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Boot Camps vs Master’s Degree: Which one’s best?


Table of Contents

Even though thousands of emerging jobs come in demand daily, tech jobs remain on the top. With a high surge in this category, everyone wants to step into coding and make it a successful career for themselves. However, to give strong competition in this market, getting your hands on a well-known course that can help provide a settled job is necessary.


Having said that, while one can start their coding course anytime, the challenge is whether to head with boot camps or a master’s degree. Coding boot camp vs degree is an endless discussion, and we are here to help you get out of that dilemma. Let’s get to know more about both choices-

What Is Coding Master’s Degree?

Coding Master’s Degree is a certificate you will avail post-completion of your two years post-graduation from a specific college. It’s a full-time course introducing you to new coding languages and software for a better future. With a master’s degree, you can choose an elective as per your area of interest, opening several career options.

What Is Coding BootCamp?

Coding Bootcamp is a course that lasts for a few weeks or months. After a specific course, one can avail of a certificate instead of a data degree. This course is meant for those students who want to attain a specialty in a particular course or develop specific skill sets. Since this offers specialization in a specific course, one can’t get hands-on electives.

Decision Between Coding Bootcamp Vs. Degree?


The primary thing to remember while deciding between coding boot camp vs degree is that you should be aware of the skills you want to acquire after the course. While the courses can help you get a decent data science job, they might take you in two different directions. Here’s what you should consider while choosing-


  • Frame your career goals:


If you’re not from a science background but want to establish your career in data science quickly, then heading with boot camp is the best option. Post course, it will be easy for you to get a starting job in data science. However, if you aim for middle or senior management, then getting your master’s is the perfect option.


  1. How do you want your qualification to look?


This point is significant in the primary discussion of coding boot camp vs degree. A graduation degree is considered the major one wherever we go. However, for an extra degree, if you want to show it from a reputed organization, then heading with a master’s is the best option.


  1. Consider your financial situation:


Ultimately, it all comes down to how much you can afford. A Master’s degree is expensive in comparison to boot camp certification. If you’re planning to land a data science job at an economical rate quickly, then nothing is better than having a certificate from boot camp.

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In conclusion, coding boot camp vs degree is an ultimate decision that revolves around the checklist that you have in mind. While both the courses hold a decent place in the world of data science, both offer a slightly different direction you will have to take a call on. Ultimately, the decision should match your career goals and make you a successful manager. Happy learning!

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