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50 Amazing Coding Bootcamp Scholarships


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Coding Bootcamp Scholarship Opportunities


If you are into coding, do you know what can change your life? The answer is simple: attend a coding Bootcamp! Whether you want to start working at your dream job, give your salary a significant boost, or connect with helpful mentors and influencers: coding bootcamps are worth all the effort. However, tuition fees for these coding bootcamps can be the elephant in the room. The fees are not just expensive; in fact, they range heavily from $1,000 to more than $20,000. But there’s a silver lining to every cloud. You don’t have to let the financial cost refrain you from taking the plunge! There are plenty of coding Bootcamp scholarships available to turn your dreams into reality. Alchemy, App Academy, Bottega, and Bloc are some of them.

So, this blog will walk you through the ultimate list of 50 such scholarships in detail and help you decide the relevant funding resource for your coding Bootcamp tuition. Let’s dive in.


The ultimate list of coding Bootcamp scholarships (2022)


  1. Ada Developers Academy Scholarship 


Named after Ada Lovelace, the very first programmer, Ada Developers Academy scholarships are eligible for students who attend Ada Developers Academy. This program provides a scholarship that covers 100% of the tuition fee. This coding scholarship program aims to bring significant diversity to the tech segment by involving women and students of other orientations. It also focuses on making the awardees capable of contributing to the tech community. 



  • Students should be of one of these origins: Indigenous, Latine, Pacific Islander, Black, and Native Hawaiian
  • Students have a Macbook pro with the latest versions.


Amount Available:

  • The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees.
  • Students will be given stipends for living expenses during the initial five months of the program.
  1. Alchemy Code Labs Scholarship


Alchemy Code Labs provides diversity-based tuition scholarships. By diversity-based, Alchemy Code Lab refers to students who belong to groups like women, military veterans, LGBTQIA+, and other ethnic and preferences who are still not accurately represented enough in the coding community. 



  • Only women, veterans, LGBTQIA+, and black and indigenous people can apply.
  • Scholarship applications are considered based on the intensity of entry barriers in the tech field.
  • Speaking of women, those located in the US region are eligible.



  • Women Who Code: $2500 tuition scholarship for women who are US natives.
  • PDX Women in Technology: $5000 scholarship for black/indigenous women.
  • Alchemy Diversity in Tech: 5-70% of tuition fees for African American and Indigenous community members.


  1. App Academy Scholarship


One in a million scholarships, App Academy’s success-based tuition makes a coding education more accessible to people with diverse financial situations. This coding Bootcamp scholarship offers online and in-person training courses until you are hired as a software engineer with a salary of $50,000. The career-changing outcomes of App Academy scholarships since its inception in 2012 are what make them the most respected code school. 



  • A student should belong to an under-represented community: (Black, Hispanic, or Alaskan Native)
  • A student should be a woman.
  • You need to qualify for one of these App Academy’s immersive programs:
    • Campus Software Engineering Program
    • 24-Week Online Software Engineering Program (Full Time)
    • Part-Time Online Software Engineering Program


Amount Awarded: 

  • Access Scholarship: This provides a $5000 scholarship towards tuition fees.
  • Deposit Assistance Program- The scholarship amount varies based on the student’s requirements.


  1. Big Nerd Ranch Scholarship


If you’re interested in digital product development, Big Nerd Ranch might be the place for you. Although, this coding Bootcamp scholarship is more suitable for veterans and other educators.



  • Mostly military veterans. For more info, you can always research and contact the Big Nerd team.


Amount Awarded

  • Veterans with valid military, school, or educator IDs can get a 10% discount on tuition fees.


  1. Bloc Scholarships


Bloc Scholarship aims to bridge the gaps in education in Catholic schools. This Coding Bootcamp scholarship collaborates with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania EITC and OSTC. Bloc involves outside administrators to identify whether or not a person is eligible for scholarships.



  • You should be a self-identifying woman.
  • You should be from an ethnic or gender-diverse group.
  • You should be either a veteran or a military spouse.


Amount Awarded: 

  • Close The Gap awards $1M to self-identifying women. Recipients also receive 25% off on tuition fees.
  • New Relic Diversity Scholarship: offers a partial scholarship of $1000 towards any Bloc courses.
  • Women Who Code Bootcamp Scholarship: offers a partial scholarship of $1000.
  • Veterans Scholarship in Development & Design: offers 25% off on tuition fees.


  1. Bottega Scholarship


Bottega University consists of BU’s scholarship committee that reviews scholarship applicants and awards grants to women and veterans specifically. This committee involves the President, the Academic Dean, the Admissions Director, and other relevant faculty members who collectively decide on grants and scholarship awards.



  • You should be enrolled in a degree program.
  • You have to complete 12 semester credits at Bottega University.
  • You must secure at least a 3.5 GPA.
  • Additionally, you need to submit essays like how BU will help advance your career, why you think you are eligible for this financial assistance, etc.


Amount Awarded:

  • $1000 scholarships + full tuition scholarships for veterans and women.
  • Heritage Scholarships provide 50% off for one term.


  1. BrainStation Scholarships


BrainStation offers numerous scholarships for individuals wishing to gain a foothold in tech careers. These scholarships are either merit-based or automatic, focusing on women and veterans.



Any of these groups can apply for the BrainStation scholarships:

  • recent university and college graduates
  • veterans
  • underrepresented groups
  • professionals in the non-profit sector
  • entrepreneurs


Amount Awarded: 

  • Konrad Women in Development Diploma Scholarship: A full-time coding Bootcamp scholarship
  • Konrad Women in Development Scholarship: A part-time coding Bootcamp scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship: A part-time coding Bootcamp scholarship
  • Scholarship for Non-Profit Employees: A part-time coding Bootcamp scholarship
  • Techvibes Entrepreneur in Technology Diploma Scholarship: A full-time coding Bootcamp scholarship
  • Techvibes Entrepreneur in Technology Scholarships: A part-time coding Bootcamp scholarship


  1. Burlington Code Academy Scholarship


Burlington Code Academy offers seven scholarships to various student groups and helps them streamline their career in UI/UX and coding prospects.



  • Impact Scholarship is for BIPOC and LQBTQIA+.
  • Pathway Scholarship is for those enrolled in part-time JavaScript courses.
  • Vermont Returnship Grant is for Vermonters with significant work experience.
  • VSAC Advancement Grant is for Vermonters planning to enroll in a non-degree course.
  • Curtis Fund is for Vermonters with lower financial abilities.
  • WIOA Grant is for adults seeking employment or vocational rehabilitation.
  • VCET scholarships are for VCET members.


Amount Awarded: 

  • Around $4000 is given off tuition fees for prospective students already enrolled in either their part-time JavaScript After Hours course or their part-time UX Design After Hours course.


  1. Claim Academy Scholarships


Claim Academy offers various scholarships for students belonging to minority groups and women students.



  • You must be a valid member/student of Claim Academy before you apply for scholarships.
  • You can apply for only two scholarships at a time.
  • Must be a woman enrolled in the Full Stack Cohort for a Women in Tech scholarship.
  • Must be a GED recipient if applying for a College Upgrade scholarship.
  • Must belong to minority underrepresented groups like Pacific Islanders, African Americans, Latino, etc.

Amount Awarded: 

  • Women in Technology scholarship: $500 for women in the full Stack cohort.
  • College Upgrade scholarship: $1000 for recent college graduates.
  • Veteran scholarships: $500 for US veterans.


  1. Code Fellows Scholarships


Code Fellows offers scholarships that are need-based. Scholarships ensure that financial disabilities never become the reason for not achieving their dreams. You will get these Code Fellows scholarships based on your financial need and ability to meet the requirements of the course.



  • Must be from unrepresented backgrounds.
  • People who have lost their jobs in Covid are preferred.
  • Must be searching for a career switch or are underemployed.
  • Must be looking for a transfer from university, college, or Bootcamp.

Amount awarded: 

  • Up to 70% of tuition fees are raised from all courses. Moreover, the scholarships aim to provide complete waiver scholarships to black Americans.


  1. Code Platoon Scholarships


Code Platoon offers a myriad of scholarships for veterans, military spouses, women, and gender-diverse and ethnic groups.



  • Must be a veteran, military spouse, woman, LGBTQIA+, or other underserved background.

Amount Awarded:

  • $14,000 under Veteran and Spouse Partial scholarship  
  • $16,500 under Transgender Veteran full tuition scholarship 
  • $16,500 under the Black and Hispanic scholarship
  • $16,500 under Skillbridge full ride scholarship for active duty service members 
  • $14,000 under Milspouse Coders Scholarship
  • $16,000 under the Women in Technology scholarship
  • $14,000 for veterans registered with NMFA


  1. CodeCore Bootcamp Scholarship opportunities


CodeCore offers scholarships mainly to women and Canadian workforce members.



  • Must be a woman and or belong to Canadian forces.
  • Must be accepted to CodeCore programs or courses.


Amount Awarded:

Diversity scholarships provide a grant of $500 scholarships.


  1. CodeUp Scholarships


CodeUp offers scholarships to women, minorities, veterans, first responders, LGBTQIA+ community members, and pandemic-affected students who wish to make a mark in the tech industry.



  • Must be a woman.
  • Must be a veteran.
  • Must belong to a gender-diverse or LGBTQ group.
  • Must be a first responder.
  • Must be relocating to San Antonio


Amount awarded:

  • $5000 under Women in Tech Scholarships
  • $5000 under Minorities in Tech Scholarships
  • $1000 under Veterans benefits
  • $1000 under the First Responders Scholarship
  • $1000 under Pride Scholarship
  • $1000 under Relocation Scholarship


  1. Coder Academy Scholarships


Coder Academy scholarships are specifically designed for the Web Development Bootcamps. These scholarships are given to one person on every campus.



  • Must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Must be registered directly with Coder Academy.
  • Must be able to attend a scholarship application interview.


Amount Awarded:

offers 50% off on fast-track Bootcamp.


  1. CodeWorks Scholarship


Codeworks offers various scholarships to women who want to kickstart their careers in coding and the tech industry. The only criteria for this coding Bootcamp scholarship are to have the required merit and be female.



Women in Technology or GirlCode scholarship, as the name suggests, is only for women in the tech community.


Amount awarded:

Scholarships upto $65000 to women.


  1. Coding Dojo Scholarships


Coding Dojo offers various scholarships to help women, veterans, and underserved groups help make a career in tech.



  • Must be professionals who want to retrain military service members, both active and veterans.
  • Eligible for female students enrolled
  • Must be from underrepresented groups in the tech industry.


Amount Awarded:

  • $1000 under scholarships like Career Reinvention, Women in Tech, Military Re-training, and Diversity scholarship. 
  • $1500 under Fresh Start Scholarship for those earning less than $40,000 yearly.


  1. Coding Nomads Scholarships


Coding Nomads offers scholarships mostly for veterans, residents, and financially disabled students who want to broaden their horizons in the tech field. It is one of the most affordable scholarships.



Must be former military personnel or residents.


Amount Awarded: 

  • $500 off on-site and 10% off online courses under Military scholarship.
  • Up to $1000 off on-prem Bootcamps under Live the Dream Scholarship.
  • Up to $1000 off on-prem tuition fees under the Local Resident Scholarship.


  1. DevLeague Scholarship


DevLeague provides coding scholarships to female students and ethnically diverse people to find a career in coding and tech. DevLeague has also partnered with Kingsland University to help pandemic-affected students land jobs.



  • must be a woman.
  • Must be able to prove financial fluctuations.


Amount Awarded:

  • $10,000 to new students under the Elevate Scholarship Fund. 25% to the woman, and the rest to those in need.
  • $2500 under the Kingsland University Scholarship. 


  1. DevPoint Labs Scholarship


DevPoint Labs provides coding scholarships mainly for women and students from other gender and ethnic groups. These scholarships are for full-time and flexible web development BootCamp.




  • must be female coders.
  • Must belong to an underserved group; may be ethnic, heritage, financial, religious or orientation basis.


Amount Awarded:


Up to 50% off on tuition fees under Women in Tech and Opportunity in Tech scholarships.


  1. DigitalCrafts Scholarship


DigitalCrafts scholarships solely focus on the development of female and tech students from weaker sections who wish to advance their careers in tech. Veterans can also apply for scholarships. All you have to do is to prove that you highlight an inspirational life, unique goals, and achievements.



  • must be a female.
  • Must be a Black, Latinx, or veteran.


Amount Awarded: 

  • $1500 under the Builder’s Scholarship (a $1M scholarship fund).
  • $1500 for immersive and $1000 for flex under Automatic Scholarships for Women and Veterans. 


  1. Flatiron School Scholarships


Flatiron Schools provides many partner scholarships along with their own scholarships to remove the roadblocks in the career path of tech education. Unlike other scholarships, which are limited to minorities and women, Flatiron provides a chance to everyone.



  • Anyone can apply for Flatiron School scholarships. There are no such qualifications for this one.


Amount awarded: 

  • The Access Scholarship, which offers $0 upfront and a $3000 partial scholarship
  • The NexTech Scholarship provides $1.2 million to help eligible students cover their tuition fees
  • The Women Take Tech scholarship, which gives 50% off tuition for women


  1. Fullstack Academy Scholarships


Fullstack Academy offers a variety of scholarships to make coding education more accessible. The prime audience for scholarships is women, LGBTQ, and Black and African American natives.



  • must be a woman.
  • Must be a veteran.
  • Must be a member of LGBTQIA, Black or African American.


Amount Awarded: 

  • Up to 50% off on tuition fees under the Edie Windsor Scholarship for LGBTQIA women; a $1000 scholarship is available for veterans.
  • $1000 under the Ada Lovelace scholarship for women
  • Complete tuition fee waiver under the Opportunity Fund for the Black and African American community members


  1. Galvanize Scholarships


Galvanize offers full-tuition scholarships to U.S. citizens or permanent residents, given they are qualified as either the Hack Reactor at Galvanize Software Engineering Immersive (SEI) program or the Galvanize Data Science Immersive (DSI) program. These scholarships also focus on veterans and ethnic groups.



  • Must be American natives or African Americans.
  • Must quality Galvanize NTSA or admissions interview.


Amount Awarded:

  • Full tuition fee waiver under the Galvanize scholarship for US native American students accepted to Hack Reactors.
  • Up to 100% on tuition fees under We Stand Together and Veterans scholarships.


  1. General Assembly Scholarship


The General Assembly offers scholarships mainly for immersive programs conducted on the GA premises. The scholarships will help you learn and upskill yourself to become a junior web developer. The General Assembly also offers tuition discounts for women applicants.



  • Women and veterans are preferred. However, for this one, anyone can apply.


Amount Awarded: 

  • Full tuition fee waivers and up to $10,000 scholarships are awarded to women and veterans.


  1. Grand Circus Scholarship


Grand Circus offers numerous diversity scholarships to many ethnically and gender-diverse segments to help them build their career in tech.



  • Must be a woman, LGBTQ, or veteran
  • Must be from ethnic groups like African Americans, Chicano, Latino, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders.


Amount Awarded:

  • $1500 under Diversity scholarships.
  • $2500 under Develop (Her) scholarships.
  • $2500 under Automotive Industry Layoff scholarships.


  1. Hack Reactor Scholarships


Hack Reactor offers financing by partnering with different organizations. Galvanize is one of their partners. The scholarships rotate, with different ones available, at various times throughout the year.



  • Must be a legitimate and valid Hack Reactor’s registered member.


Amount Awarded:

  • Amounts vary according to types of coding Bootcamp scholarships and organizations.


  1. Hackbright Academy Scholarships


Hackbright Academy offers scholarships for women who excel in the tech field. These scholarships also aim to help financially weak students and students from diverse and underserved backgrounds.



  • must be a woman
  • Must belong to the Portland Metro area
  • Must be female from an LGBTQ group


Amount Awarded:

  • $2500 under Partial scholarships to help students with financial assistance.
  • $5000 under Lesbians Who Tech scholarships.
  • $8500 under Girls in Tech scholarships.


  1. Firehose Project Scholarships


The Firehose Project offers various scholarships for their full-stack web development programs. The scholarships are mainly for minority groups, women and meritorious students in financial distress.



  • must be a woman.
  • Must belong to underserved ethnic or minority groups, viz., Black or African American, Latino, and more.


Amounts Awarded: 

  • $650 under Merit and Diversity scholarships.


  1. IronHack Scholarship


Ironhack offers coding Bootcamp scholarships to primarily boost women and veterans through Web Dev and Data Analytics Bootcamp. IronHack also sponsors occasional scholarships based on courses and their demand.



  • Must be a woman or veteran.
  • Must be above 18 years of age.


Amount Awarded: 

A total of 85,000 scholarships are raised for women.


  1. Juno College Scholarship


Juno College offers scholarships to make their flexible Web development Bootcamp accessible to everyone and help students from all backgrounds make a career through coding Bootcamps.



Anyone can apply. However, women, non-binary, ethically diverse, and alumni of Bootcamps are given first preferences.


Amount Awarded: 

  • 100% fee waiver under Transforming Tech Scholarships.
  • $1000 under Alumni Scholarships for Coding Bootcamps.
  • A discount up to $250 under Alumni Scholarships for courses.


  1. LearningFuze Scholarship


LearningFuze gives multiple coding scholarships and discounts for women and veterans. They also offer $1000 discounts for early registration.



  • Must be pursuing a full-time LearningFuze web development course.
  • Must be a woman or veteran.


Amount Awarded:

  • $500 off on tuition fees under Women and Veterans Scholarships
  • $1000 under Associate’s Degree Scholarship 
  • $1000 under Graphic Design Skills Scholarship


  1. LEARN Academy Scholarship


LEARN Academy launched many  Bootcamp scholarships to reduce entry barriers and ensure everyone can make their coding career wishes come true. Like most scholarships, LEARN Academy scholarships focus more on women and ethnic groups.



must be a woman or someone from a gender or ethnically diverse group with a coding background.


Amount Awarded:

$2000 under the Women’s Coding and Diversity in Coding scholarships


  1. Insight Data Science Scholarship


Insight Data Science is more like a fellowship program that enables students to ace data and software engineering technologies through hands-on projects. Insight Data Science has many need-based fellowship programs for minorities, ethnic groups, and so on.



  • must prove his financial statements
  • must be a woman or LGBTQ
  • must be a Latino, African American, Pacific Islander, etc.


Amount Awarded:

  • Need-based scholarships cover daily living costs.
  • $3000 under Underrepresented Minority Groups scholarships
  • $5000 under DCVC’s Deep Tech Scholarships.
  • $1000 under Gender Diversity in Tech Scholarships.


  1. Makers Academy Scholarship


Makers Academy’s sole objective is to empower women and gender minority groups in tech and help them get a foothold. These scholarships aim to foster diversity in the tech community.



Must be a woman or other gender minority.


Amount Awarded:

Discount of up to $500 under the Represent Programme. 


  1. Metis Scholarship


Metis Scholarships focus on inclusivity and diversity in the data science field.



Must be women, underserved ethnic groups, LGBTQIA and US Veterans.


Amount awarded:

$3000 under Diversity scholarships and scholarships for Metis Data Science Bootcamp tuition.


  1. Redwood Code Academy Scholarship


The Redwood Code Academy has collaborated with several Orange County-based businesses to provide merit-based coding Bootcamp scholarships to students enrolled in Full Stack immersion courses.



  • Must qualify for scholarship interviews.
  • Must be willing to participate in the bigger OC tech community


Amount Awarded:

$1000 under Women Who Code Scholarship and Veteran Scholarships.


  1. Helio Training Scholarships


Helio Training Scholarships are also for women and veterans in particular. However, veterans have to prove that they are/were active members of the US military forces.



Must be a woman or US veteran.


Amount awarded: 

$500-$1000 under Veterans and Women in Technology scholarships.


  1. Sabio Scholarship


The Sabio school offers exclusive Bootcamp scholarships for women. It ensures scholarships to help women access premier data science programs.



Must be a woman with a tech background.


Amount Awarded:

  • $500 off on all Sabio school courses.
  • $5000 off on Bootcamp’s tuition under Jill H. Mays scholarship


  1. Tech Talent South Scholarship


Tech Talent South offers partial scholarships to students, veterans, minorities, and women.



Must be a woman, veteran, ethnically diverse, and veteran.


Amount Awarded: 

These scholarships are needs and merit-based. These scholarships are mostly Diversity and Veteran scholarships, Great Idea scholarships, and Women in Tech Scholarships..


40. Springboard Scholarships


The Software Guild offers three coding Bootcamp scholarships to help students make a career in software engineering. You can apply for only one award and must be a Minneapolis resident.



  • Must be a Louisville or Minneapolis resident.
  • Must be enrolled in a full-time online course.


Amount Awarded:

  • $1000 under Code Louisville Award
  • $2000 under Women in Technology and Veterans Who Code awards.


  1. Springboard Scholarships


Springboard offers scholarships to ensure inclusion, equity, and diversity in the tech field.



  • Must be a self-identifying woman or belong to LGBTQIA+.
  • Must be African American, Hispanic, Latino, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander.
  • Must prove an annual earning of below $30,000.
  • Must have a background in data, coding, cybersecurity, or tech sales Career track.


Amount awarded:

  • A discount of $500 under the Women in Tech scholarship. 
  • $500 under the Diversity in Tech Scholarship.
  • $1000 under the Need-Based Scholarship. 


  1. Texas A&M University Bootcamp Scholarship


Texas A&M University offers multiple scholarships for its numerous Bootcamp courses. 



Must be enrolled in Texas A&M University courses.


Amount Awarded

Discount of up to $500 on tuition fees.


  1. Thinkful Scholarship


Thinkful, one of the most popular coding Bootcamps, focuses on boosting women’s power in the coding and tech field. Thinkful offers innumerable diversity, women, and veteran scholarships. This School also collaborates with others to diversify its coding Bootcamp scholarship offerings.



  • Must be enrolled in web development courses.
  • Women, veterans, and other gender-diverse groups are preferred.


Amount Awarded

$600-$1200 under the Women’s and Veterans’ scholarship.


  1. V School Scholarships


V School offers full-ride and partial scholarships to help every tech member achieve their dreams in the tech avenues. These Bootcamp scholarships mainly focus on web development and UI/UX courses.



  • Must prove financial earnings.
  • Must be a veteran
  • Must have a web development or UI/UX background.


Amount Awarded:

  • Full tuition fee waiver under the DWSS full-ride scholarship.
  • Full tuition fee waiver under the SNVCC Veteran Scholarship.
  • $2000 under the Forever Scholarship.
  • $6000 under the You Belong in Tech Scholarship 


  1. Wagner College Bootcamp Scholarship


Wagner College offers numerous coding Bootcamp scholarships with no minimum requirements. 



This is the best part. There are no prerequisites. All you have to do is enroll in Wagner courses.


Amount awarded:

$500 for Bootcamp courses.


  1. We Can Code IT Scholarship


We Can Code IT aims to fund women and minorities in the tech industry. They have partnered with numerous scholarship providers to reduce the entry barriers for women and underserved communities in the tech field.



Must be a woman or belong to an underserved minority.


Amount Awarded:

$1000 under Brian T. Forsythe Social Equity Award and Diversity Grant


  1. Nexus Academy Scholarship


Nexus Academy provides need-based scholarships to women, veterans, and underserved communities.



  • Must be women, veterans, and ethnically diverse groups.
  • Must be enrolled in Nexul Academy courses.


Amount Awarded:

$500 under Women in Technology, Underrepresented Minority, and Veteran scholarships.


  1. Grey Campus Scholarship


Grey Campus provides scholarships specifically for women who want to advance in the tech community. However, these scholarships are for data science and Full Stack Development immersive programs in particular.



  • Must be self-identifying women with a coding background.
  • Must be enrolled in either data science or Full Stack immersive courses.


Amount Awarded:

  • $150,000 scholarships are funded under the Women in Tech Scholarship program.
  • Full Tuition fees are waived under the same program.


  1. GCU Bootcamp Scholarships


GCU Bootcamp provides various scholarships for high school students pursuing cybersecurity and Java programming.



  • Must be enrolled in Java programming courses.
  • Must be a high school student.


Amount awarded: 

Scholarship Awards vary based on campus and online scholarships.


  1. Tech Elevator Scholarships


Tech Elevator offers scholarships to upskill students with tech abilities and get dream jobs.



  • Must be located in a Tech Elevator-recognized location.
  • Must belong to underserved groups.


Amount Awarded: 

85% off on tuition fees under the Represent Tech scholarship


Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Women and Gender Diverse Students

Well, by now, you must have got a pretty good idea of Bootcamp scholarships available for you. But, if you still find it overwhelming to filter from this super long list, here’s a quick sneak peek of scholarships only for women and gender-diverse, non-binary, and LGBTQIA students.


Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Women:


Scholarship Provider

Scholarship Name Scholarship Amount
Code Platoon Women in Tech $16,000
Tech Elevator Represent Tech  85% off
DevPoint Labs Women in Tech 50% off
LEARN Academy Women’s Coding  $3000
Grey Campus Women in Tech Full ride
Alchemy Code Lab PDX Women of Color Tech Scholarship $5000
Metis The Metis Scholarship $3000
Alchemy Code Lab The Access Scholarship $3000
FullStack Academy Ada Lovelace Scholarship $1000
Bloc Close The Gap Varies


Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for LGBTQIA+


Scholarship Name Scholarship Amount
Galvanize Scholarship Full ride
Wyncode scholarship $3000
Hack Reactor Scholarship Full ride
Redwood Academy scholarship $2500
Coding Dojo Scholarship $1000
Code Fellow Scholarship varies
The Software Guild scholarship Varies


Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Minorities 2022


Ethnically diverse groups are becoming an integral part of the tech community. And so, there is an increasing sense and need for inclusion and diversity in the tech field. With this in mind, various coding Bootcamp scholarship providers focus more on underserved and minority groups. Here are some of the most prominent  scholarships only to encourage underrepresented groups:

What are the alternatives to Coding Bootcamp Scholarships?


Let’s face it: competition is everywhere! It won’t be unnatural after all if you have a hard time landing these Bootcamp scholarships. Again, since more than half a century of these scholarships focus more on women, veterans, and minorities, it can be overwhelming to land a scholarship in otherwise situations. So here’s a list of alternatives that can help you financially aid your Bootcamp courses:


Scholarship Provider Scholarship Name Scholarship Amount
Code Platoon Black or Hispanic Veteran Scholarship Full ride
Code Fellows African American Scholarship Full ride
DevPoint Labs Opportunity in Tech 50% off
FullStack Academy Opportunity Fund Full ride
Tech Elevator Represent Tech 85% off
Metis The Metis Scholarship $3000
LEARN Academy Diversity Scholarship $2000
Flatiron School The Access Scholarship $3000
Digital Crafts You Belong In Tech Scholarship $1500
We Can Code IT Diversity Scholarship $2000


Meritize Loans: These are for students who can’t afford to pay tuition fees upfront. You can finance your loans through Meritize.

Pay as you go: This will allow you to make payments towards the tuition throughout two-four months of Full Stack Coding Bootcamps.

Deferred Tuition Agreements: This will help you pay a monthly fixed amount once you graduate and land a job with an earning of more than $30,000 p.a.

Income Share Agreements: Under ISA, you don’t have to pay a penny for Bootcamp courses. But once you graduate and land a job, you need to contribute a portion of your salary towards the pending tuition fees. ISA is the most popular non-scholarship financial assistance among coding Bootcamp students.

GI Bill: This is mainly for military veterans who wish to pursue a career in tech and coding. If you are a veteran, you can avail of the GI bill benefit and cushion the expenses for textbooks and supplies for 36 months.




What is the critical element today in the life of a coder? Get an accurate coding background, and then land your dream coding job. Isn’t it? But then it all starts with selecting the right coding Bootcamps courses. It can be Datacamp, Dataquest, or any other web development, data, and programming courses. Sadly, entry into these courses and reputable institutions itself becomes a major roadblock.

Interestingly, this is where the coding Bootcamp scholarship comes into play. These scholarships can be a stepping stone toward fulfilling your dreams. Moreover, Bootcamp institutions and other tech schools are increasingly striving to boost inclusivity and diversity in the tech community. They are always coming up with new scholarships, financial assistance, and schemes to ensure that absolutely no one has to compromise their dreams just because they are financially unstable, female, or belong to some gender or ethnically diverse group.

Therefore, the path to pursuing coding Bootcamps is super easy. Apply for these scholarships and add a feather to your hat. Also, let us know in the comment section: which one of these scholarships, according to you, is the most potential for the students.




To give you a 360-degree view of coding Bootcamp scholarships, here’s a quick list of commonly asked questions.


Can Coding Bootcamps get you a scholarship?

Yes, of course. Actually, that’s needless to say since by now, you should be by heart all these 50 coding Bootcamp scholarships.


What is the most respected scholarship? 

We can’t really pick up one. However, Thinkful, We Can Code IT, Flatiron and Bloc are some of the most reputable ones.


How to land Bootcamp Scholarships for Women? 

You just have to make sure you have the right tech background and are familiar with coding and data domains. You also might have to prove your financial abilities.

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