goals. You can also mention a few of your communication skills and styles. As communication is the key to work productively in a team.

What is the procedure for Dev Bootcamp Interview?

You can expect a technical and a non-technical interview in Dev Boot camp. The way of preparation will help your way before completing the application. The rejected applicants even get the opportunity to reapply for the same after waiting for six months.  The length of application varies depending upon the general factors such as pre-course work and coding experiences. The admission procedure at Dev Bootcamp can take a duration of one week to a few months.  The applicant can anytime contact the specialists anytime to discuss the timeline recommended to complete the procedure. The entire application procedure starts from the acceptance to technical and non-technical interviews.

After applying for the Dev Bootcamp, you might need to wait for 1 week to one month depending upon your coding skills. The application span can be smaller if you have prior coding experience. The technical interview after application selection comprises your coding skills. You will be given a set of questions with time boundations to complete the coding. This type of interview will also prepare you for coding Bootcamp with a job guarantee

Once you clear the technical interview, you will be invited for a non-technical interview. The nontechnical interview will test your quick typing test, logical skills, prior experience in coding.  The applicants at Dev bootcamps require complete knowledge about different coding languages and their frameworks such as Ruby, javascript, Nodes.js, python, etc.  


What is the difference between app academy technical and non-technical interviews?

Planning to apply to an app academy

Do you know app academy is the first institute that didn’t take any tuition unless the students got a job? It’s a great future option for boot campers. But the academy only accepts less than 5% of attendants in the coding boot camp. Your app academy application might take 2-6weeks long to complete the procedure. It includes a technical interview that is timed with coding challenges and a non-technical interview. 

  • App Academy Technical Interview: it basically is a timed coding challenge paired with programming languages. Applicants here can use python, ruby, javascript, etc, Once you fill the form, you will be invited for an assessment coding.  You will be sent an invitation for a second assessment test soon after you clear the first one(set of 15 questions). You might require spending 15-20hours to survive those coding exercises. 
  • App Academy Non-technical Interview: remember the times when you were interviewed at school? Non-technical interviews are the same as those. The interviewer will be asking 10 questions about yourself and your career perspective and goals in the coding boot camp interview. These interviews consist of logical questions, quick typing tests, personality tests, etc,. All these things help the interviewer know their applicant better 


How to Ace Your Coding Bootcamp Technical Interview?

Technical interview tests your technical assessment. Online bootcamps check your coding progress over time by considering your past experiences. Different boot camps have different ways of resembling technical bootcamps. Before your technical interview, you might require practicing codes to clear your interview.  You can also prefer talking in front of a mirror to practicing describing your codes. 

During your interview, do not just try to read the code. The interviewer gives you an opportunity to have conversations about your code. Be attentive, if you are asked to change your code in a certain way. Slow down, take a deep breath. Take a few minutes to go through the problems and clarify the instructions.  it’s essential to bring about a code that cannot be further improved. You can also bring in a broken code, have a discussion that could lead you to a solution, and learn through your skills.  If you get stuck somewhere, try not to make assumptions about your code. Try to find out what you are dealing with. You can also try reading it backward and super close to finding the little mistakes that you eluded.

How Do I Prepare for a non-technical interview?

A nontechnical interview is something you need to learn more closely. The interviewer in this type of interview looks for:

  • Professional presentation skills to know their applicants. They are looking forward to observing their applicants in a positive light and their communication skills.
  • The applicants want to have proficiency in the English language to meet the programming language that can be paired during programming.
  • Students majorly take 60+ hours in one week for 24 weeks online program.
  • Having keen enthusiasm is best to let your interviewer be aware of your goals.
  • Non-technical interviewers require the ability to communicate and collaborate to solve problems with other people.

While preparing for a non-technical interview, practice your personal pitch. Speak about your knowledge and skills for 2-3 minutes. Talk about your experience,  and why you want to become a software engineer. Also mention why you want to choose a particular Bootcamp.  Practice some frequently asked questions in a non-technical interview. You can also consider recording your personal pitch to see what are changes you need to make while presenting yourself in front of the interviewer.


The Final thought

Coding boot camps interviews help the interviewer in accessing your technical and non-technical skills.  It helps the interviewer know your passion for learning the codes. Coding boot camps help in every step to provide a perfect programming solution to you.

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