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by Daniel
Thinkful Coding Bootcamp review

Thinkful Coding Bootcamp Review

Thinkful’s coding bootcamp prepares students to enter the workforce with programs in software engineering, data science, data analytics, and design. Students acquire the skills they need from the course material and from 1-on-1 professional mentors that they are assigned to. The job placement assistance and career coach guarantee students to get a job after graduating, or their money back. Students at Thinkful receive a lot of support. They have multiple weekly video meetings with their mentor, weekly open Q&A sessions with data scientists, and access to a slack community where they can talk to mentors and other students. Students can also attend online office hours and in person meetups in their local community.

Programs range from one to seven months, and offer part- and full-time study. In addition to the program, students have access to Q&A sessions with industry professionals. Throughout the program, students have multiple weekly video meetings with their mentor, as well as have opportunities for extra support via the 3,000+ community of students and mentors on Slack. Students also work closely with a career coach who helps set them up for career success upon graduation.


Thinkful is an online boot camp and therefore, students may complete all course material online. If you are seeking that face-to-face interaction, you can go to one of Thinkful’s many community hubs located throughout major cities in the U.S. There, you’ll be able to network with other students and professionals in the community.

The hubs can be found in the following cities:

Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Raleigh, Detroit, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Dallas, Orlando, Miami, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Diego, Oakland, Boulder, Washington, Indianapolis, Tampa, Boise, San Jose, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Jacksonville, Madison, Charlotte, San Antonio, St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, Richmond, Sacramento, Memphis, Baltimore, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Hartford, Buffalo, San Bernardino and Ann Arbor.

Career Placement

Thinkful places a huge emphasis on helping students find jobs after graduating from the program. Throughout the program, students work with a career coach to refine their interview skills, navigate the job market, create a professional portfolio, and prepare for job interviews. Over 80% of graduates find a job within 6 months of graduating. Many of the courses offer a 100% refund if graduates do not find a job within this time frame.

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