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Did you know that the average web application requires 50,000 lines of code? This complexity often makes turning your vision for a web app into a reality slow and costly. 

Luckily, there’s a new way to build apps that’s much faster, more cost-effective, and less risky: AirDev.

What Is Airdev?

AirDev is a leader in visual web application development, using the most powerful no-code development platform: Bubble. If you have an idea for a web app that you want to bring to life but don’t want to code it yourself or hire a traditional development team, AirDev is the solution.

AirDev has its own proprietary no-code UI/UX framework built on Bubble: Canvas. This framework makes creating visually appealing and functional web apps much easier and faster than with Bubble alone.

Services & Focus

AirDev serves clients of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. Examples of common app types that AirDev develops are marketplace apps (e.g. Airbnb, Upwork, Etsy), social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), and productivity apps (e.g. Trello, Asana), to name a few. But AirDev can design web apps with any functionality you have in mind.

AirDev Services for Startups

When you contract AirDev to develop a web app for your startup visually, the first week will be dedicated to scoping the project. During this time, an AirDev Product Owner will speak with you and take the time to truly understand your vision, discuss the best way to build it, and create detailed requirements and wireframes for the app.

After scoping, a dedicated visual development team will spend 1-5 weeks developing your new app, with weekly milestones and check-ins. Once your app has been developed, you will be able to review it and make sure that it works exactly like you want it to. AirDev will fix any issues and provide ongoing support to continue evolving your app.

AirDev Services for Enterprise Clients

AirDev’s visual development services for enterprises also go through 4 stages: discovery, scoping, development, and iteration. During the 1-week discovery phase, an experienced AirDev Product owner will interview stakeholders, conduct market research, and design the functionality of your app.

After the discovery is completed, the Product Owner will scope the product for 1-2 weeks, creating detailed specifications, wireframes, and success metrics. After the scoping is complete, your project moves into the development stage for 2-8 weeks, during which the development team will ensure your app is developed on time and on budget.

AirDev will stand by your side for further iterations of your enterprise’s project, monitoring usage of the app, tracking performance metrics, and interviewing users to improve the functionality and user experience.

Clients Satisfied With the Service Offered By AirDev

The AirDev review on Clutch, a leading review site, names AirDev as one of the top B2B brands on the site. AirDev has also received raving testimonials from past clients. Here are just a couple of examples:

“AirDev has helped our Bay Area region to ditch the spreadsheets in order to support our teachers better. In just one month, we built an internal CRM system to fit our unique data needs and allow coaches to add and review notes on the go, right from their phones.” – Eric Scroggins,

Chief Strategy Officer, Teach For America

“AirDev has been crucial for getting the Sprout Coaching platform off the ground. I needed to create a quick MVP and my designated AirDev team quickly created the features that I needed to start testing out my product. They’re collaborative, engaged, ask me the right questions, and have been true partners in bringing my vision to life.” – Max Linkoff, Founder, Sprout.

Major Clients

AirDev has worked with large enterprises, including HP, Dividend Finance, Cadence, and Tributi.

For HP, AirDev relaunched “HP for Education” to upgrade equipment in 30k schools and provide more access to support services through a provider marketplace app.

AirDev built a custom CRM platform for Dividend Finance, allowing the company to book hundreds of millions of dollars in solar panel loans yearly.

for Cadence, AirDev connected SalesForce to a custom gig portal for expert translators, greatly reducing stress and cost.

For Tributi, AirDev built a custom tax management software program for Latin American users. The platform supported 20 thousand daily users and helped the company launch a successful YCombinator bid.

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