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General Assembly’s coding bootcamp is one of the most reputable schools that not only looks great on your resume, but can also help you get you a new high-paying job or promotion at work. The school offers 19 different courses in web development, data science, product management, digital marketing and much more. Whether you are looking to gain new knowledge and skills in topics like machine learning, mobile development, or product management, or wanting to make a career change and join the tech industry, General Assembly could be a good option for you.

General Assembly is all about flexibility. The school has over 25 campuses across the world and more than 40,000 students. You can choose between online classes and on-campus classes, and part-time or full-time, depending on your schedule. You can complete classes in the evening or during the weekends or even as accelerated courses. There is rolling admission, so you can start at a time that’s right for you.

Cost-wise, the courses are definitely on the more expensive end but they have a variety of financing options, depending on your needs. There are scholarships for women and low-income adults who are part of underrepresented groups in the field of tech. The Catalyst Program allows students to enroll in immersive courses at no cost up-front and pay back their tuition after getting a job.

Speaking of getting a job, nearly 99% of graduates are hired within a year of graduating. So, even though the tuition might seem high, you can justify the costs with the award at the end of the road- the job of your dreams and a great-paying one at that!

General Assembly has a partnership with more than 10,000 different companies, including some of the biggest and best in Tech like Google. During the course, you’ll work with a career coach one-on-one to perfect your tech interview skills and improve your resume. After graduating, you’ll be invited to attend hiring events and meet hiring managers. You definitely won’t feel alone, and General Assembly does a lot to provide you with the support you need.

After taking one of their immersive courses, you’ll have an arsenal of new and highly desirable skills. General Assembly offers short and long courses in business, coding, design, data, marketing and product management led by industry experts. You’ll gain hands-on learning experience while completing projects. Not only a great resume booster, but also a boost to your confidence.

If big classes are not your thing, then you’ve landed at the right place. On-campus classes at General Embassy don’t exceed 25 students while online courses are capped at 30 students.

Other than the paid courses, you can also join free livestreams for some extra learning. Livestream events range from digital marketing to UX design and data analytics.




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