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Top 10 C# Bootcamps in 2022

Top 10 C# Bootcamps in 2022

Introduction to C# Programming Language For the .NET platform, Microsoft built C# as a modern and versatile programming language. C# is a programming language that

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50 Amazing Coding Bootcamp Scholarships


50 Coding Bootcamp Scholarship Opportunities

Bootcamp Scholarships: Attending a coding Bootcamp can change your life. Whether it lets you start working at your dream job, gives your salary a significant boost, or connects you with helpful mentors and influencers, the reward is often worth the effort in the end.

The only problem is that tuition fees can be expensive! In fact, they tend to vary between courses ranging from $1,000 to more than $20,000. 

But don’t let the financial cost deter your decision to take the plunge! You can get financial help as there are plenty of coding scholarships out there. Check out our ultimate list of these 50 scholarships that can help fund your coding Bootcamp tuition. (Bootcamp Scholarships)

  1. Ada Developers Academy Scholarship 

An option for students who attend Ada developers Academy. This program provides a scholarship that covers 100% of the tuition fee. 

  1. Alchemy Code Labs Scholarship

Alchemy Code Labs provides diversity-based tuition scholarships. They provide scholarships for self-identifying women, veterans, LGBTQIA+, and students from racial and ethnic backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in tech. Their scholarships include:

  • $2500 tuition scholarship for women 
  • $5000 for members of African American and Indigenous communities. 
  1. App Academy Scholarship

App Academy’s success-based tuition model makes a coding education more accessible to people with diverse financial situations. They also offer assistance to applicants from communities underrepresented in tech.

  1. Big Nerd Ranch Scholarship

If you’re interested in digital product development, big nerd ranch might be the place for you. There is a benefit for veterans who receive a 10% discount.

  1. Bloc Scholarships

Bloc’s Close the GAP Scholarship gives gives $1 million in scholarship funds for women who want to be in tech. It also provides $500 partial scholarships for applicants who come from under-represented groups. 

  1. Bottega Scholarship

Bottega offers $1000 scholarships + full tuition for veterans and those in financial need.

  1. Brain Station Scholarships 

BrainStation offers a range of scholarships for individuals who want to pursue professional development or transform their careers. Some of their scholarships are targeted towards women in technology 

  • recent university and college graduates
  • veterans 
  • underrepresented groups 
  • professionals in the non-profit sector
  • entrepreneurs
  1. Burlington Code Academy Scholarship

Burlington Code Academy offers 4 different scholarships to different groups of prospective students.

  • The impact scholarship is geared towards BIPOC individuals (Black, African American, Latin, Indigenous, Pacific Islander), LGTBQ+ individuals & women
  • The WIOA GRANT is for workers who have been laid off or adults seeking vocational rehabilitation
  • The PATHWAYS Scholarship grants $4000 off their full-time software development bootcamp and full-time UX Design bootcamp to students already enrolled in either their part-time JavaScript After Hours course or their part-time UX Design After Hours course(Bootcamp Scholarships)
  • The SCALE HERE SCHOLARSHIP awards scholarships to members of VCET (Vermont Center of Emerging Technology)

    9. Carolina Code School Scholarship

A range of scholarship levels is available depending on individual needs.

  1. Claim Academy Scholarships

Claim Academy offers the following scholarships for students attending their bootcamp:

  • $500 veterans scholarship  
  • Minority scholarship for underrepresented groups in the software engineering field (amount not specified)
  • College upgrade scholarship for recent high school or GED graduates 
  • $500 women in technology scholarships for all women accepted into the full-stack program 
  1. Code Fellows Scholarship 

Code Fellows offers scholarships that are need-based, covering up to 70 percent of tuition for recipients. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and the applicant’s ability to meet the requirements of the course and scholarship application.

  1. Code Platoon Scholarships

  • $13,000 veteran and spouse partial scholarship  
  • $16,000 transgender veteran full scholarship 
  • $16,000 Skillbridge full scholarship for active duty service members 
  • $16,000 remote attendance scholarship for veterans and spouses 
  • $13,000-$16,000 for veterans registered with NMFA
  1. CodeCore Bootcamp Scholarship

CodeCore offers $500 scholarships for women who are accepted to their program. 

  1. Codesmith Scholarship

Codesmith awards scholarships to their students based on their application and interview scores. Much of their scholarships go towards underrepresented people in the tech industry, such as women, LGBTQ, and minorities. They also support students who learned at a previous bootcamp, students with a passion for coding, and veterans. (Bootcamp Scholarships)

  1. CodeUp Scholarships

CodeUp offers scholarships to women in tech, minorities in tech, veterans, first responders, LGBTQIA+ community members and to prospective students affected by COVID who wish to transfer into a career in tech.

  1. Coder Camps 

Coder Camps offers four scholarships: 

  • Seattle scholarship for residents of Seattle 
  • Armed Services Scholarship for active-duty soldiers or veterans 
  • Teacher referral scholarship for teachers or students referred by a teacher
  • Women in Tech scholarship for aspiring female programmers

    17. CodeWorks Scholarship 

Codeworks has a $65,000 scholarship fund available. Scholarships are awarded to students based on merit and identity.

  1. Coding Dojo Scholarships

Coding Dojo offers $1000 scholarships for the following prospective students:

  • professionals who want to retrain 
  • military service members, both active and veterans 
  • female computer programmers
  • underrepresented groups in the technology industry.
  1. DevLeague Scholarship

The Elevate Scholarship Fund provides $10,000 to new students. 25% of the scholarship funds are for women who want to pursue a career in tech. The other75% is distributed according to need. 

  1. DevPoint Labs Scholarship 

DevPoint labs offer 50% off their tuition to prospective students who are either female, or who are underrepresented in some way including (but not limited to) age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, income, mental/physical abilities, ethnic heritage, education, or military experience.(Bootcamp Scholarships)

  1. DigitalCrafts Scholarship 

DigitalCrafts has a 1 million dollar scholarship fund. They use the money to give $1500 automatic scholarships to students enrolled in their immersive program and $1000 automatic scholarships to students enrolled in their flex program. Scholarships are awarded to underrepresented groups in technology, highly gifted students, and to applicants of any background with especially inspiring lives, goals, and achievements. The school is also GI Bill eligible, offering Up to 100% tuition for veterans (GA only)

  1. Flatiron School Scholarships

Flatiron provides a mix of partner scholarships plus their own scholarship initiatives: Some of the scholarships they offer include:

  • The Access Scholarship, which offers $0 upfront and a $3000 partial scholarship 
  • The NexTech Scholarship provides $1.2 million to help eligible students cover their tuition fees
  • Women Take Tech scholarships, which provide 50% off tuition for women 
  1. Fullstack Academy Scholarships 

Fullstack Academy offers a variety of scholarships to make coding education more accessible.

  • Edie Windsor Scholarship covers 50% of the tuition for gender nonconforming individuals and LGBTQ+ women.
  • $1000 scholarship available for veterans 
  • The Ada Lovelace scholarship provides $1000 for women 
  • Members of the Black and African American community are eligible to apply for a full-tuition provided by the Opportunity Fund
  1. Galvanize Scholarships

Galvanize offers its own full-tuition scholarship to U.S. citizens or permanent residents accepted to either the Hack Reactor at Galvanize Software Engineering Immersive (SEI) program or the Galvanize Data Science Immersive (DSI) program. They also partnered with Optimizely to offer four full-tuition scholarships, including three full-tuition Software Engineering scholarships at Galvanize’s San Francisco Campus, and one full-tuition Software Engineering scholarship at Galvanize’s Austin Campus to individuals who are underrepresented in the tech community.

  1. General Assembly Scholarship 

One student from the program will receive a $10,000 partial scholarship. General Assembly also offers tuition discounts for women applicants.

  1. Grand Circus Scholarship

Grand Circus offers $1750 in diversity scholarships to underrepresented segments of the population to ensure they have access to a tech career. The following groups automatically qualify for a tuition discount of $1,750:

  • Veterans
  • Anyone who identifies as a woman
  • African American
  • Chicano or Latino people
  • Native Americans
  • Pacific Islanders
  • LGBTQ+
  1. Hack Reactor Scholarships

Hack Reactor offers scholarships via partnerships with different organizations. The scholarships rotate, with different ones available, at different times throughout the year.

  1. Hackbright Academy Scholarships

Hackbright offers two half-tuition scholarships for outstanding women.  They also offer $5000 and $1000 scholarships for underrepresented students 

  1. Recurse Center Scholarship

The Recurse Center is a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers based in New York City (and now online as well). The recurse center offers living expense grants available for women attendees.

  1. IronHack Scholarship

Ironhack offers a discount of 10% on tuition for women in their Web Dev and Data Analytics bootcamps, and for veterans in all their bootcamps. There are occasionally additional scholarships and discounts provided by Ironhack’s partners

  1. Launch Academy Scholarship  

Launch Academy has rolling scholarships available for women and underrepresented minorities in tech. You can contact their admissions office for more details.

  1. LearningFuze Scholarship

LearningFuze has $600 discounts available for veterans and women. They also offer $1000 discounts for early registration.

  1. Lesbians Who Tech Scholarship

Lesbians Who Tech offers The Edie Windsor coding scholarship. This scholarship can be used at any partner school and provides the winners with up to 50% off the tuition fees. Several winners are selected each year.

  1. Lighthouse Labs Scholarship

Recently Lighthouse labs made a $500,000 COVID-19 scholarship fund available.  Scholarships of $750 are available for part-time courses and scholarships of up to $5000 can be put towards their full-time data Science and web development bootcamps

  1. Makers Academy Scholarship 

Women and gender minorities receive a $500 discount on their tuition. 

  1. Metis Scholarship 

Women, members of underrepresented demographic groups, members of the LGBTQ community, and/or veterans or members of the U.S. military are eligible to receive a $3,000 scholarship toward their Metis Data Science Bootcamp tuition.

  1. Nashville Software School Scholarship 

The school offers a deferred tuition plan known as Nashville Opportunity Tuition. Students selected for the program receive a $2500 scholarship, are required to pay $1500 at the beginning of the program. The remaining $8500 is carried over until the student completes the course and secures their first tech job post-graduation.

  1. RMOTR Scholarship 

Female students can receive 25% off the cost of their tuition. 

  1. Sabio Scholarship

The Sabio school offers $500 for its courses. In addition, The Jill H. Mays scholarship is open to all women who are new applicants to Sabio. It provides $5,000 off of the bootcamp’s tuition.

  1. Tech Talent South Scholarship

Tech Talent South offers partial scholarships towards its tuition for veterans, minorities, “big dreamers”, and female applicants.

  1. The Software Guild Scholarship

The Software Guild offers several different discounts to help make your programming education more affordable: Students are eligible for only one applicable award, and only students in Minneapolis or online programs qualify. The scholarships they offer are as follows:

  • Code Louisville Award provides a $1000 discount on tuition.
  • Women in Tech grants $2000 to women who qualify. 
  • Veterans Who Code offers $2000 to veterans and active service members. 
  • The University Award gives $2000 to Software Guild university partner applicants.  
  1. Startup Institute Scholarship

Admitted students to the Startup Institute will be eligible to receive up to $3,000 towards the cost of the full-time program. 5 scholarships are offered to:

  • Women in Tech
  • People of Color in Tech
  • Seasoned Professionals in Tech (age 40+)
  • Veterans receive an automatic $1,000 off tuition
  • Demonstrated excellence in a STEM-related field
  1. Texas A&M University Bootcamp Scholarship

Texas A&M University offers multiple $500 scholarships for its bootcamps.

  1. Thinkful Scholarship

Thinkful, one of the most popular coding bootcamps, provides $600 Women’s scholarships and $600 veteran’s scholarships for eligible students. 

  1. V School Scholarships

V school offers several scholarship options to its students. For example, they offer:

  1. Wagner College Bootcamp Scholarship

Wagner College offers multiple $500 scholarships. 

  1. We Can Code IT Scholarship

We can Code partnered with the #YesWeCode Fund to set up a $100 million scholarship fund for women and minorities in the tech industry. Scholarships are available to eligible applicants.

  1. We Got Coders Scholarship

Scholarships are available to students under particular circumstances.  Contact the onboarding team for more details.

  1. Wyncode Scholarship

Wyncode partnered with a wide range of university and funding partners to provide scholarships. In addition, scholarships are available to veterans, female candidates, and anyone with the passion and drive to become a successful tech professional.

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