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Lighthouse Labs Bootcamp Review

by Kenny Sandorffy
Lighthouse Labs Coding Bootcamp Review

Lighthouse Financing Options

You’ll find an extensive range of funding options at Lighthouse Labs. Scholarships are available for students from StudentAid, and banks, including TD and RBC, offer student lines of credit to help you cover the tuition fee. Students can also take out personal loans and ask for their workplace to fund their tuition. 

Each province in Canada also has a job grant program available for employers who want to help pay their employees tuition. The criteria varies for each program, but it’s an excellent option to cover the tuition fees. Discounts are also available for graduates of the part-time programs to use as credit towards the full-time Data Science Bootcamp, or Web Development Bootcamp.

COVID-19 Scholarship Fund

In light of the current pandemic, Lighthouse labs also launched their own COVID-19 Scholarship Fund. Lighthouse Labs is offering $750 and up to $5000 in scholarships towards their own courses for prospective students who have been affected by the coronavirus via school disruption, job loss, job reduction, or any other reason that has affected an applicant’s situation. The application includes a short essay question. You can find their scholarship here

Courses offered

At Lighthouse Labs, you’ll find two full-time courses available; Web Development Bootcamp, Data Science Bootcamp, and three part-time introductory courses. 

Web Development Bootcamp 

This bootcamp will turn you into a master web developer in just 12 weeks. You’ll learn industry-leading languages like JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, plus crucial concepts like understanding coding logic and getting into the mindset of a programmer so you can build programs from the ground up. 

Data Science Bootcamp

In this immerse 12-week bootcamp, you’ll take on board the skills and knowledge needed to launch your own career in Data Science. You’ll learn Python, SQL, machine learning, data foundations, data wrangling, data visualization, data engineering, deep learning, and more.

Part-time courses

The part-time introductory courses available at Lighthouse Labs are perfect if you’re looking for less intensive and shorter courses to upgrade your knowledge, without the intensive hours. 

  • Intro to web development – In six weeks, you’ll learn web development 101 using an underlying tech stack, which includes HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails. 
  • Intro to front-end with JavaScript – Build your own dynamic and interactive website from scratch. After completing the course, you’ll have a solid foundation in front-end web development 
  • Intro to data analytics – Learn how to analyze and interpret data to make informed business decisions and provide insight by extracting and working with data, using tools like Excel and Tableau 

Job outcomes

According to their 2019 student outcomes report, an overwhelming 95% of students found employment with 180 days of graduation. Lighthouse Labs alumni have gone on to work for companies in Canada like Nike, EA, Hootsuite, and more big names. 

In week five of the course, you’ll start meeting with the career services team to help layout your career goals and create an action plan. They’ll sharpen your resume, perfect your interview skills, and set you up with relevant interviews to help kickstart your career. 

Application process 

You’ll need an aptitude for coding and a passion for learning if you want to succeed at Lighthouse Labs. 

No coding experience is required, submit your online application, complete the interview, and work your way through the preparation modules.

Kenny Sandorffy is the founder of top10codingbootcamps.com and vehemently believes that students should have access to as much information as possible before paying even one cent towards any online courses. Kenny is also passionate about technology, education and empowering people by learning key skills. In addition to top10codingbootcamps, Kenny is also the founder of ScholarshipOwl and the SchoarshipApp platforms which enable students and scholarship providers to connect and manage awards flawlessly. Kenny has been been quoted on various news outlets. He completed his Bachelors degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and his Master's degree at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is a big believer in making education more accessible and affordable.

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