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by Daniel
Lambada Bootcamp Review

Lambada Coding Bootcamp Review

Lambada’s coding bootcamp offers both full-time and part-time courses in popular careers such as Data Science and Full Stack Web developer in a 100% online environment. 

You’ll learn technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, Python, SQL, and more cutting-edge languages on your educational journey. 

The full-time course takes place over an intensive 9-month period, where you’ll be expected to dedicate 40 hours each week. While all the classes are online and recorded, you’re expected to attend each of your scheduled classes with a strict timetable. 

The part-time courses are three days a week instead of 5 and are much shorter, which is why they take 18 months to complete. This an excellent option if you’re unable to dedicate 40 hours per week. 

Hiring managers have personally designed the curriculum from the ground up, as they know which skills tech companies are keen for potential employees to have. Each month you’ll work with your student group on a unique project, mimicking the typical work environment you’ll face when you start your new job. 

Class sizes are on the small side with 6-8 students each, and you can expect to find help from plenty of people and departments. On top of your experienced instructors who spear-head your training via zoom, you’ll also have a team leader to help guide you, review your code, and monitor the development of your skills.  

When you’re ready to look for a job, the career coaches will help you perfect your resume, portfolio, hunt down job positions for you, and prepare you for the critical negotiation stage. 

Only when you have started your dream position and are earning more than $50,000 per year, will you be required to pay back the tuition fee. This deferred tuition model means you can access an incredible education and pivot your career without having to pay upfront for it. 

If you prefer to pay upfront and not pay back your tuition, you can pay $30k before your course starts instead of opting for the Income Share Agreement.

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